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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 23, 2007

Jason:  Heat Me Baby One More Time?
Chico:  "Beef! Take a chance, do your dance, get it started... BEEF!"... Nah, doesn't have the same ring to it.  Oh well. Welcome back.
Gordon: Next up, it's time for some March Madness!
Jason:'s July.
Gordon: Its March now, as the brackets are up for Grand Slam. Now that the brackets are available for the public, we can now play...well Chico can play, because Jason and I know what happened, so we can't play. Are you ready, Chico?
Chico:  Im ready
Gordon: Here we go...

#1 Brad Rutter (Jeopardy!) Vs. #16 Amy Kelly (Lingo)

Chico:  Too easy. Rutter. In a walk.

#2 Ken Jennings (Jeopardy!) Vs. #15 Victor (Twisted Mister/World Series of Pop Culture)

Chico: Again, too easy. KenJen.

#3 Kevin Olmstead (Millionaire) Vs. #14 Michelle Kitt (Weakest Link)

Chico:  Hmm... Let me think about that. I'm done thinking. Dr. Kevin. Nice guy, that Dr. Kevin is.

#4 Ed Toutant (Millionaire) Vs.   #13   Leszek Pawlowicz (Win Ben Steins Money, History IQ and Jeopardy)

Chico:  Wow... Now we're talking flavor country. This is like Jordan going up against King James. I think Ed... and if he's reading, no offense... got the higher seed due to Millionaire, so I'm going with Leszek.

#5 David Legler (21) VS. #12 Frank Spangenberg (Jeopardy!)

Chico:  Legler gets Spankenburged.

#6 John Carpenter (Millionaire) Vs. #11 Thom Mckee (Tic Tac Dough)

Chico:  Tough. Hmm.. Thom McKee.

#7 Rahim Oberhaltzer (21) Vs. #10 Phyllis Harris (Greed)

Chico:  Phyllis...

#8 Nancy Christie (Millionaire) Vs. #9 Ogi Ogas (Millionaire)

Chico:  Nancy.
Gordon: Ok. Round 2...

Brad Rutter Vs, Nancy Christie

Chico:  Rutter.

Frank Spangenberg Vs. Leszek Pawlowicz

Chico:  Didn't this happen already? =p
Gordon: Yes it did, as a matter of fact...but not on Grand Slam.
Chico:  Umm... I'm going to go with Frank. So yeah, Frank, then. Although I think Leszek's going to give him a run at it.

Kevin Olmstead Vs. Thom McKee

Chico:  Thom in an upset. The bigger endurance trial, his TTD run.

Phyllis Harris Vs, Ken Jennings

Chico:  Phyllis, I know you're reading... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... Ken Jennings.

Gordon: Semi-finals

Brad Rutter Vs. Frank Spangenberg

Chico:  Hmm... Wow. I think Frank has a grudge to settle. Won't happen here, though. Brad.

Thom Mckee vs. Ken Jennings

Chico:  Thom in the upset.
Gordon: Finals

Brad Rutter vs. Thom McKee

Chico:  ... Thom in the upset. I completely screwed my bracket..
Jason:  lol
Chico:  You guys know it, but you won't say anything, and I don't blame you one bit. Guess I'm going to have to find out when everyone else does.
Gordon: We'll see what happens.
Jason:  August 4 on GSN. And I am saying nothing. I don't want fans being spoiled. I am reading Harry Potter 7.
Chico:  Meanwhile, we're going to go ahead and pull out something we all can enjoy... after the break.

(Brought to you by Satellite Five News. Our reporters are dead! ... Don't worry, it's season 1, so you're not being spoiled)



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