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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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August 6, 2005

Joe: ROFLMAO: Old school, baby. That's totally old school. Too bad it was never on Starcade.
Chico: Just watch out for zombies and breakdancers, yo :-)
Jason: Love that game. Was never good at it.
Joe: I always liked Punch-Out!! myself.
Gordon: Make mine Robotron: 2084
Chico: I'm more of a Zoo Keeper guy. That's an underrated game if I ever saw one. Welcome back. And as we return, though we chased Ryan Vickers out of the building, guess who shows up...
Jason: It's the newly engaged James Dinan!
Chico: *applause*
Joe: Heyyoooo@!
Gordon: First of all, congratulations on your engagement.
James: Thanks.
Gordon: Second of all, have you ever knowingly performed any harmful acts on a Doppler system?
James: Uh, no.
Gordon: Ok - you may stay. Hold on one sec
Chico: You're just in time for ... okay, holding one sec.
Gordon: (puts TSR80 back in Gordon's special vault) ok - ready again.
Joe: *ROFL
Chico: Is that the place where you keep your Kefka plushie?
Joe: Oooooooh.
Gordon: I keep my Pong stuff there. And stop groveling over my Kefka plushie.
Jason: Ouch
James: Yikes
Chico: Speaking of plushies, it's time to play "Who's Your Daddy"... A lot of shows started up within the past month. Now's your chance to rank'em. I've got nine shows and one "spoiler event".
Jason: I remember this one.
Chico: I'll let you know what it is when we get to it. Right now, let's begin with our root event - Lingo.


Joe: Daddy.
Gordon: Put 'Em High. Push it High
Jason: Keep it High.
Chico: That's a nice safe root event to start.
Gordon: It's good. I think some things are better.
Chico: Next up...

Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back, but will they face a barrage of Lingo balls?

Jason: Under Lingo
Gordon: yes. Ball the Joes.
James: Way under Lingo
Joe: WAAAAAAAAAAAY under Lingo.
Chico: WAYYYYY under Lingo, indeed.

Lingo > Average Joe 4

James: Most things > Average Joe 4
Chico: Next up... Ballbreakers. More balls than Lingo?
Jason: Yes. I love pool. And the show is very good.
Chico: Everybody loves pool. And it's a great game element at work here.
Gordon: I'd have to say yes. Ballbreakers is an excellent show. Lingo is showing legs with no improvements on either the set or any tweaks on the game play.
Chico: Also a great "metagame" element as well. This is a hard call... But I'm going to go Ballbreakers above Lingo.
Joe: Actually, I'd put BallBreakers between Lingo and Average Joe. I like BallBreakers, but I like Lingo better.
James: I'd put Lingo slightly ahead as well.
Gordon: BallBreakers/Lingo/Average Joe 4
James: OK.
Joe: Me: Lingo/BallBreakers/Average Joe 4
Chico: Okay, Block, you're the tiebreaker. Where do Sal, Ewa, and Adrienne go?
Jason: Ball/Lingo/Av Joe. But not by much.
Joe: Boo-urns.
Chico: Okey smokey...
Jason: Sorry Joe.

Ballbreakers > Lingo > Average Joe 4

Next: The Law Firm. What's the verdict on this?

Jason: Above Avg Joe and below Lingo
James: I rule the Law Firm to be above Average Joe, but below Lingo.
Gordon: The law firm is a firm clone - but I agree with Block and company that it's still better than the Joes.
Chico: I'm going to put it above AJ as well. But only by .. yeah much.

Ballbreakers > Lingo > Law Firm > Average Joe 4

Chico: Next on our list here...

RU the Girl with T-Boz & Chilli, the show with a prize identity crisis.

Chico: Where's it going?
Jason: Below AJ4.
Joe: In the garbage. :-D
Chico: Now that's what I'm talking about! :-)
James: Slightly above AJ4, and that's not saying much.
Gordon: I've seen the show. It's not awful. It's better than both the Law Firm and the Joes. (I don't believe I'm saying that).
Chico: So we have three in the hole, one above AJ4 and one above Law Firm... The average....

Ballbreakers > Lingo > Law Firm > RU the Girl > Average Joe 4

Gordon: Fair enough.
Chico: Speaking of "fair enough", I say "NEVER enough!" Next...

Extreme Dodgeball 3.

