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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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November 22, 2004

Gordon: Sound like a winner to me.
Chico: Nice bit of rhyming there. I'm writing in Bobbo, though.
Gordon: The rhymes that we make, as we're done with the break. So we're on
with the show, what's the next game, Chico?
Chico: Well... newness has been born in the world this week, not only with
our new area of the site, the Video Wall (which I suggest all of you go to now, it's at , but with the US premiere of the hit Japanese show "Hey! Spring of Trivia", where a panel of judges analyze trivia bits sent by the audience. I thought, why not make a WLTI game out of it? So born into the world today... ! That's the name of the game... !.
Gordon: Okay!
Chico: Here's how it works, I'll present trivia, and the three of you have to
give it anywhere from 1 to 10 !s.
Jason: Got it.
Chico: get it, exclamation points?
Gordon: Sounds groovy
Travis: Easy.
Gordon: I get it!!!!!
Chico: Then I'll show corresponding video and you'll get up to 10 more !s.
Gordon: Let's do it
Chico: Alright, everyone at the Wall?
Jason: yup.
Chico: Okay, I will prompt you to view the video..
Gordon: ok
Chico: Let's see the first bit of trivia, this one comes from The Price is
Right. While proposing to his girlfriend, a Showcase Showdown player... won $1000.
Jason: !!!!!!!!!!
Jason: Very cool.
Travis: !
Chico: That's a lot of !s, Jason.
Jason: I think it's awesome to do. I am a romantic what do you want.
Travis: What if he had gone way over in the showcase bid, tho?
Jason: He got the best prize of all...a fiancee
Chico: I'm waiting for Gordon to rule on this.
Gordon: !!!!
Travis: I guess I'm the opposite of Jason. It was a coincidence that he won
the $1k.
Travis: Now if he won the $11,000; THEN proposed, I might go more.
Gordon: Cool and cute - but no $10,000
Gordon: He needs the $1,000 more for taxes than the diamond ring
Chico: Alright. Nothing more to say than.. Let's watch the video tape.
Gordon: !!!!!!! - He gets some more for the Showcase win
Jason: The video is another !!!!!!!!!!! Great Barker moments and the music
done by Dobkowitz.
Gordon: Jason - too many exclamation marks.
Travis: I'll give him !!! overall. Actually, I'm going to go down to !!,
because of the music.
Chico: Is that three more or another three in addition to the 1?
Travis: Two !s, total, from me.
Gordon: You've given him 11 exclamation marks out of a possible ten. You are obviously amused too easily
Jason: Ok then...!!!!!!!!!! more.: Very amused.
Chico: "Price is Right Proposal and Showcase Win... 33 !s.
Jason: It's very rare you get these Price moments these days.
Chico: Very much so. It used to be that we would stain ourselves over a DSW.
Travis: Used to be?
Chico: Okay, some of us still do =p
Gordon: I'll give !!!!! just for a mention of it
Chico: Let's go right to the next bit of trivia, from yesterday's On the
Gordon: ok
Chico: Mark Walberg... was the subject... of one round's questions...
Gordon: !!!
Jason: !!!
Travis: !!!
Chico: Three out of ten all around.
Jason: Cute, but it's been done before.
Travis: Self-referential bits have been done.
Travis: "Who Wants to Win Ben Stein's Monkey," anyone?
Chico: Okay, 10 out of 30. Let's go to the video.
Travis: Oops, wait. I think I did two jokes there. I'll stick with my 3.
Gordon: Woolery's was better. 1! more
Jason: ! It seemed way fake
Chico: Then again, often times Mark Walberg seems way fake
Chico: Some added notes, only two of the answers were Mark Walberg. Two out of five... and after those, he had to put in an aside. Very much like Ron Maestri there. "Mark Walberg is a question on On the Cover... 12 !s." Okay, next bit of trivia coming... This one is from Wheel of Fortune. "An old man... called letters he already used... and didn't solve the puzzle."
Travis: !
Jason: I saw this doing my recap here on GSNN. !
Chico: Nothing excites Travis there.
Gordon: Me and Travis are Simon and Randy, and Jason is Paula.
Chico: Jason is Paula.. That's scary.
Travis: Well, the guy blew an easy puzzle, and forgot what letters came
Gordon: I give !! for the silly value
Chico: Okay, let's see what happened. Let's watch the video. Now you all know
my ABC affiliate. They sent me a mug :-)
Travis: I'll stick with my one.
Jason: The audience cheated the people out. !
Gordon: !!! more stars
Chico: No more !s from Travis?
Travis: Nope. That was a slam dunk. The puzzle, I mean.
Chico: Not even for the silly factor.
Travis: Not even for the silly factor.
Gordon: He's just not feeling it, Dawg
Travis: It was indescribably awful.
Chico: "Robin Balboa... 8 !s." Okay, have to go with the auxiliary on this
then. Another TPIR clip coming... first, the trivia. "A player on The Price is
right... overbid... by a dollar."
Travis: 5.
Gordon: THAT's the rare one !!!!!!!
Jason: Happened at a live show in Reno I was at. !!!!!!!
Chico: 19 out of 30... that's pretty high. Let's go to the video..
Travis: I'll add one for the standard "First time ever" bit from Bob.
Gordon: I'll take one away - since it wasdn't the first time ever, but
Chico: I'm beginning to think that Travis should be the overbearing
underexcited Chairman of trivia,
Travis: That is totally me.
Jason: !!!!!
Jason: Very good stuff
Travis: Not for the contestant, it wasn't.
Chico: Okay... Heh. Point to Travis. Collect 60 points and you can have your own show on GSNN.
Travis: I'll hold you to that.
Chico: "TPIR Player overbid by a dollar... 30 !s." Okay, one more. Ready?
Travis: Sure.
Jason: Yup
Chico: Let's hear it.
Gordon: go for it
Chico: From Jeopardy. "Ken Jennings broke the record... on a question about royalty
Jason: !!!!!!
Gordon: Jennings - Blah. Record though is good - !!!!!!!
Travis: 9!s.
Jason: Jennings is not Blah!
Gordon: If Jeopardy was the House of Je Ne Sais Quoi, I say BLAH!. Thank you, Tyra.
Chico: Travis.. You exploded.
Jason: Jennings rules!
Travis: KJ is the man. What can I say?
Gordon: Play the tape so I can get the torture over with
Chico: Well, let's roll tape..
Travis: I defer to my colleague Mr. Block on that.
Gordon: So he wins. So what?
Travis: He won. And he won again. And again. And convincingly, every time.
Gordon: Blah
Travis: Reasonable people can disagree unreasonably.
Chico: Who said we were reasonable?
Travis: I'm gonna stick to nine, someone could break the record again.
Jason: and I add !!!!! more... Ken Jennings--contrary to my colleague Gordon is the GREATEST game player of all time. Period.
Gordon: !!!
Travis: I have to disagree on that...
Chico: And I have the poll to prove it :-)
Travis: Oh.
Gordon: I disagree with it completely - and I tale back a ! due to that
Travis: Ow.
Jason: Jealous are we?
Travis: Bitter, party of one, your table is ready.
Gordon: What sort of Whine do I get?
Jason: "I Wanna Be On Jeopardy!!!"
Travis: Something that goes with cheese.
Jason: from Trebek Vineyards
Chico: Any more !s, Travis?
Gordon: lol - 2 more !!
Travis: I don't think that's possible.
Travis: Nine for me.
Chico: "The Coronation of King Jennings: 37!s.
Travis: Day-um.
Chico: now the awarding of the Golden Buzzer! *fanfare* ... with that piece of bread inside that looks like a buzzer! *smaller fanfare* This is pretty much an open and shut case, Ken beats a marriage proposal. And now we go to the Silver Buzzer, which goes to Gordon's favorite piece of trivia.
Gordon: ooooooh. and the winner is...
Chico: *drumroll* I guess he's holding us in suspense until after the
break.... So I guess we're going to do that, and then finish up big...

