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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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May 7, 2005

Gordon: Would you watch that, Chico?
Chico: Not until Battle Ramsey.
Gordon: Maybe the lobsters have created a cool way to prepare spleen.
Chico: Okay, we're back and we have yet another new game. In the form of "Would You Could You?"
Gordon: (applause) How does this one work?
Chico: We take a scenario and put you in the shoes of the subject.
Gordon: Let's do it.
Chico: It's.. very simple.
Gordon: Simple is good. Bring it on!
Chico: First up: Let's go to Jeopardy!. Brian Weikle was one of the seeded nine that was upset by the round 1 survivors. If you were Brian Weikle, would you could you make the wager he did in the final?
Gordon: I sort of have to. I have to bet to win, not to bet to not lose. If I get the question right, I move on. I can't allow my fate to be determined by someone else getting a question wrong.
Chico: I'll let you know what happened real quick: Brian had $24,400 to Grace's $24,000. Putting the shoe on the other foot, if you were Grace Veach, would you could you bet as she did. She only bet $500.
Gordon: Yes, but I don't know that she only bet $500. If we both get the question right and I don't wager all of the money, I am going to be looked at as a putz - and justifiably so.
Chico: But did Grace do the right thing here? Or was she just lucky?
Gordon: I think so. She bet enough to force Brian to get the answer right without allowing third place to come out and win the game. She knew that Brian would have to bet big to shut her out - there's no reason why she needs to bet big too. She also got lucky that Brian got the question wrong - because if he got it right, she loses.
Chico: That's basically how the game goes. Some things you can see. Some... you just can't. Okay, next, please?
Gordon: Next up - If you knew that by doing it, you would advance to the finals, would you sleep with a musical judge?
Chico: Gosh that's a complicated one. Because again, you don't know that you'd advance due to the nature of the voting public.
Gordon: Let's say art imitating life =) Without actually saying it.
Chico: Me, I probably wouldn't, because I'm high up like that...
Gordon: I’d sleep with Vitamin C =) It does a body good =)
Chico: Oh.. Of course, her. But then it'd be just a scam and I'd wake up in my bed saying... "What the (^_^) just happened?"
Gordon: You know what they say about a full night's supply of Vitamin C. Scam or no scam, a full night’s supply of Vitamin C is good for your growing bones, and other parts of your body =)
Chico: Heh... Well, this is a family show, so let's move on.
Gordon: Next!
Chico: Okay. Let's just say you had pocketed $2400 from guessing that some guy didn't know what the capital of Alberta was.
Gordon: Yay - $2,400 for me to gamble in the California Casinos!
Chico: If you had the chance to parlay that into $100,000 in guessing that ANOTHER person wouldn't know the capital of Alberta, would you could you take the risk?
Gordon: Good question - depends on the financial status. I would probably go for it - just because it keeps me in California longer. Would you do it?
Chico: Nah. I need the money now.
Gordon: You could make $2,400 in what - 3 weeks?
Chico: Four weeks. I don't get paid THAT much... yet...
Gordon: 4 weeks - so you could parlay that into something that it would take 166 weeks to make? You have to take that shot. A chance to multiply your money by 41.5 times over? Easy decision.
Chico: But you only have a one in 32 shot at it.
Gordon: So the odds are in your favor - a chance for a 1:41.5 shot while only dealing with 1:32 odds.
Chico: 2400 is a hypothetical number.
Gordon: Of course, for the people who only had to pay $1 to get into the tournament, the odds are much better.
Chico: And they get to play with Frankie Microphone for at least another round. :-) Get my lawyers, I want credit for that nickname :-)
Gordon: And you get to ask him baseball trivia questions during the break, What could be more fun than that?
Chico: Woo, baseball! Next? Drug free!
Gordon: This is more psychological. You are...a relative of a Survivor Contestant. The event is bug munching, but it's not the contestant who has to do it - it's YOU. Would you munch on the bugs and other fun stuff for your relative, even though YOU aren't getting anything for it?
Chico: I'd do it...  If it's for my loved ones. They built a show around that, you know.
Gordon: I'd do it - for a cut of the money. Unless it's Balut - then I'd do it for free.
Chico: That's good grub right there... Go get your grub on.
Gordon: You ever have Balut?
Chico: No I haven't. But from what I hear, it's quite tasty... and crunchy.
Gordon: It's delicious, if you don't mind the beak and feathers.
Chico: I wouldn't mind the beak and feathers. More protein. Gelatin... for good skin and joints.
Gordon: yum - next one?
Chico: Last one for me. Let's say you're a pro bowler.
Gordon: Oooh – ok.
And you and your teammate get a chance for $30K, but it would mean airing out your dirty and semi-laundered money. Would you could you get on the show for the $30K in exchange for your little secrets?
Gordon: I'm a pro bowler. What secrets could I possibly have? I'd go for it. Besides, 30K is probably more than what I'd make all year on the tour.
Chico: And you'd meet Stuart Scott... which is pretty cool... Another Carolina grad.
Gordon: Sounds good to me. Last one.
Chico: And it's more than you could make with useless trivia against a throwback wearin' researcher.
Gordon: You are an aspiring model. Every model contest has the obligatory nude shot. Would you bare all to win a contract or is that too much to bear?
Chico: Hey.. If you want it.. and you got it... flaunt it. Point .... blank!
Gordon: Would you pose as a sexy Russian singer?
Chico: Uh... No. Ain't nothing sexy about that. And the correct term is "Ukrainian." But at least the chicks dig it.
Gordon: I’m sure there are sexy Ukrainians out there.
I think.
Gordon: While Chico gets sexy, we'll break and then run into...THE BIG FINISH!
Chico: Stick around. We’re doing the WLTI thing...