Chico: What do the new changes bode for this pewterschmidt?
Jason: Below Lingo and above Law Firm.
James: Above Law Firm, Below Lingo
Gordon: I love the Extreme Dodgeball series. That being said, the lack of more than 6 teams hurts it. I'd put it above Lingo but below Ballbreakers.
Joe: I'm not going to even try and vote on this one.
Chico: Below Lingo, but not by much. So three above LF, one above Lingo, and one recusal meaning...

Ballbreakers > Lingo > ED3 > Law Firm > RU the Girl > Average Joe 4.

Chico: While we're on the GSN tip...

Here's Poker Royale: Comedians vs. Pros. Where do these chips fall?

Joe: Above ED3. Poker rules. But just below Lingo.
Chico: Yup.
Gordon: This is a very underrated series. This should also be above Lingo.
James: Agree with Joe
Jason: Above Lingo. It's very good. Poker is king. Or Ace as it may be.
Chico: So Lingo is the focal point here. Three below, two above. If we allowed level-sharing, it'd be right there, but since we don't...

Ballbreakers > Lingo > Poker Royale > ED3 > Law Firm > RU the Girl > Average Joe 4

Gordon: All of the good shows are on...GSN? Wha?
Chico: *scratches head*
Joe: Two to go.
Chico: Yep. First one...

Nigel Lythgoe's baby, "So You Think You Can Dance".

Jason: Didn't see it. I recuse.
Chico: I saw it. I liked it. Not more than Dodgeball, though.
Joe: Below Poker Royale, but above ED3.
James: Below ED3, Above Law Firm.
Gordon: Dance is still a clone. Better than the Law Firm, but it's not as good as Dodgeball.,
Chico: That decided...
Joe: Boo-urns. (as Jason is fond of saying) :-D

Ballbreakers > Lingo > Poker Royale > ED3 > SYTYCD > Law Firm > RU the Girl > Average Joe 4

Joe: Last one.
Chico: Last one...

Rock Star: INXS.

Joe: Toiiiiiiiii-leeeeeeeeeeeeet.
Chico: Hoo boy. This is subject to some heat.
Jason: Above Law Firm.
Joe: Put it at the bottom.
James: Above RU the Girl, below Law Firm.
Chico: Hmm... above RU The Girl.
Gordon: It's not a bad show. It just needed some originality and hosts who can talk without looking like they are reading off the teleprompter or sounding silted. Above the Law Firm.
Joe: 9_9
Chico: Okay, this one evened out, but Joe drug it to the lower level, so...

Ballbreakers > Lingo > Poker Royale > ED3 > SYTYCD > Law Firm > RU the Girl > Rockstar > Average Joe 4

Gordon: How can you put Rockstar under R U the Girl?
Chico: And finally, the "spoiler event"... Seeing a lame summer movie.
Joe: Which one?
Chico: Any one. Pick one. You got Bad News Bears... Honeymooners... Dukes of Hazzard pretty much reeked.
Joe: There aren't that many lame ones this year, Chico.
Chico: Then explain why the box office is down, Joe.
Joe: Down?!?!?!?
Chico: Down.
Joe: Are you KIDDING?
Chico: Nope.
Gordon: Down 8-12%
Joe: By who's numbers? Grandma Moses?
Gordon: There haven't been any BAD movies per se, but just no outstanding ones that would send you to the theaters.
Joe: B.S. Just more big studio conglomerate excuses to inflate ticket prices.
Jason: so what's the spoiler?
Joe: Seeing a movie.
Chico: Oh... kay. Anyway, where would you put "Sitting through a bad summer movie?"
Jason: above law firm.
Chico: Yep.
James: Agreed.
Chico: I'd rather sit through Bad News Bears than watch The Law Firm. And that's real.
Joe: I'd put it at the very top. I haven't seen a bad movie this summer yet. And I've seen about three or four.
Gordon: Just to even out Joe, I'll put it at the bottom, as I haven't been to any good movies this Summer.
Chico: You two are just the kids who set the grading curve today, aren't you? So the final list...

Ballbreakers > Lingo > Poker Royale > ED3 > SYTYCD > Summer Movie > Law Firm > RU the Girl > Rockstar > Average Joe 4

Chico: But we'll give him a nice parting gift, as we'll do everyone else after the break. WLTI: If you can find a better game show-oriented web-chat-based talk radio series online... read it.

(Sponsored by Spayed in the USA. Bob Barker tries to find the best looking neutered animal)

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