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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 23, 2007

(C-Note: Over the course of the post-production of this episode, breaking news necessitated the need for this special FIFTH act of WLTI)

Chico: Today...WE HAVE A HOST!
Gordon: Whoo-hoo!
Jason B.: About time.
Gordon: It's...Rosie O'Donnell!!!!!
Jason B.: NO!
Travis: wait...i think i just verped a little
Chico: [X]
Jason B.: Todd Newton?
Chico: [X]
Joe: Pat Buchanan?
Chico: [X[
Jason B.: Mark Steines?
Chico: [X]
Gordon: Would you settle for Amber from Play2Win?
Chico: [X]
Travis: Dave Price?!?
Jason B.: Hell no
Chico: [X]
Gordon: Toccara! Has to be Toccara!
Chico: [X]
Joe: Leonid?
Chico: [X]
Jason B.: It's me.
Gordon: YES!
Chico: [X]
Travis: It's me...I knew it!
Chico: [X]
Gordon: Man-Kira!
Chico: [X]
Gordon: Hmmmm...
Chico: Ahem...
Joe: What about Bill Cullen...oh wait...
Chico: [X]
Travis: Bill Cullen incarnate maybe.
Chico: Well... it's a fat Bill Cullen.
Gordon: Before we get to who the host is, lets get to who the panel is. With Gordon and Chico tonight, we start off with Mr. Big Boss, Jason Elliott
Jason E.: Howdy
Gordon: Next up, the representative for Leonid-ville, Mr. Jason Block
Jason B.: Hello.
Chico: Next, a man who turned $7 into a Cadillac - Travis Schario.
Travis: Greetings to one and all!
Chico: And finally, a man who's turned a couple of stomachs with his witticisms, Joe Mello. :)
Joe: I've done PIR netgames before...
Chico: Who hasn't...
Travis: Me...
Gordon: We start with the biggest Real Life netgame of them all. The host of the Price is Right is...(opens envelope)...


Gordon: ...You tell 'em, Chico.
Chico: ...
Travis: Actual Retail Host:
Chico: DREW CAREY, come on down! You're the next host of the Price is Right!
Jason B.: The news confirmed today at the taping of The David Letterman Show.
Jason E.: Synergy at its best
Chico: Eight minutes later.. it was everywhere. Initial thoughts, gents?
Jason E.: I think the 'fatter Bill Cullen' comment might've nailed it.
Jason B.: But I think that Drew is going to save CBS's bacon.
Travis: With Drew's comments in Daily Variety about "Price" being a piece of American culture and wanting to treat it as such, I'm behind him.
Jason B.: He was the ONLY one who said that.
Travis: True enough.
Joe: I'm cautiously optimistic
Jason E.: Without a doubt. After all the people we heard that were in the driver's seat...we definitely know we could've been really really unhappy today.
Gordon: He seems to be the only person who is going to treat it like an institution instead of a stepping stone.
Chico: I just think it's amazing that he literally came from nowhere, you
Jason B.: I dont think it was that much of nowhere.
Chico: It's like "Hey, he hosted this show on CBS you have to see..." and they're all like... "Guys, you don't suppose for a moment, do you?" Amazing how things work out, isn't it?
Jason E.: *wonders if the Grand Game will be renamed Power of 10*
Jason B.: lol
Joe: Remember, we were at one point where just about anyone with any resume was being considered.
Jason B.: But no one fit all the criteria. He does.
Travis: Good on ya, Drew!
Gordon: I think the reason why we had the pause was because the execs had a list of people and they weren't thrilled with any of them - or - they were really negotiating with Seacrest. Once they couldn't get a deal with Ryan, and once Drew stepped in, then it was a quick and easy decision.
Joe: Let's be clear. No one fit all the criteria, because no one else was Bob Barker, but you could say Carey fit the best.
Gordon: TPIR is only going to be properly served with a heavy hitter. Why go with David Eckstein when you can go after Albert Pujols or A-Rod?
Travis: Or, in honor of our new Clevelander host, Travis Hafner.
Joe: Because maybe you don't want to deal with the ego
Jason B.: Drew Carey did everything right. No ego, no changes....
Chico: Yeah, I'm going to have to go with the baggage issue there. You think that was an aspect of this grand host search?
Joe: Maybe
Jason B.: Yes...everyone had a bit of negativity going for them.
Gordon: I think so. The games and the contestants are the stars of the show.
Jason E.: And some had more than a bit of negativity.
Gordon: The host is only a conduit and I think only Drew realized that.
Joe: That's the irony of this entire search
Jason B.: What is?
Chico: That the host is only there to move the action along.. yet no one person could do it the right way.
Joe: We're looking for someone so important to fill a role that in theory is cursory. The only reason the host of a game show gets the pub that (s)he gets is because that person is the only familiar face. Contestants come and go, but the host is always there for the audience to latch on to.
