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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 23, 2007

Jason:  huh?
Gordon: That would be the UK show, wouldn't it?
Chico:  Yep.
Gordon: We have a lot of Uk Flavor today. Let have some American Pyramid know-how on the next game, please.
Chico:  Alrighty. It's List Abuse. you know to play this.
Jason:  Yes.
Chico:  I list things. You tell me what they have in common. First one...

I'm a liar, I'm a liar
I'm stupid and contagious.
And I can't be without you.

Jason:  BUZZ
Chico:  Jason, before you answer...It is not "Things I told She Who Shall Not Be Named".
Jason:  uh oh
Chico:  Just want to say that :)
Jason:  Lyrics heard on singing shows this week?
Chico:  You're close...Gordon?
Gordon: Lyrics heard on Dont Forget the Lyrics this week.
Chico:  Jason was actually closer. According to this week's players on the Singing Bee, these lines follow ... this.

"With the lights out, it's less dangerous / Here we are now, entertain us."

Gordon: Oh. Duh.
Chico:  The song, of course, Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."
Jason:  LOL
Gordon: Yeah. And I saw that, too. Grumble
Jason:  Singing Bee would be a great game for GSC7
Chico:  Oh yeah.
Gordon: Sure would
Chico:  The correct lyric, BTW, is "Acting stupid and contagious."
Gordon: Next One...

Because I tried to give someone a buzz cut
Because I brought in a pattern book

Jason:  BUZZ
Gordon: Jason
Jason:  Excuses for cheating on reality shows?
Gordon: close  but not quite. Contining...

Because I had sexual warts and threw furniture around
Because I lied about my military background

Chico:  (PICK ME!)
Gordon: Chico
Chico:  "Cheaters not involving Joey Greco"
Gordon: No Jason?
Jason:  Reasons why contestants were kicked off reality shows
Gordon: There you go.
Chico:  Cheating was just a side-story.
Jason:  The Military Background was JAG (The Next Food Network Star)
Gordon: Buzz cut was Top Chef 2
Chico:  Pattern book was Project Runway.
Gordon: Sexual Warts was Big Brother. The last one would have been 'because I held a knife under the throat of a fellow contestant'.
Jason:  Another Big Brother yutz.
Gordon: Yep. Next one?
Chico:  Next up...

Celebrity Apprentice...
American Gladiators...

Gordon: DING!
Chico:  Gordon?
Gordon: Shows coming to your television set near you, courtesy of NBC.
Chico:  Bingo.
Jason:  Ben Silverman, the man who will throw anything at your TV and see if it sticks.
Chico:  Ben Silverman has made quite some noise this week.
Gordon: If you're in 4th place, that's what you do.
Jason:  That's why Singing Bee got the renewal this week.
Chico:  Let's see what else he has... "Phenomenon" with Criss Angel and Uri Geller...Singing Bee, of course. Deal moving to Friday...
Jason:  That could be fun.
Chico:  1 vs. 100 moving to midseason. Biggest Loser coming September 11. A side note about one of the items on the list.. If you're a child of the late 80s/early 90s, your weekend revolved around two things... WWF.. and American Gladiators.
Gordon: Very true
Chico:  Let the good times roll.
Jason:  Oh yeah.
Chico:  Next?
Gordon: Will we get Saturday Night Main Event back?
Chico:  ... Probably not.
Jason:  We already one noticed.
Gordon: Next one...

A 100,000 finalist
A 500,000 winner
Someone who gave away 1 million dollars - 6 times
Host of 'The Family'

Jason:  BUZZ
Gordon: Jason
Jason:  Candidates to host the Price is Right
Gordon: Very good.
Jason:  Who is the $100,000 finalist?
Gordon: This applies to Rosie' O Donnell, who lost in the $100,000 Star Search finals to John Kassir
Jason:  Oh yeah
Chico:  Ah.
Gordon: Now THAT'S going back to the 80's.
Jason:  I thought I was going with the $500,000 winner.
Chico:  And the $500,000 winner? Drew Carey?
Gordon: Drew Carey on Millionaire. Won $500,000 for the Cleveland Library
Jason:  The Millionaire  giver...Mr. Newton?
Gordon: Ryan Seacrest. Each American Idol contract is worth ...1 million dollars.
Jason:  Damn. That's right. I keep forgetting that.
Chico:  Yep. The losers' options... also very lucrative. Just ask Chris Daughtry.
Gordon: And of course the host of The Family is George Hamilton.
Chico:  I've got a long list next... Pay close attention.
Gordon: ok

Deanna Johnston...
Steve Altes...
Storm Large...
Teen Tournaments...
the cast of Grand Slam...
Mike Dutz...
at least two DoND models...

