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Episode 34.8: Supersized Chainsaw Massacre
November 4

Chico: You silly Floridians. Thinking your football teams are decent. Just because you have FL State... And Miami... And the SEC.
Gordon: Tell me again how North Carolina did against FSU?
Chico: I don't wanna talk about it.
Gordon: I'll just hint to the audience that it was a lot to a little.
Chico: Speaking of little... We have hamsters in ninja gear and Eve in a suit. Why?
Gordon: Trust me, I'm a BrainVision news animal is debuting next week.
Chico: That's just scary. For one... I can't trust Eve. I mean, Grumpy cat is looking at her like "damn." And now she's looking at me.
Gordon: Can you trust me starting BrainVision?
Chico: Yes. Let's get on with it.
Gordon: Roll That Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thank you Doug Morris. We are going to start it off with... Okay, I need everyone's attention. All eyes on me. I need an America bat.
Gordon: (Gives Chico a Veteran's Day Bat)

No one says anything for the next 30 seconds.... Let's Ask America...Is going national.

Gordon: YAY!
Chico: Scripps is dealing with MGM to syndicate the show nationally
Gordon: That's great news for them.
Chico: Indeed. From what I understand, it's growing by leaps and bounds in the 12-station pilot group. Give it a national audience and let's see how it does. There is no time table as of yet though.
Gordon: I'm betting it's going to do great. Nice to see it will get a future spot on the Datebook.

We have Japanizi Monday, and Chase Tuesday. Dun, dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun...

Gordon: Obviously, we are looking forward to The Chase. I don't know if Im looking forward to Japanizi
Chico: It's kids... In a Japanese game show! (Well, as Japanese as a game show that tapes in Canada)
Gordon: You go watch. I'll get Fully Loaded.

It's the 18th birthday of You Don't Know Jack, and you know what that means...It can now buy cigs and lottery tickets. Let the good times roll!... Remember kids, smoking is wrong. All the You Don't Know Jack PC games are being released on Steam in one giant pack. It's $2.99.

Gordon: (drools)
Chico: is where you want to go for that.
Gordon: And what If I want to go see some really stupid people?
Chico: You'd go to Florida. SORRY!!!
Gordon: That's Chico that said that. ^^^ (Rolls in Whiteboard)

Are YOU Smarter than...The Chyron operators on the live TV shows. They have now made 3 errors in voting this year - the latest one being on Dancing With the Stars.

Gordon: Now before you go all conspiracy theory and say it's just to extend the shows - which I have in the past - keep in mind that moost of the time, they don't extend out. It's just a double elimination episode on the next show. So this one's just plain old stupidity.
Chico: Yep. There are fail safes out of this sort of thing. After all, TV schedules are nothing if not flexibly rigid. Just ask Carson "Less Than A minute, Christina" Daly. Ever the consummate broadcaster .
Gordon: But we have more (wheels out second whiteboard)

Are You Smarter than...Justin Bieber, who is seen leaving a brothel. This isn't too good when you're trying to salvage a relationship with Selena Gomez.

Chico: ... What does one say about that?
Gordon: Eventually, this'll happen?

Chico: There you go. So who's breaking up this week?

Brody Jenner needs a new Bromance. Him and Bryalla Holly are now splittsville. Aw.

Chico: Awwww.... Let's go global, shall we?
Gordon: Not yet.
Chico: Oh wait there's more?
Gordon: Because we also have a new home for this dude.

Chico: Oh yeah. I see an Undead It Board.

Hot Set is now...Dead Set. But at least Augustus will enjoy it. He will also enjoy Figure It Out, as it will not return for season 3.

Gordon: We saw the writing on the wall on that one when it started yanking episodes. Too bad.
Chico: Well, maybe it'll blow up overseas. Let's go global.

This week, we are going to Brazil... And we are carrying a whole lot of roses.

Gordon: You're the new Brazilian Bachelor?
Chico: ... o_O Ladies? I am not the new Brazilian Bachelor.... But someone's going to be. WB has sold the bachelor to South America.
Gordon: Damn. I wanted you to be a media ho.
Chico: A perfectly legitimate question. I like Brazilians.
Gordon: Oh really?
Chico: ... That came out wrong. (Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, Cher gets to judg Dancing with the Stars, Adam Levine does women's clothing, Todd Newton is all over TPIR live...

Chico: As is Jerry Springer.

Pauly D (Silent Library) has a 5 month daughter he didn't know about, Kendall Jenner is getting pron offers on her 18th birthday, and Oxygen's Bad Girl's Club, as one of their highest ranked shows of the network, gets a renewal, something Gordon Called and Chico thought would be a disaster. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Chico: This is where I give Gordon the death stare.
Gordon: Don't hate me because Im beautiful. But none of them are the ho of the week.
Chico: Who have you got?
Gordon: This week, we have boobs. And Heidi Montag's, as she has breast REDUCTION surgery to take herself more seriously as an actress. Oh yes, good luck on that.
Chico: Because as anyone will tell you, the answer to needless plastic surgery is MORE needless plastic surgery
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: And that's Brainvision. (Switches it off) And on the other side of the break, a new classic gets broken down by the numbers as we prepare to say goodbye. Stick and stay with WLTI.

