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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

August 6, 2007

Chico: You can rent them to firehouses.
Gordon: Ok. You hear a baby crying?
Chico: Baby crying...Sun rising... it could only mean..."A new game has been born.... into this world."
Gordon: And we welcome you all to our new game...WLTI Theater!
Chico: Right, so how does it work?
Gordon: 2 people get roles. Then a scene comes up, and you act it out.
Jason: Awesome.
Gordon: For example...

Chico is Wayne Brady, Jason is Joey Fatone, and the scene is...pitching your show to the Game Show Emmy Committee And...Action!

Jason: Thank you very much for allowing me to present...(shows clip). Look at how big the production values are....
Chico: Alright, alright check this out.. I got a show on Fox called Don't Forget the Lyrics. What we have is one player and one shot at a million dollars...
Jason: Wayne...we have singers, we have dancers....
Chico: All they have to do is... don't forget the lyrics... Look at that set.. That's a sexy set...
Jason: we have 7 people going for $50,000!
Chico: But do you have... a million dollars?
Jason: No, but we have the Bumblebees!
Chico: That ain't a million dollars, bro
Jason: No...but we have a lot of excitement...and a lot of songs...a lot more songs than you show!


Chico: I'll be in my trailer =p
Jason: I'll be at Craft Services :-)
Gordon: So you guys get it?
Jason: Sure.
Chico: yep
Gordon: Ok. Next scene...

Jason is Pat Kiernan... Gordon is Michael Davies. Scene: A week free for Millionaire....Act-TION!

Jason: Michael,'s been a great summer for us, no?
Gordon: Sure has. World Series of Pop Culture. Grand Slam. Very nice.
Jason: Pop Culture was a big hit? You asked me to show some personality, I did.
Gordon: You were much improved. I actually watched you without falling asleep.
Jason: I see that Meredith is taking a week off in December.
Gordon: She is, is she?
Jason: Yes...I would to take a shot at the host's chair.
Gordon: I have to check my schedule. Have you done any entertainment television work?
Jason: I have been in all your shows...And I was a news guy. Roker was a news guy.
Gordon: So you do the weather too?
Jason: Sure. How hard can that be?
Gordon: My guys will call your guys...


Jason: That was good. Gordon.
Chico: That's... just fine. Next?
Jason: I have one.
Gordon: Sure

Gordon is Donald Trump. Chico is Rosie's agent. Scene: The phone call that offered Rosie $2M to be on the Celebrity Apprentice show. And...Action!

Gordon: So Rosie, I have to tell you how much of a closet Rosie O'Donnell fan I am.
Chico: You're a closet Rosie O'Donnell fan? Find that hard to believe.
Gordon: How's about she can get on my show Toupee collection?
Chico: Wuss! Go higher...
Gordon: Ivankas' swimsuit collection
Chico: Namby pamby. Go higher.
Gordon: Oh wait, you can't fit into that...what about Carey's Swimsuit collection?
Chico: You know what I want to hear.
Gordon: Ok. Lets talk money...1 million in cash and 1 million worth of soundbites so we can extend this feud for Rosie's next show so she can get ratings again.
Chico: I'll let Rosie know.


Jason: That was good, guys.
Gordon: Ok. Next one...

Jason is Biggest Loser 4 Contestant Ryan Rodriguez from New York. Chico is a Jelly Flavored Donut. Scene: The Biggest Loser Set. Action!

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!... Wait, you're not chasing me...Am I broken?
Jason: No. I resist. I will not have you.
Chico: Come on, baby.... I'm all.. jelly flavored...You like raspberry...
Jason: I like Grape.
Chico: I got enough raspberry for all y'all.
Jason: I need to lose the weight. I am going to win $250,000 and I will not lose to you. Go to the Simpsons movie.
Chico: Wait... $250,000... that'll buy a party for you and all yo beeytoches.
Jason: Tempt Homer.
Chico: I'll tempt you home. Mmmm. Krispy Kreme. Ha ha ha...


Gordon: Very disappointed that neither of you used the eat me line, but oh well. Next one?
Chico: Okay, next up...

Jason is Pam Mueller, past Jeopardy College Champion. Gordon is Jason Block...

Gordon: Bwa ha ha ha ha
Jason: Eat me.
Gordon: No. that was for last scene
Jason: Right.

Scene: There's a second season of Grand Slam ordered... and the two of you have been invited... AND... you're playing against each other.

Gordon: Why hello. I'm Jason. And reality shows suck.
Jason: I know. So how well did you do on Jeopardy?
Gordon: I am a 4 time champion. I should have been a 5 time champion. I also won $125,000 on Millionaire. I should do pretty well in this tourney. You are a worthy opponent...
Jason: As are you.....
Gordon: So tell me about you.
Jason: Well I was a former Jeopardy college champion. I think I should do
well here too. You watched the show.
Gordon: I did. I was very impressed with your appearance.
Jason: I have been in three tournaments...I made the semifinals in one...
Gordon: I haven't been in any, but I do have a keen eye on how to read the opponents, thanks to my poker skills.
Jason: and I was in the UTOC. Well we shall see....


