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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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August 13, 2005

Gordon: Did they create the Kaysar model?
Chico: Why yes... yes they did.
Gordon: I see. Okay, we're back. Is everyone ready for the new game?
Pierre: Yes.
Jason: Oh yeah.
Gordon: It's Called ¡BUEN TRATO!
Pierre: (reggaeton music)
Chico: Buen Trato!
Gordon: Here's how you play Buen Trato.
Chico: Wait... *puts 1up Mushroom cap on*
Pierre: (Puts LA Radiers cap on)
Chico: Okay.
Gordon: I'll give you items. You can keep them or trade them. Keep in mind that these things are all related to game show events.
Jason: Understood...
Pierre: Got it.
Gordon: For Example, I am giving you all a registration pass for the Game Show Congress.
Mike: I think most of us had one to start.

This is a $100 guest pass for the 4th Annual Game Show Congress. If you want one for yourself, go to and spend $100. You won't regret it.

Chico: Got mine.
Jason: Got it.
Gordon: You can keep it, or trade it for the Caja Pequena (Small Box)
Mike: Gordon has the lingo down for Thursday, I see.
Gordon: and on the Box, it says 'Wheel of Fortune'
Jason: Keeping my card.
Mike: I'm holding onto mine as well.
Chico: Keeping it
Pierre: I'll keep it, if I bring Erin Cahill along.
Chico: Ah, a Power Ranger reference... and Joe's not even here :)
Gordon: No one wants the box. We open and we see....ooooh...a $1,000 Certificate from Best Buy.
Jason: Darn.

You all blew a small circular space on the Wheel of Fortune Wheel. Total Cost - $1,000.

(Trato Hecho)

Mike: Best Buy gift card: $1000. Meeting the legends and doing WLTI Live? Priceless. There's your MasterCard ad for the day.
Gordon: However, I have a new deal for you There's a Caja Grande (Big Box) on the floor, and on the Box, it says 'Big Brother'. Do you want that one?
Jason: You know what...I am taking the box.
Gordon: Jason wants the box.
Mike: Noooo, I'm not touching that box if my life depended on it.
Chico: Hmm... Nope.
Pierre: I'm taking the box and keeping Erin.
Gordon: Jason and Pierre want the box. What's in the Box?

Its a new DVD Player...from the The Big Brother Pressure Cooker Event...with $250 worth of DVDs...for a value of $550!

(Trato Hecho)

Gordon: Buen Trato for Pierre and Jason.
Jason: Are we out?
Gordon: No - you all keep playing. I have another small box, or caja pequena. This one says 'Lingo'. Keep what you got or trade for the Lingo Box?
Pierre: Keep it and Erin, too.
Chico: I'm afraid of what's in it. I'm going to hold onto my pass.
Mike: I'm tempted to pick it but we haven't seen a Zonk (or chasco) yet.
Jason: I'll keep it.
Mike: I'm holding onto my pass.
Gordon: Everyone keeps what they have. What's in the Box?

Its a plate of donuts...the donuts that Shandi served the losing contestants. It's worth $1.50...un CHASCO!!!

(*stamp and trombone noise* CHASCO!)

Chico: What'd I tell ya!
Pierre: Survived the KLUNK attack!
Jason: or un CHA-CHA-CHAsco!
Mike: Errrrrroooooooooooooo
Gordon: Good move from everyone. The deals keep coming, though
Pierre: Kenny Mayne can't have muffins! ha ha ha ha ha!
Gordon: We have Cortina Numero Uno (Curtain #1). This one says 'Amazing Race'. Does anyone want it?
Jason: I will trade my DVD player for the curtain
Chico: You know what... I'm going for it!
Pierre: I'll take the curtain
Mike: Cortina! *waves bye bye to the GSC pass*
Gordon: Everyone wants the curtain. What do we have?

