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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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August 6, 2005

Jason: And Gordon...I would watch.
Chico: I betcha he'll pitch it at Game Show Congress 4, which, BTW is two weeks away, as is the WLTI live show. If you're a fan of the show, you're going to want to catch us in action.
Gordon: I'm sure you would. You know you want to go. You know you want to go to and register.
Jason: And you want to see the GSNN crew in action.
Chico: And if you can't, well, you can register at the door.
Jason: Game Show Geeks gone wild!
Chico: Geek wild'n'out. Come to the show to see how to properly pronounce that.
Gordon: Yes it is. Are you all ready for Presents?
Chico: Presents!
Jason: Hanukkah in August.
Gordon: We'll be giving out real presents during the Game Show Congress Tournament for GSC. Meanwhile, you'll be helping these people by giving them presents.
Chico: Julie Chen needs a new cog.
Joe: Or better yet a pink slip. :-D
Chico: Perhaps the ones used in Repliee Q1, that new android that came out.
Gordon: We don't have Julie Chen on our show this week. Sorry.
Chico: Darn. Well, who do we have to shop for?
Gordon: We do have...

Shandi Finessey. We've seen her for week 1 of Lingo, and the results are...well...not great. What can you give her to make her more charismatic?

Joe: Announcer lessons with Randy West. :D
Jason: Announcer Lessons with Rich Fields.
Joe: That would work too.
Chico: No, Randy West. She's got the Rich Fields class down already, talking when she thinks the mic is off.
Gordon: Ouch.
Chico: She's delightfully perky when she does that, though.
Joe: I actually like when Fields does that. Announcers don't enough face time to begin with, IMHO.
Chico: I agree. This is a step in the right direction. Now Shandi needs to learn how to do it right.
Gordon: Ok, Jason, call up Rich Fields and Randy West. See what their schedule is.
Jason: You got it.
Gordon: Next up...

Adrianne Curry. She has the opposite problem of Shandi. She actually is fairly talented - but she gets no airtime. What can we give her to get more airtime?

Chico: A camera of her own. Every time someone wins money, we cut to Adrianne transferring said funds. It works.
Jason: Oh yeah...she is the money babe. I agree...a money cam.
Chico: And the rack girl... Pun.
Gordon: Well, she has a nice rack...heh, heh, heh...
Joe: How about a job at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch instead? :D
Gordon: It gives a new meaning for in the pocket.
Jason: or pocket pool.
Gordon: Designate a pocket for Adrianne to stand next to. You win bonus money for every ball that goes in her designated pocket.
Jason: Sure.
Gordon: You know you want to shoot your balls into Adrianne's pocket.
Chico: someone just made the bumper =p Oh, I'm punny today.
Gordon: I guess I should take my cue (ball) and move on?
Joe: Boo-urns.
Chico: Yeah.
Jason: Yup.
Joe: NEXT!
Gordon: OK. A side game for Adrianne. Next -

Mark Burnett. Survivor - Good. Apprentice - Good. Combat Missions - Good. Everything else after that - bad. Mark needs new ideas. What can we do to help?

Joe: Black ball him from television. :-D
Chico: LOL
Jason: Hire us. I need a job.
Joe: I like Jason's idea better, now that I think of it.
Chico: We're available, and we don't eat much.
Jason: Just give us medical and dental.
Gordon: Ok - besides us, what else can we offer for advice?
Joe: The following two words: "Go away."
Chico: A minute with Michael Davies. Actually, a whole day with Michael Davies.
Jason: And Ashton Kutcher...
Chico: Because even when Davies is bad (Studio 7)... he's still kinda good.
Joe: Actually, no, just Davies. Kutcher needs a baseball bat between the eyes for Punk'd.
Jason: I was going with Beauty and the Geek. Not Punk'd...
Joe: BTW, Jason, Beauty and the Geek does not excuse Punk'd. NOTHING excuses Punk'd.
Gordon: Ok - se we get Mark a power lunch with Davies and Kutcher. Someone call their agents.
Chico: On it. Next?
Gordon: Okay, next...