(Brainvision is presented by Face Off... Off. Who can create new life from a rotting corpse the best? Two mad scientists will reanimate the dead before setting them in a maze full of killer zombie hunters)

Chico: If Sharknado can get ratings so can this. Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being part of the world's strongest game show webcast. As we salute one of the world's strongest game show formats. Chris Tarrant announced that the current season of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire would be its last. That would be the Original series in the UK.
Gordon: Right
Chico: This came after Chris had decided to retire from TV hosting. So we're going to give it the proper salute by playing Number Please...
Gordon: Sounds good. Do it to it.
Chico: First up...

5 P W A T M D Q C

Gordon: 5 players who answered the million dollar question correctly.
Chico: And one who cheated at it. And got caught. Stupid. The five kings (and queens) of Millionaire are, in chronological order...

Judith Keppel (11/20/00)
David Edwards (4/21/01)
Robert Brydges (9/29/01)
Pat Gibson (4/24/04)
And Ingram Wilcox (9/23/06)

Chico: There was one guy who coughed his way up the money ladder. We won't mention him here, because frankly, he can suck a bottle of pickled eggs.
Gordon: Smelly. Next one?
Chico: Next one...

571 E O 29 S

Gordon: 571 episodes over 29 series
Chico: Right.
Gordon: In the us, it would be episodes over 29 seasons
Chico: Of course earlier seasons had the show run over two weeks. Then it went into full on season mode.
Gordon: Right. it's still a ton of episodes
Chico: Of course, none of this counts the current season 30
Gordon: Right. next one?
Chico: Next...

11 L L C W

Gordon: This one I need help
Chico: Okay.

11 L Created W
11 L Created Worldwide

Gordon: 11 Lifelines Created Worldwide
Chico: Betcha can't name them all
Gordon: Probably not, but I'll try.

Ask the Audience
Double Dip
Jump the Question
3 Wise Men
Ask the person in the Audience
Ask 3 people / Peoplespeak
Ask the Expert
Crystal Ball
Switch the Question

Chico: That's 11
Gordon: YAY! Next one?
Chico: Next..

81 C T P T S S I P I E
81 C T P T Show S I P I E
81 C T P T Show S It P I E

Gordon: 81 countries that produced the show since it premiered in England
Chico: I'll give it to you.
Gordon: That's a lot of countries united by Millionaire
Chico: And of those countries, 39 still air it today. That says a lot.
Gordon: Nice. Next one?

C W M T P W: J W 39

Gordon: Country with most total Primetime winners: Japan with 39
Chico: Nailed it
Gordon: Yippee!
Chico: Of course most of them were celebrities
Gordon: Of course
Chico: Including your favorite... Beat Takeshi.
Gordon: He's the dude
Chico: Battle Royale... classic if you haven't seen it... Suzanne Collins what? Hunger Games what?
Gordon: I got one for you, Chico.
Chico: Hit me.

R R C T W O 'L' A W T F A T L W N
R R Coined T W O 'L' A W T F A T L W N
R R Coined T W O 'L' A W T F American T L W N
R R Coined T W Of 'L' A W T F American T L W N
R R Coined T W Of 'L' A W The F American T L W N
R R Coined T W Of 'L' A W The F American T Leave W N

Chico: Robby Roseman coined the word of "Llama" and was the first American to leave with nothing.
Gordon: That's it!
Chico: Yes!
Gordon: So lots of lore through Millionaire
Chico: Indeed. Like the phrase "final answer" came about when the rules stated that an answer must be locked, final and definitive. And that Keith & Matthew Strachan's classic theme was meant to mimic a heartbeat. In fact, here's a bonus:

156 BPM

Gordon: 156 Beats Per minute. lol
Chico: Bingo.
Gordon: So we celebrate Millionaire and all of the memories it gave us. And we'll give you one more memory after this break.

(Brought to you by Pimp My Brothel. Political and Musical Celebrities get to hire a bunch of Places of Ill Repute and make them look fabulous. Best Brothels win new clientele. Mark Sanford and Justin Bieber co-host.)

Gordon: ...what?
Chico: Augustus is angry that Lifetime cancelled the Client list. He's a Jennifer Love Hewitt fan
Gordon: Sorry, augie
Chico: We'd offer a hug, but.. Yeah he gets hungry when he's angry. Let's get into a speed round... Now!
Gordon: Survivor: WHo doesn't make the merge?
Chico: Survivor: they all make it to the merge. Who is back in and who's out?
Gordon: Cody is in, which means problems for Monica. X-Factor. Who doesn't make it to the final 12?
Chico: I honestly couldn't care less at this point but since you asked... Girls United
Gordon: I'll go with Girls out the door. Jeopardy - any big wimmers?
Chico: Not yet. Tourney time isn't for another couple of weeks. Next week is Celevrity week on Millionaite. Big winners there?
Gordon: I think so, because there always is. ANy emails?
Chico: Right now no. But they can send us some. Follow us on Facebook /WLTI.gsnn Or on Twitter @wltiongsnn
Gordon: Or email us at
Chico: Big thanks to..... Umm...Let's see here...Okay, nobody. Just me and Gordon this week. Next week, though... We have a merge, two new shows, a chase, and live sanging! Because that's what they do on The Voice. They don't just sing. They SANG.
Gordon: I sense country flavor'
Chico: But that's all NEXT week! For this week, for Gordon and everyone at GSNN, I'm Chico Alexander. Game over and spread the love.