It's a vacation to Niagara Falls! This is where the Amazing Race Family Finale is supposed to take place. In addition, we'll give you your GSC pass back! This trato is worth $4,795!

(Trato Hecho)

Chico: Boom-shaka!
Pierre: Bang!
Jason: Everyone has a trip!
Gordon: Ok - we have the final deal
Chico: Is it un GRAN TRATO?
Gordon: No, not un Gran Trato, pero un Trato Final. You can either Keep the trip. OR you can trade for EITHER Curtain #2, which says 'The Law Firm', or Curtain #3, which says 'My Kind of Town'.
Pierre: Keep #1 and Erin
Jason: I will take "The Law Firm".
Chico: I'll take "My Kind of Town".
Mike: And I'll go off the board with the joker. $50 on Sex Symbols.
Gordon: lol
Mike: I'll keep the trip
Gordon: Pierre and Mike keep the trip
Gordon: What do we have for Chico?

Since My Kind of Town's first city visited is from Alabama, what else is there? The Crimson Tide of Course...which you can sail in your new party boat! And you get your GSC4 Pass Back! Un Buen Trato worth $11,595!

(Trato Hecho)

Chico: YEAH! What then! :-D
Pierre: Score one for Chico!
Mike: D'oh. I was so close to taking My Kind of Town.
Gordon: Jason.
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: You could have had a trip to Niagara Falls.
Jason: Yup.
Gordon: You could have had a Party Boat.
Jason: Yup.
Gordon: But you DO have The Law Firm, which means that you get THIS!

What does every good law firm need? A PAPER SHREDDER! This is also pretty much where this show needs to go. By the way, did I not mention that this shredder has been used for the Arkansas White Water Campaign?

Jason: Un gran CHASCO!

Total of this very used paper shredder? $29. And a CH-CH-CH-CHASCO!

(*stamp and trombone noise* CHASCO!)

Jason: Oh well. This was fun!
Gordon: Everyone's prizes will come via pony express except for Jason's,
which I have in my room.
Jason: Thanks. We will be seeing the real Trato Hecho this Thursday.
Gordon: ok - we'll break and then go for a BIG FINISH - right after this!
Pierre: Nigara Falls is better than Niagra Spray Starch, that's for sure.

(Brought to you by The Game Show Congress. This is the last time you get to hear it, but hopefully you'll be going there. Register at

