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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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November 22, 2004

Gordon: Or in certain couple's cases, bitch and moan.
Chico: Lori & Bolo.
Gordon: Is there a hot air detector on that thing?
Ryan: You mean you don't like Bobo and Lolo?
Chico: I like that.
Travis: That's a much better name.
Gordon: What abouy Booby and Loopy?
Chico: Or Lolo and Lala, but that's another show.
Travis: we have a governor yet?
Chico: I don't know. I told them to have it out at Halo 2 =p
Gordon: So we're back - without Ryan, who has to deal with Bobo, Lolo and Lazarus, but while we are waiting for Travis's Governor, we play Vs.
Travis: I forgot about Halo. :-)
Gordon: Here's how it works. I announce two topics, and you all decide which side gets points. Today's topics - The Classics Vs. The Remakes. Everyone ready?
Jason: Ready.
Travis: Ready.
Chico: Ready!
Gordon: For example - Apprentice 1 Vs. Apprentice 2. Which is better?
Travis: One.
Chico: App. 1
Jason: 1
Gordon: Reasons?
Travis: There was less of an unmitigated asskicking in season one during the mid-game.
Jason: It seems like you have the "been there, done that" philosophy.
Chico: More of a spontaneity in the proceedings. This year, they knew what they were getting themselves into and it was that much less fun to watch.
Travis: Still fun to watch, though.
Jason: not bad at all mind you.
Chico: Nope. Not saying that. Just saying that 1 was better.
Travis: Trump also seems to be more aware of the success, too.
Gordon: I think it's fun - I think the difference for me is that I think the
tasks are better in the second one, but I think the play was better by the
people in the first. To quote Andy, everyone is planning for an excuse to not get fired, rather than to play the game.
Jason: And Trump always keeps his ego in check.
Travis: But of course...
Chico: oh yeah. Next up?
Gordon: Survivor - Thailand Vs. Survivor - Vanuatu. Both series are playing out almost the same way, but the women are starting to get feisty vs. the non-personality of the men. Which one is better?
Travis: I vote to donate all my points to charity.
Gordon: Charity begins at home
Chico: I think Thailand has this one beat.
Jason: Thailand.
Gordon: Is this the most boringest Survivor ever?
Travis: Thailand has it beat, barely. The men have been severely outwitted.
Chico: It's boring, tedious, and the people are annoying as hell. But on the
bright side, it's just flat out played.
Gordon: This brings me to my point - this show still brings in the high
numbers because it's a great game.
Jason: It is the worst Survivor ever. And yes, I agree. The numbers are great.
Travis: Visually intriguing, and a complex game, which is apparently enough.
Chico: Cause ain't nothing to watch on NBC no more.
Travis: If this were only the second Survivor, would it kill off the series?
Chico: Probably.
Travis: Fair enough.
Gordon: Next Up - American Idol 1 Vs. American Idol 2 Who was better?
Travis: AI 1.
Jason: AI 2
Chico: I can't push, can I?
Travis: Not if I can't...
Gordon: No pushing or I bring in the inanimate carbon rod and the purple rock of death as the tiebreakers
Chico: May God bless Rod.
Chico: okay. Since I'm a quality over quantity, I'll go with 1.
Gordon: AI 2 Vs...AI 3
Chico: 2
Jason: 2
Travis: AI 2 and 3 felt like More Of Same.
Jason: Clay v. Ruben was a classic battle.
Travis: And in 3, the wrong person won.
Chico: But 2 had... Clay =p
Travis: Is it POSSIBLE to be any whiter than Clay?
Chico: Two words: Todd Newton.
Gordon: You haven''t seen me - Im Mr. White.
Jason: I are Mr. White.
Gordon: ANTM 1 Vs ANTM2 Vs ANTM 3
Travis: I have to abstain from that.
Jason: 2
Chico: 3. 3 had Toccara =p
Jason: Two words---Hot Tub.
Gordon: I have to go with the Hot Tub
Chico: That can be said for any series, though. It's the new millennium's
pool table
Travis: I abstain because I Just Don't Care. I've never sat through a full
Gordon: Though 3 is rocking as well. Bachelor 1 Vs. Bachelorette 1
Travis: Did Bachelorette feature a returning loser?
Gordon: Yes
Chico: And the only marriage in the series.
Travis: I pick Bachelorette, then.
Gordon: MBFAF Vs 25 million Dollar Hoax
Chico: Fiance.
Jason: Fiance.
Travis: Hoax.
Jason: why Hoax?
Chico: That's what I want to know.. Although I think George Gray has
something to do with it.
Travis: Because it's not welcoming a new person to the family, it's watching a transformation of someone you thought you knew. Master G does have quite a bit to do with it, though. :-)
Chico: I knew it :-)
Travis: What can I say; I dig him.
Gordon: Finally - Millionaire...or Greed
Travis: Millionaire.
Jason: Millionaire--the Vieira version.
Travis: Ditto.
Chico: Millionaire... Tarrant version
Travis: Syndicated-UK-Regis-Greed. Greed has game holes you can drive my Caprice through.
Chico: But Vieira was very much Tarrantian in her approach.
Gordon: Heh. The Originals destroy the remakes - which may explain some of the ratings. But we'll continue the ratings in the next show.
Travis: That she was.
Chico: But right now, we have yet another break, but when we return, a
punctuation mark gets its own game as we have fun with the Video Wall in ... !

(Sponsored by America's Next Top Millionaire. Tyra Banks judges a collection of the rich and famous, including the Donald, Mark Cuban, Ken Jennings and Richard Branson as we see who is the biggest Game Show Ho.)

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