Chico: That and deep inside, we all recognize that a show like this is more than a show. It's an institution.
Gordon: Drew seems to be the person who can move the show without stopping for the sake of commenting on everything. Hes also a college kid magnet and can relate to the everyman.
Travis: Exactly....quite unlike many other candidates
Joe: George Hamilton could relate to the other demographic, and aside from that, who else came close?
Jason B.: No one.
Chico: Couldn't think of anyone.
Gordon: No one with a name. with the chops, or with no ego.
Chico: The other two would only bring niche fanbases.
Joe: But then again, who could Bob Barker relate to in 1972?
Chico: Fans of Truth or Consequences.
Jason B.: He did have a fanbase.
Gordon: Not to mention his military record
Travis: True enough
Jason B.: Carey is an Ex-Marine
Joe: Really?
Gordon: Yeppers
Chico: Oh baby
Travis: I never knew that.
Chico: Devil Dogs out in full force.
Jason B.: He is was the US Marine Reserves for 6 years from 1981-1987.
Joe: I wonder if that should come into play more, all things considered
Gordon: Im sure it will, as we get closer to the date
Chico: In the long run, maybe... Especially given all of the military presence on the show.
Travis: True enough
Jason B.: So.. do you think the fans will approve?
Joe: yes and no
Gordon: I think purists may not be happy. I think the general public will be happy.
Jason E.: You're going to have the "no one will ever replace Bob" group... and then the vast majority of everyone else
Chico: Of course. I don't think CBS was looking for someone to replace Bob per se. After all, who can?
Jason B.: No one.
Gordon: There will be a group that won't be happy unless they can give Bob the fountain of youth serum
Jason E.: I think he'll bring people in -- Gordon's comment of 'college draw' is on the money
Jason B.: Whose Line is a 90's classic.
Joe: But at what cost of the other demo?
Jason B.: Remember we did it on the line and people liked it.
Chico: But if someone can carry the show... And they are known? Let's do it!
Jason E.: Some, but not enough, if the game doesn't change.
Jason B.: The game won't change.
Chico: I don't believe it will
Don: I certainly hope it doesn't.
Chico: I think Drew realizes that this was Bob's baby, and he's just caring for it for a while...
Gordon: Drew wont change the show. You know Roger Dobkowitz, Rich Fields, etc. won't change it.
Jason E.: Then the guy standing there, as long as he has a personality (Drew does), isn't going to hurt enough to matter.
Gordon: And Drew is a very underrated host.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Gordon: has anyone seen the Power of 10 Pilot yet?
Jason B.: I have not.
Don: Not yet.
Chico: Nope.
Joe: No
Jason E.: Nyet.
Gordon: He's very good on it.
Chico: If I can add...Before corporate came and asked for some changes (read: the first 2 seasons of Whose Line)... He was spot on.
Jason B.: What do you mean by that?
Chico: More "special guests" to help boost the ratings. This was before it ended up going up against Survivor.
Jason B.: oh that.
Chico: It was two years on Thursdays... And then Survivor came and got all up in it... So ABC had to remain competitive.
Jason B.: Noted.
Chico: So there's your jump-the-shark moment. But still.. Drew was spot-on. HE knew what to do, and he did it without really overdoing it.
Jason B.: Right.
Gordon: And it still lasted many seasons on ABC Family
Jason B.: It's still on there I believe.
Jason E.: Tonight, in fact
Jason B.: And on DVD.
Joe: It's saying something
Chico: Yep.
Don: Indeed.
Chico: Another question.. What does this mean for Power of 10 should it hit on CBS?
Joe: A good kind of dilemma
Jason B.: He can do it on the summer TPIR Hiatus.
Jason E.: It means Drew will be a busy man.
Gordon: It means Drew will be doing double time, just like Howie will be this season
Joe: CBS would love having to worry about two hit shows on their network. Anyone would love having to worry about two hit shows on their network.
Jason E.: Which would be two more than NBC has. (I kid, I kid)
Joe: NBC has 1, and it involves eclipses
Jason B.: So...will there be a passing of the mic?
Joe: I doubt it.
Jason E.: At this point, no.
Jason B.: I think Bob had to give final approval to this.
Chico: I want to say that there should be.
Gordon: Bob had to have given some sort of say on this, so I would think so.
Jason E.: Should be, yes. But at this point, after a grand sendoff, why
bring him back just to have him hand the mic over?
Don: I wouldn't mind seeing it, but I'd understand if there wasn't.
Jason B.: Because, the people need to SEE that he approves.
Jason E.: If they'd made this decision two months ago, I'd feel differently.
Jason B.: Just for one minute....
Gordon: I agree with both Jasons. I think that if its important enough that they have interrupted news programs to make this announcement, then there is a whole bunch of people who would weant to see a transition.
Chico: Wait, they interrupted programming for this?