Chico: Okay, this is your last warning. WLTI is coming to GSC4. Sunday at 8a. Bring breakfast. Prepare to laugh your ass off.
Gordon: And we got the word, we're going to be EXPANDED for a 2 HOUR SHOW.
Pierre: Any special guests?
Gordon: The special guests will be YOU the audience, as we are interactive.
Pierre: Wicked!
Gordon: We'll be rotating the panel and will be allowing you to play these games with us.
Chico: It'll be fun! You're gonna have a good time! Plus you get to meet us! How cool is that?
Mike: I only charge $5 for an autograph, $3 if you're a member of Is everybody dressing up for Trato Hecho?
Jason: I am not.
Gordon: I will be.
Mike: OK, I won't be alone.
Chico: 1Up Mushroom. Right here. :)
Jason: Are you serious?
Chico: I am serious.
Mike: Chico rocks
Jason: How much Spanish do you know Chico?
Chico: Un poco. Enough to get by and enough to know what the hell's going on.
Mike: I was thinking about dressing up but space in my luggage is quite limited.
Gordon: I'm going to get something while I'm in L.A. I want to try to get on the show.
Jason: And what are you dressing up as?
Mike: I took French in high school, not Spanish. My español is limited to what I've seen on Sabado Gigante and Trato Hecho.
Chico: Gordon's about as white as they come.
Gordon: Sabo español. Deseo jugar en Trato Hecho. Estudió y aprendó español para cinco años en mi escuela.
(Subtitle: I know Spanish. I want to play on "Trato Hecho". I have studied and learned Spanish for five years in school.)
Mike: Gordon did something with Spanish for 5 years. I hope it's something we can say on the air.
Chico: Learned.
Jason: He studied it.
Mike: At his school.
Gordon: Si, señor.
Mike: Muy bien. I've been watching the for the past few weeks, trying to memorize prices. Gordon, I will win you a sofa.
Chico: Okay, it's time.. for... the BIG FINISH! BB6, who's the next one to go say hi to Julie?
Pierre: Ivette, the Latin bombshell.
Gordon: I think that James is going to get backdoored. I will hope that the group will be that smart.
Mike: Don't care, but I would like to throw rocks at the housemates if they're at CBS TV City when we're waiting for TPiR.
Chico: Pretty boys ain't pretty no more :)
Mike: Dance, monkeys, dance.
Chico: *evil monkey stare*
Gordon: I wonder how far the house is from TPIR.
Chico: Well, TPIR is at TV City. BB6 is at Studio Center.
Mike: Awww
Pierre: That's where American Gladiators was.
Chico: Sorry, Mike.
Gordon: Maybe we can go to the house during the night and shaving cream it.
Jason: Or TP it.
Chico: Can't we fly a banner like we did back in the day?
Pierre: Or knock it out with a tennis ball at 100 mph.
Chico: "You all suck." Premieres over the next two weeks: My Kind of Town...Battle of the Network Reality Stars...And Ultimate Fighter 2...What's on your TiVo?
Jason: UF2.
Pierre: My Kind Of Town.
Mike: Possibly My Kind of Town
Gordon: All 3. Yes, the reality stars, too.
Mike: If not MKoT, it's all Trato Hecho, baby!
Chico: ... yeah.
Pierre: Mike Adamle is hosting that battle.
Gordon: It's American Gladiators reunited. You have to do it for Adamle.
Pierre: Right on!
Chico: That's what happens when you had hosting experience and an NBC contract :)
Gordon: Will anyone be watching UFC tonight?
Chico: I'm recording it. So who's up for viewer mail?
Mike: I am!
Jason: Me too!
Gordon: I love mail.
Pierre: Mail's in and what's on the table?
Chico: OUr first bit of love comes from Yoli Rodriguez. Thanks for writing, Yoli!
Jason: Alright Yoli
Pierre: RaviYoli!!!
Chico: Bad pun.
Mike: That's what you get when Ravi Shankar meets Yoli, right?
Gordon: (groan)

From: Yolanda "Yoli" Rodriguez

Hi! I saw your web page for the first time and I think it is great. I was wondering, do you have information about that 70s house (MTV show) in the site? If yes, how can I find it? I also was looking for information about the cast members, do you have that too? Thank You very much!!!

Jason: You can get recaps in our primes section.
Pierre: There's also a Yahoo! group.
Chico: What's the name of the Yahoo! group?
Pierre: MTV's THE 70's SHOW - search that on Yahoo! groups.
Chico: Pierre, you just earned your WLTI badge :)
Pierre: So campy like '73 Concentration.
Mike: More cheese than the state of Wisconsin.
Chico: That's a lot of cheese. I also enjoy it, and not because it plays off of Gene Rayburn's big-ass mike either... although that's cool, too
Gordon: Let's hope the next e-mail is less cheesy. Next one?
Chico: Next up, we have some mail from John Lee. Thanks for writing, John!

From: John Lee

Hey guys, I got a couple questions for you.1. On the 11-25-02 episode of Millionaire where Kathy Hempel guessed that vowels cost $100 on Wheel, instead of $250; what version were they talking about in particular? Because, IIRC correctly (and some of you may remember this as well as me), that vowels cost $100 on Bob Goen's Daytime version. So, what version were they talking about in particular, Daytime or Nighttime?