Nigel Lythgoe. His show So You Can Think You Can Dance is getting decent ratings, but it needs a spark. What spark can we give Lythgoe to help spruce his show?

Jason: The Pussycat Dolls.
Gordon: Don't you wish your dancers were hot like me?
Jason: My TV sweats during that video.
Joe: TMI, Jason.
Jason: I got another one - Carmen Electra doing strip aerobics.
Chico: There ya go :-)
Joe: I think they already have one: Lauren Sanchez.
Gordon: Ok - so call Nigel's agent and set him up with musical performances during his dance show. Maybe the dancers can dance to that.
Chico: Oh yeah. Didn't even think about that.
Gordon: Next....

Dante Alighire. He struck out as a Sumo Storm. He struck out as an Average Joe. What show can we put him on that he can actually do well at? How can we help him?

Chico: Put him on the Biggest Loser.
Gordon: I actually agree with Chico. Dante may be able to do great on The Biggest Loser, lose a lot of weight, and then go on Average Joe 5.
Chico: As one of the hunks? I doubt it.
Gordon: Why not? He could come back as Dante's Inferno.
Jason: Groan.
Gordon: By The Way, speaking of Extreme Dodgeball, I saw another alumni, Shaun 'Ink Inc.' Houser on Fear Factor. He lost =(.
Chico: Was it painful?
Gordon: No - he actually couldn't complete the stunt on time.
Chico: Ah.
Gordon: He had to unlock himself and his fat fingers got in his way. Last one...

Frank Nicotero. Remember him? He's been pretty dormant this Summer. How can we help him get back in the spotlight?

Joe: Give him Jimmy Carr's job on Distraction.
Chico: I agree with Joe.
Joe: (Even though Jimmy Carr kicks arse.)
Chico: Even as Jimmy is pretty much the only one who can get away with hosting that show.
Gordon: What abou t Sal's jon on Ballbreakers?
Joe: OOooh! Better! Ditch Sal Masekela, and bring in Frank!
Chico: I dunno. I think Sal's good on BB.
Joe: Sal's a little stiff for my tastes.
Jason: Help him host What's My Line in LA.
Chico: Maybe he needs to get with Burnett and Davies for a show of his own.
Gordon: So we'll try to get a meeting with GSN and try to get Frank as a host for his own show. Do you think he could salvage Wet?
Chico: Nothing can salvage that.
Chico: Maybe get him to host that Untitled Ken Jennings Project.
Joe: Hmmmmm....that might work too...
Gordon: They got a host - though I think Frank could kick ass on the show. We'll chat with GSN and Davies
Chico: Okay, let's break on that.
Gordon: Make like a pool table and break.
Chico: When we return, the Big Finish!
Joe: [Chris Tucker]Break yo'self fool![/CT]

(Brought to you by David Madden NFL 2006. Football with hopping)

Gordon: Is the hop-tackle included in the game, Chico?
Chico: Yeah. You have to beat the Eagles to get the code, though. Okay, time for the Big Finish!
Gordon: Let's do it
Joe: Word.
Chico: We start with Big Brother. Who's out? Who's in?
Joe: Who cares?
Gordon: If Howie doesn't want to continue the trend with being HOH and then leaving, he better put up James and Sarah.
Chico: And who's in?
Gordon: Cappy would have the best chance to stay in the house, but I think America wants Kaysar in. It would be very entertaining to see Michael though. Any of the three would be fun.
Chico: Oh yeah. They're all firestarters.
Gordon: I'll say Kaysar.
Chico: I voted for Kaysar, for the record.
Gordon: But any of the three would make good TV.
Chico: Okay. Next week is My Kind of Town. Making it appointment TV?
Joe: Maybe...if I'm not working. Certainly looks funny.
Chico: I'm going to set the TiVo myself.
Gordon: I'm not convinced that it's appointment TV, but I'll certainly watch the first episode.
Joe: Toy manufacturer Cadaco just released a plug-and-play home version of the NTN barroom trivia game. What game show would you like to see made into a plug-and-play game?
Chico: Three words... Press.. Your... Luck.
Joe: Indeed.
Gordon: I'm going to be different. I can get PYL off the net. I'm going to pick something that I can't get online. Whew! Both games, BTW, will be on display at GSC4
Chico: Wow.. Referencia oscura.
Joe: Actually...Ryan Morris, co-host of the NetGame "Net Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour," has a nifty site where you can get Virtual Basic version of Whew, and several other games.
Gordon: You can get the version - but there are no questions attached. I want a full, question filled game.
Joe: Okay. Good point. FYI, the site's at
Chico: Cool deal. With that, it's viewer mail time!
Chico: First bit of correspondence comes from a guy by the name of George. He writes... Thanks for writing, BTW...