Chico: I was waiting for the stare of death, Gordon.
Gordon: lol - The real Jason is very courteous to his opponents before taking them out.
Jason: Oh yeah. Kill them with kindness. And then crush and destroy.
Gordon: Now if you said Jason AFTER beating Pam, then that's a different story :-)
Jason: Bring on Season 2.
Chico: Indeed. Final scene...

Gordon is Todd Newton's Agent. Chico is Todd Newton. Scene: Gordon relays the news that Drew Carey got the TPIR gig. Action!

Gordon: Hey Todd, this is your agent
Chico: Hey, how's it going?
Gordon: I have great news for you!
Chico: Great news... Great! :-) Let's hear it! :-)
Gordon: You know those WLTI guys?
Chico: Yeah, they're a nice bunch of guys... Met them while they were in California a while back :-)
Gordon: They wanted you on an episode of We Love To Interrupt! Isn't that great?
Chico: That's pretty cool! I'm a big fan.
Gordon: Yeah - I'm going to be pretty pumped listening to you talk about Drew Carey as the new host as The Price is Right.
Chico: .. Drew Carey... Man I thought they were going to go with Mark or myself, but hey, Drew's cool, too... :-)
Gordon: Forget about The Price is Right, I have a great gig for you! You're going to be the star of a new ABC show!
Chico: As long as it isn't Set for Life...
Gordon: It's got to do with those cavemen on the Geico ads. Who doesn't love cavemen? It's a big hit in the making...


Jason: That was too painful for even us.
Chico: And that was a nice trip to the theatre.
Jason: Done.
Gordon: What did you guys think?
Jason: Loved it.
Chico: Reminds me again why I'm a singer, and not an actor :-)
Gordon: So this is a keeper?
Jason: I think so!
Chico: Yep
Gordon: We'll be back with the Big Finish - after this

(Brought to you by Grizzlebee's Grand Slam Breakfast... or the Power Lunch of 10... your choice of 10 appetizers... 10 entrees... 10 desserts... for $10.99. Grizzlebee's... You'll wish you had LESS fun!)

Chico: Hi!... welcome back... All we have time for is one letter... maybe two. But first, programming notes...  Power of 10 premieres Tuesday at 8.
Gordon: Dont miss it. You'll hate yourself if you do. Forever.
Jason: You will see why Drew was picked for TPIR
Chico: On the reality front, Fat March premieres Monday at 9p on ABC.
Gordon: You can miss that one.
Chico: Also watch for Cash Cab After Dark on Discovery on Wednesday. Three premieres, we'll review them next week. Right now, let's go right into the mailbag. First letter is fron Daniel Westrick. Thanks, Daniel!

Daniel Westrick

I am wondering since the Amazing Race will not debut until midseason, is this show in trouble or will this show be better given that the next edition, EVERY LEG SOME TEAM IS GOING HOME?

Chico: Thanks, Daniel. well, it depends on who you believe.
Jason: I like the fact that the non-elimination legs are out.
Chico: As you know, ever since there was a reality Emmy, the Amazing Race took it. But ever since the Family Edition, ratings have either slipped or leveled off. So one could argue that the show is in trouble.
Gordon: I like it too. Of course, with that, I'd rather see more teams get to play. I definitely think the show IS in trouble.
Chico: But at the same time, CBS is noting that these teams are very exceptional, which would make for an exceptional race. But as for the lifespan of the show... the next year or so will be telling. So call your friends.
Jason: Please do. I don't want the show to go.
Chico: Hope this answers your question. Thanks again! Next is from Alexander Jennings. Thanks, Alexander!

Alexander Jennings

It may just be me, but the format for the $10,000,000 question seems downright dumb if I understand it correctly; it's almost a random 1-in-10 shot in the dark. Even though the math works (risking $900,000 for a one in 10 chance at an extra $9,000,000), to me it is more a "pick a number and hope it's right" than actually answering a question.  I think a 5 percent range (the exact number, 2 up, and 2 down) on a new question is a much better option. It's unfortunate; even though I'm still interested in the show, it seems woefully flawed at that critical "audience payoff" point. What say you?

Jason: Well, I happen to agree with Alexander. Except it's sort of a different guess. With the way they have it IS a 1-in-10 shot in the dark. With Alexander's  have to go one more question and a one in 5 shot.
Chico: It's not so random as it is, here's your range... you are within it. Now use that to make you decision. It's an educated guess. Albeit a very hard one
Gordon: Its a 1 in 10 shot in the dark. I agree with Alexander. But they are going to do it that way to make it not only hard to win the money, but to dissuade people from going to it, making it that much harder. Are you willing to risk $900,000 for a 1 in 10 shot at 10 million?
Chico: For another $9m, I say why not. So that's what we say, and thanks for writing.
Gordon: We have more mail, but we'll save it until next week.
Chico: You re a member of the WLTI viewer family. It's time to speak at the family reunion. E-mail us at &
Gordon: That ends this edition. A special thanks to Jason Block for joining us this morning
Jason: Thank you.
Chico: For Gordon Pepper and everyone at Game Show Newsnet, I'm Chico Alexander, we leave you... with this little youtube gem...

Chico: Until next week, game over and spread the love :-)


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