Mike: I'd like to play the Chris Lemon card. "Wow."
Chico: I remember seeing on Brad Francini's Wheel time tablet that it was $100 in the CBS daytime version.
Jason: Hold are correct...checking his site. To account for the smaller prize money, vowels were initially reduced in price to $200, and further reduced to $100 in 1990.
Gordon: Fortunately for Kathy, she did get to come back on the Loser's Special and win $250,000.
Chico: Apparently they were going for the discount version oin that time.
Pierre: Now that's revenge.
Gordon: I was there for that taping. I was also there when a returning James Dinan won $64,000.
Chico: There's more with John here.

From: John Lee

2. Also, why weren't there any Seniors Tournament champs in the UTOC? I'm sure that some of those Age 50+ players could've beaten Ken Jennings at the buzzer. Heck, some of the opponents he's faced in his 75 days of regular play were probably over 50 and beaten him at the buzzer. What do you think?

Mike: I would guess age is an issue.
Pierre: Age ain't nothing but a number.
Mike: I would also say that the elimination of the Seniors tourneys might have something to do with it.
Jason: That's true.
Mike: When was the last time a Seniors tourney was held?
Pierre: Health problems?
Mike: Guessing here...a decade ago?
Chico: I would imagine that since the last seniors tourney was in early 90s, I'd say that most of them weren't long for the world.
Pierre: Around the late 80's or early 90's
Mike: So let's say the youngest senior is now 75. They would be devoured by the lightning fast reactions of today's youth.
Chico: So there's an idea. One more mail for ya. This one's from Bill Minovich. Thanks, Bill!

From Bill Minovich:

Wondering if you or anyone else at GSNN has heard that Cablevision in New York has dropped GSN from its channel lineup, and what the story behind this is.

Jason: Gordon can.
Chico: Well, if you read Gordon's State of Play this week, you know exactly what's going on, but for a refresher.
Gordon: GSN - off of the regular cable. The only way to get it is on IO. Apparently, it's not just NYC, as Cablevision in NJ and other cable stations on the east coast are also making the switch. What cable plan do you have, Jason?
Jason: I have DirecTV.
Chico: Same here.
Pierre: In my city, Time Warner still has it.
Chico: The Time Warner, that is.
Jason: I am a satellite boy, and I run it in my apt. Had it for almost 10 years now.
Gordon: Any more mail?
Chico: Nope. That's it.
Pierre: We done.
Chico: We done indeed.
Gordon: Well, with that, we done.
Chico: Remember if you want to ask us anything, it's as easy as
Jason: And with that, we prepare for the first ever LIVE edition of WLTI at GSC4!
Chico: That's right. We're taking a break from the WEB show next week. But we'll be back before you know.
Mike: If you're anywhere near LA next week, be sure to visit us at the Congress. Bring food!
Gordon: A special thanks to Jason, Travis, Mike and Pierre for joining us today.
Chico: But join us in LA for WLTI Live. Quite possibly the best episode ever.
Jason: 8AM local time.
Chico: Breakfast is welcome.
Mike: Anything's better than the $25 box lunches the hotel is offering. *hopes the hotel doesn't see this*
Chico: We'll be back with the regular web show in a couple of weeks, but until then, I'm Chico Alexander...
Gordon: I'm Gordon Pepper, and until next time, Match Game and Out!
Jason: And of course...for Joe...SPREAD THE LOVE!
Chico: ... and We Love to Interrupt :) Seeya!
Mike: Game ovah! See you in LA next week!
Gordon: Whoo!

*everyone rushes for the door with suitcases in hand*

Jason: Watch where you are going with that!
Gordon: Chico, stop blocking the exit! Who do you think you are, Team Guido?
Mike: That's a fire hazard.
Chico: I'm not blocking the exit, Mike is! He's bigger than I am!
Jason: Out of the way!
Mike: Oh sure, pick on the big guy.
Chico: Okay, if you say so! :)
Mike: That's what the live show is for :-P
Gordon: We'll see you guys next weekend - if we can GET to the live show, that is...sigh...

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