Hi. I was just wondering if there was anyway you could get through to the people at GSN. They are losing so much of their fan base. They won't have to worry about canceling Extreme Dodge Ball; pretty soon there won't be too many people left watching it. They are trying to make it too professional. Leave it fun, I mean there are petitions out there to bring back the old rules, but these new rules are killing the show. If we want professional sports, there are dozens of sports channels, ESPNs and others. We want to be entertained relax kick back not be put to sleep. There used to be a gathering not too far from me of people that would get together and have a dodgeball party that was for season 1 and 2; now they disbanded because of lack of people they got bored with the new format, doubt this will help but had to try have a great day. Love your site.

Well... let's begin at the beginning, George....
Gordon: First of all, thanks for loving our site =)
Chico: Second, We can't get through to GSN, as we don't have that kind of pull, nor do we choose to, because we like the air of impartiality.
Gordon: And as you've seen in the past, it's not like e-mailing anything to GSN would actually help things.
Chico: No one said that Extreme Dodgeball was NOT a professional deal. If anything, they have purported themselves to be THE first professional dodgeball league in the country.
Gordon: Actually, I'm going to have to side with George on this one. I think that part of the fun is out of the game. I'm seeing lots of game, but not the personality in the previous seasons.
Chico: But this is early in the game so let's give it time.
Gordon: I do like the new format, but I think that there has to be a way to inject some of the fun into it - or at least give it time to get it's fun in gear before condemning it entirely.
Chico: Agreed. Okay, we have one more letter here...
Chico: It's our friend Jason Wuthrich again. Thanks, Jason!

Last time I asked a question involving "Around the Horn", so let's give your inspiration equal time. Push or flush PTI's bonus segment within "Sportscenter"?

Joe: Push. I think it's a nifty addition.
Chico: Agreed. Push. Highlights and catch phrases can only do so much.
Gordon: Flush. Blatant attempt to get more of PTI's ratings to SportsCenter by trying to segway them into the show. I do love PTI though. Get rid of SportsCenter and stick another PTI in there instead.
Chico: Okay. So that's the mail bag. If you want to stuff it with some of your love, all you have to do is send us stuff, game-show related or otherwise, at Who knows, we might even read it on the air. But for now, it's time to put a nice shiny bow on this show and send it packing. Big thanks to James Dinan, Jason Block, Ryan Vickers, and Joe Van Ginkel for hanging out! For the record, we do really love Joe. He is our rock. He is our Gibraltar.
Joe: Sure didn't feel like it today. :-D
Gordon: Absolutely. I love him fried with a side order of beans. Who's got the wine?
Joe: Seriously, I've missed being here with you guys. It's nice to have gotten through a full show for once.
Gordon: You are always welcome here, Joe =).
Joe: I can't wait for GSC to see ya.
Gordon: I cant wait for all of us to hang out. It's going to be a trip.
Joe: Of course it is. You ARE coming 3000+ plus miles to see us.
Chico: Always a pleasure indeed. Next week, the last show before the live show. Don't forget, Sunday at GSC., 8am. Until then, I'm Chico Alexander...
Gordon: I'm Gordon Pepper.
Joe: And I'm the G-to-the-S-to-the-M-A-N saying... GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME OVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER! And if these dopes censor me as much at the GSC as they did today, I'll throttle 'em. Spread the love, kiddies.
Chico: Seeya!

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