Joe: What about putting Bob in the VIP section or have him do a walk-on during a Showcase?
Jason E.: It ran as "breaking news" on the CBS station here (but it was after they had Letterman video available to run with it).
Jason B.: And I got a mobile CBS news alert.
Gordon: We've had Barker's Beauties. What will Drew call his ladies?
Chico: Barker's Beauties...Out of respect. That and "he can't have any beauties"...Purely guessing.
Joe: How about just "the models"?
Jason B.: And we will have the long mic.
Chico: Of course. You gotta have the long mic.
Joe: There's no real reason to change.
Gordon: When will they name a pricing game after Drew?
Jason B.: Season 37.
Joe: If the show stays on for more than 2 years, we'll talk then.
Jason E.: Whose Price is it Anyway?
Chico: Yeah, let's take this one step at a time here. He got the gig. He deserved to get the gig. Let's see what he does with the gig.
Jason B.: Exactly.
Jason E.: He's definitely going to get more scrutinized on Power of 10 because of getting the Price gig. But that's not necessarily a bad thing either.
Jason B.: How's you think he got the gig to help Power of 10?
Gordon: If he gets the ratings on Power of 10, then that can only help Price's ratings.
Joe: I think Power of 10 helped him get Price.
Gordon: I agree with Joe.
Jason E.: Agree with Joe.
Chico: Heh. Congrats... Now you have a reputation.
Joe: woot
Jason B.: Yup.
Gordon: It also means that CBS has faith in the Power of 10, which is a Michael Davies joint. And no one has been hotter this summer than Michael Davies.
Joe: Agreed
Chico: Yep.
Jason B.: WSOPC was hot.
Gordon: Millionaire gets the best ratings this season. World Series of Pop Culture 2 - hit. Grand Slam looks scorching hot.
Chico: Even though GSN is burying it on a Saturday.
Joe: And Chain Reaction is still existent.
Gordon: Chain Reaction will get a season 3
Chico: Simply because it's cheap and easy. And GSN needs some cheap and easy.
Jason B.: Any advice for Mr. Carey?
Joe: Advice for Carey: Don't do impersonations of a 2-by-4
Gordon: Just be yourself. Don't try to imitate Bob. We don't want the next Bob
Barker. We want the first Drew Carey.
Chico: Remember why you were chosen. You were chosen, because you believed in the product.
Jason B.: Amen. We believe in you. We WANT to believe in you.
Chico: Roger and Rich know best.. Listen to'em.
Don: Yep. They've been around long enough.
Jason B.: And you know what...WE know you are going to be under a lot of pressure. Breathe.
Gordon: I think Drew is very knowledged in Price is Right lore. I think he will be fine.
Joe: At least knowledged enough.
Jason B.: And he is going to go into TPIR Crash course mode now.
Chico: 77 games...
Joe: I'm thinking the Game rotation will be reduced at least for the 1st half
Chico: That's hard enough for even the most die-hard fan.
Jason B.: We think you are going to do well. Just relax and let it flow naturally.
Gordon: We are psychically sending you out as much game show love as possible.
Don: Nice.
Joe: Good
Chico: Barker's not familiar with Carey's past gig, but he does say this...
Jason B.: Can we get a quote?
Chico: "I understand he ad-libs very well and that he has a very nice, friendly way of working, and I think both of those would be helpful to him on 'The Price is Right'"
Jason B.: Translation: I approve.
Chico: His advice to Drew: "Go out there and do that show the way you think it should be done. Don't imitate me and don't imitate anyone else.'
Jason E.: Asked if he found the prospect of replacing such a TV legend daunting, Carey recalled talking to a friend who knows the game show business who told him, "as long as Bob Barker is cool with it, the fans will be cool with it."
Gordon: I think we've got all we're getting here. Last statement from everyone?
Jason B.: Good luck Drew. I think you will do well. Just relax.
Jason E.: CBS, you have two weeks to make good TPIR promos to run during Power of 10. :)
Chico: I'll repeat what Bob Barker said: "Don't imitate me or anyone else"... All the best of luck!
Joe: Don't be afraid to support animal rights. You'll make new friends, like us
Don: I can't wait to see how he does on the season premiere in the fall.
Travis: It's gonna be interesting to watch Craig Ferguson this week.
Joe: Like tomorrow?
Travis: Like tonight.
Gordon: Just be yourself, Drew and take with you what brought you to the dance
Travis: I'm sure Craig heard about it right before he came out to do monologue
Don: And I hope Drew does well enough to be able to last for years.
Chico: Oh, and don't kick Craig Ferguson's ass around.
Joe: I hope the show does well enough to be able to last for years. Drew will be fine.
Gordon: With that, that ends the special demo. Thanks to all of you for showing up this evening
Jason B.: Thank you.
Joe: no problem
Chico: Pleasure...
Gordon: For everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, saying....what?
Joe: And Help control the pet population


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