(WLTI PSA: Tell your moms out there how much you love'em.)

Gordon: AwwwwBarf. It's that time of the month to do a mandatory PSA?
Chico: Because people simply don't get the hint. And besides, we provide for the public discourse so I think we're within rights here.
Gordon: I'll add to it that you should always talk to your grandmother about American Idol - like my Grandma Edna =). I love you, grandma. I also love my mommy as this is, of course, the Mother's Day Weekend.
Chico: But seriously, this one's dedicated to all our mothers... our grandmothers. Sadly Mama Irene is no longer with us. But to all the mothers, the grandmothers, the aunts, the sisters.. we love you..
Gordon: If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here. And a shout-out to my grandma Irene as well, and to my 3 sisters (one of which is a mother herself), my aunt, my niece, and all of the mothers in the world. Even all of the mama llamas out there in the world. And Llama Mamas.
Luckily we had none of those this week, but we do have... THE BIG FINISH!
Gordon: Let's start with Predict the Winner! Amazing Race.
Chico: Uchenna & Joyce.
Gordon: Agreed. The Apprentice?
Chico: Tana.
Gordon: Agreed. Next - Predict the nest loser! American Idol.
Chico: Mr. Fedorov.
Gordon: Agreed again. Survivor.
Chico: Ms. Lyon. No Gregg = No Jenn.
Gordon: We're 4 for 4 in agreement. Next?
Chico: That's scary.
Gordon: Very
Chico: Scarier? Mail?
(recorded Jason Block voice: MAIL TIME!)
Gordon: None here - you?
Chico: We have one... But a confidential to the person who wrote it... Mail sent to WLTI trying to become a contestant on a show is not forwarded to the networks. Sorry.
Gordon: As much as we'd love to help people get on game shows, we can't, since we are not affiliated with any network or production company. The good news in that - we can give you our candid opinions on everything. You realize that the last time if was just you and me was exactly 20 episodes ago?
Chico: And what were we doing then?
Gordon: This was October 2004. We debuted Number Please and WHo's your Daddy while getting e-mail from Steve Altes.
Chico: Nice to know that you have an episode guide...
Gordon: This was when Ken Jennings was still Jeopardy champion and we wondered if the Apprentice was going to survive the season.
Chico: He eventually lost and the Apprentice eventually survived.
Gordon: We also celebrated the demise of The Benefactor, the Debut of The Biggest Loser, and the Demise of Last Comic Standing 3. Feels like a while ago, doesn’t it?
Chico: That's a lot of... yeah. Okay, we hate to cut this segment short, but we gotta bounce. We'll leave you with some words of wisdom... You send us questions. We answer them. It's simple.
Gordon: ON the next episode - Finales - and episodes leading up to finales.
Chico: And more sweeps.. Hopefully more people.
Gordon: And with that - we're out. For Chico Alexander and everyone at Game Show Newsnet, this is Gordon Pepper saying Match Game - and out!
And if Joe was here, he'd say "GAAAAAAME OVER and spread the love." Hugs & handpounds, we out.

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