Gordon: (DING)
Chico:  Gordon?
Gordon: Media hoes who have been on more than 1 shows
Chico:  ... I'll let you have it. It was "Proof that game shows have gone green... by recycling."
Jason:  LOL
Gordon: Ah
Chico:  Second teen tournament this week...
Jason:  2nd Superhero
Chico:  Deanna Johnston and Storm Large, both on Rockstar... now part of the band on "The Singing Bee". Mike Dutz... was on Gay Straight or Taken before Big Brother...Grand Slam's players, we went over that...and our pal Steve was on Camouflage this week.
Gordon: We all heart Steve Altes
Jason:  From Extreme Dodgeball I believe.
Chico:  and On the Cover. Won both. Camouflage was a hat trick for Mr. Altes. Last one?
Gordon: Last one...

An 8 hour marathon of Set For Life
An 8 hour marathon of The Bachelor

Chico:  (PICK ME!)
Gordon: Chico?
Chico:  Things you're going to make me watch as a character-building exercise.
Gordon: I'll give it to you
Chico:  What was it?
Gordon: Things that would make Chico Alexander's hair fall out.
Chico:  WHAT hair? :)
Jason:  I was going to say: either a) Things used to make criminals confess or b) things we should show ABC on not what to put on!
Gordon: We had the best of JD Roberto and the Mike Fleiss Marathon still to go.
Jason:  Oh boy.
Chico:  That list could've really been anything... except pleasurable. Okay, that's enough abuse this week. Coming up next..."It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!!"  Close, it's the Big Finish.

(Brought to you by Leonid's Lizards. Now that Leonid will no longer be on America's Got Talent, he's selling all of his props for sale. We have reptiles, a big metal square, an angel headdress, and 2 slave women, complete with collar. rrrowr.)

Chico:  How much for the slave women?
Jason:  He keeps asking me to sell it on eBay
Gordon: $1.98 each

(We here at WLTI do not condone people selling. That's just wrong.)

Chico:  Throw in the big metal square and you have a deal.
Gordon: Good frame to build a cage with.
Jason:  Oh boy.

(We here at WLTI also do not condone putting people in cages. That's just wrong.)

Gordon: Maybe After Dark pictures can use it for Captivity 2: Electric Boogaloo.

(We here at WLTI also do not condone anyone making a sequel to Captivity. That's just wrong.)

Jason:  Way wrong.
Chico:  What, the idea or that Captivity would actually have a sequel?
Gordon: We're going to get letters, aren't we?
Chico:  Yep. But first, the Big Finish! Big Brother, who lets the door hit their butt on the way out this week?
Gordon: Bye Kail. Ironically, Kail had the right idea in the game to not make enemies. Too bad she deviated.
Chico:  At least we'll have one smart person still in the house... so long as Eric continues to do my bidding...
Jason:  Our bidding.
Chico:  D'oh! Okay, Who Wants to Be a Superhero premieres this week. Who's watching?
Jason:  Maybe
Gordon: I'll be watching.
Chico:  Will Set for Life be on this week?
Jason:  Yes.
Gordon: Unfortunately. Will Playmania still be on by the end of this week?
Jason:  Yes.
Chico:  For now. Barring a computer glitch or collapse of the entire infrastructure that governs said things.
Gordon: Which could happen. But what will happen? Our mail. Starting with the rest of the letter started earlier.
Chico:  To recap, this is from Roland D. Smallwood. Thanks, Roland!

From: Roland D. Smallwood

Now, I know you guys are neither the ones who I should take my complaints to, nor suggestions to improve the show. It is nice, however, Iím not the only one aggravated about this trend. Rarely do I turn away from game shows,  but  Iíll have no problem reliving childhood memories of American Gladiators  if  this doesnít change. 

Gordon: You could be reliving those memories sooner rather than later,
Roland. Thanks for the email. Next one?
Chico:  Next is from our friend Bobby McBride.

Bobby McBride

Hey, I don't know about the rest of you, but the only reason why I think "The Singing Bee" is doing as well as it is doing now in the ratings is because it has a strong lead in called "America's Got Talent" I think the same problem is going to hit "The Singing Bee" when it airs in the fall like "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" when it began airing on its own without "American Idol" to help it.  IMHO, I think "The Singing Bee" should only be a summertime show, and should only air after "America's Got Talent" or whatever strong summer show NBC can cook up in the future. What do you think?

Chico:  Thanks, Bobby.
Jason:  I think the Singing Bee can hold it's on, Bobby. 5th grader does.
Chico:  Like you said about a network in fourth place, when you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose.
Gordon: I think so too, though I think that the pairing with The Biggest Loser will result in a ratings drop. It should still get decent numbers though until January, when Idol shows up.
Chico:  Actually, I think Bee may bee in for a fight when Dr. House returns. But that's just me. Seems like NBC is indeed trying everything.
Jason:  yes they are.
Gordon: Better to do that than Thats My Folks and Paradise Hotel
Chico:  Good point. And with that, we're off for another week. Jason... thanks again.
Jason:  Thank you.
Chico:  Remember you can either e-mail us at OR if you're on the Myspace, you can check us out at
Gordon: And thank all of you for reading this.
Chico:  Remember.. we do it all for you...until next week, for Gordon Pepper and everyone at Game Show Newsnet, I'm Chico Alexander... Game over... and what?
Chico:  On bagels. :)
Jason:  With cream cheese and lox.




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