(Brought to you by "My Big Fat Obnoxious Millionaire": One brainiac is going to take home the big bucks, but what he doesn't know is... none of it's real.)

Travis: ("Who Wants to be an Argentinian Millionaire?")
Chico: wanna run that by me again?
Travis: The Argentinian unit of currency deflated faster than (insert joke
Chico: Ah.
Gordon: Thew winner is...Mark Wahlberg on the Cover!
Chico: ?
Gordon: Only kidding, The winning is Jennings, in a rout - and speaking of
rout, we are down to ...THE BIG FINISH! Are the men finished in Survivor?
Travis: Hells yes.
Jason: Yup
Chico: Oh yeah
Jason: Men are done. Unless they win immunity
Travis: Wow. What a vote of no-confidence.
Chico: They're going to need one heck of a run
Travis: Even so, the women can get whoever is next in line.
Chico: How about the Race? Any favorites emerging?
Travis: Too early.
Jason: I am rooting for the wrestlers.
Gordon: I do like the wrestlers, I don't think they will go all the way, but
they will be entertaining
Travis: I also am rooting for them, but it's only one leg.
Chico: Yeah,. and the team I was rooting for is gone already. So now we're left with a glut of daters, models, and dating models.
Travis: Kevin and Drew, v6?
Chico: yep
Travis: Lord help us all...
Gordon: The Biggest Loser - who has the upper hand?
Travis: Blue.
Gordon: I'm sort of wondering where the rationale for either team is,
mentally, but we'll go with Red
Chico: Red. Celebrity Charades was announced as a go for AMC. Anyone looking forward to another round of parlor games?
Jason: Yes, if it's done right.
Travis: Not terribly, no, especially if it plays straight, like the 70s
version. I enjoy my charades with puzzles.
Gordon: As long as we don't see the SAME stars in EVERY show, sure. How much
Dave Navarro can we take?
Chico: So you're a Body Language guy
Jason: Great game.
Travis: Yes I am. I find Charades by itself to be insanely boring.
Chico: Okay, some quickies going out... we have a date for American Idol 4. Clear your calendars for January 18.
Travis: <sigh>
Jason: Appointment TV.
Chico: One day before my birthday.
Travis: That means any winter entries on the other networks are toast.
Gordon: and why Amazing Race is on at 9 instead of 8
Travis: Smart move by CBS.
Chico: So it can trounce on House... which is a good show, but it's no
Amazing Race.
Jason: Hugh Laurie---no Phil Keoghan.
Gordon: We'll see if Fox's lead-in of Idol can help out House - something
less exciting - January 10 is Bachelorette 3

(Crickets Chirping)

Chico: And with that.. and no viewer mail.

(More Crickets Chirping)

Chico: We like viewer mail, you know.
Travis: <sob>
Jason: boo hoo
Gordon: Where is the mail going to?
Chico: But it should be going to this address:
Gordon: That's the e-mail, and that's a good night. A Special thanks to Jason and Travis and Ryan for showing up.
Jason: Good night.
Travis: Anytime. Good night, all.
Jason: And thanks.
Chico: For Jason, Travis, Ryan, Gordon, and the entire team at Game Show Newsnet, I'm Chico Alexander...
Jason: See ya!
Gordon: and until next time - Game OVer - and make sure your turkeys have enough giblets
Chico: Mmm.. Giblets

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