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Episode 32.8 - No Love, All Fools
April 1

Jason: LOL
Chico: Isn't that a real move, Bikini Zombie Chasers?
Gordon: I think the Zombie Strippers co-star
Chico: Okay. Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being a part of our week and allowing us to be a part of yours. Next up, time to make some news. Now we're not just making news, we're also spinning it silly with Good News, Bad News.
Jason: Cool :)
Chico: The deal is we give you the bad news, and you spin it into a positive. For example...

The BAD News: Naomi Campbell produces "The Face", but ends up losing the competition to Karolina Kurkova?

Jason: The Good News: Naomi Campbell is free to treat OTHER people like dirt
Gordon: The Good News: There's now lots of Cell Phones on set that Naomi can use in her personal life.
Chico: The good news... now we know who to call if we need a modeling career. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

The BAD News: No more Dorothy Hamill on Dancing With the Stars, and more DL Hughley

Chico: The good news: Dorothy's keeping health first.
Jason: The Good News: Dorothy Hamill wont be paralyzed.
Gordon: The good News: Next week's pick on who will be eliminated will be real easy.
Chico: Real easy. Next one...

The BAD News: Ndamukong Suh has splashed his last on Splash.

Jason: The good news...no other men will have their groin stepped on
Chico: OW
Jason: It's true
Chico: My pride
Gordon: The Good News: Now he won't worry about winning more Splash Championships than Super Bowl titles.
Chico: The good news... it will make watching Katherine Webb that much less awkward. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

The BAD News: Bachelor Pad gets cancelled

Chico: The good news... Bachelor Pad gets cancelled!
Gordon: The Good News: The Pad can now be rented out to the next set of American Idol contestants as their stay in home.
Chico: Make sure you clean it thorougly
Jason: The Good News: We can finally scotch gard that house...WOW ;)
Gordon: If I'm a germ squad, I need protection. Next one?
Chico: Next one...

The BAD News... "Unbeatable Banzuke" gets a demotion from G4 reruns to Myx TV (which is not on every system).

Jason: The Good News...is there any? :(
Chico: The Good news: More residuals for Rome Kanda.
Jason: That will work
Gordon: The Good News: GSN can do a Stone Family Special with them playing. Who wants to see the patriarch on a pogo stick?
Jason: I do!
Chico: ... On? A pogo stick?
Gordon: Could be fun. Last one...

The BAD News: UNC is out, and Duke may make the Final Four. This is, of course, bad news for Chico, and good news for Gordon.

Jason: The Good News....Florida is about to be out.
Chico: The good news... Duke is up against Louisville.
Gordon: The Good News...(counts money)...yeah, baby.
Chico: Gordon. Gets. Money. Holla.
Gordon: That ends the good news. More news - Season's Greetings is up next - after this.
Chico: Here comes Peter Cottontail... Hasenpfeffer!

(Brought to you by Double Hare. Two Easter bunnies go at it in isolation baskets for a chance at winning thousands of hollow chocolates IF they can get past our panel of lamb spoilers. It's Egg-ceptional fun! Happy Easter, Everyone!)

Jason: LOL
Gordon: Welcome back to the show. While we are setting up our GPS looking for rabbit holes, I have a bunch of greeting cards that need writing.
Chico: I can help you with that
Jason: (gets out my Waterman) Thats a fountain pen.
Gordon: We start with this...

An engagement card for Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo

Jason: Dear Ace and Diana: May you have many years of happiness together....away from the camera. Don't make this wedding a reality show. Live life, and love each other. Love, Jason.
Chico: Ace & Diana. May you have many years of cranking out a family band of good-looking chipper supersingers.
Gordon: Dear Ace and Diana: We hope your romance is a Broadway Smash (and hopefully lasting longer than how long NBC's show is going to wind up lasting). Love, GSNN.
Chico: Nextone...

Apolo Ohno is shooting his first episodes of Minute to Win It. Wish him luck.

Jason: Dear Apolo: May your competitive spirit do you well...but remember it's not about you. It's about the contestants. Love, Jason
Chico: It ain't the fast track, but it's going to be fast. Lots of luck!
Gordon: Dear Apollo: May the stars on your new show shine like the Sun and not like Uranus. Love, GSNN.
Chico: Classic G-Money. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Send a We Miss You letter to either Ceelo or Christina Aguilera.

Jason: Dear Christina: Shakira's hips don't lie...but your boobs are dearly missed! Along with your great judging! Come back soon! Jason
Chico: .... We miss your kitty... and your parrot... and your funky head dressings.. Love, Chico.
Gordon: Dear Ceelo - Just wanted to know that we would never Forget You. Neither will your attorneys. Hope to see you soon, GSNN.
Chico: Brava. Next...

A birthday card for Pyramid.

Jason: Dear Pyramid: You look great for 40. You aged well. Don't let the bad celebrities fool you...you still are awesome...GSNN!
Chico: Coca Cola... the Parthenon... a 45-rpm...a '57 Chevy..."Things that are classic!" Happy 40th from the boys. :-)
Gordon: Dear Pyramid:The candles...the icing...the dough...Things on a Birthday Cake? Yes! Happy 40th! From GSNN
Chico: Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Send a congratulations card to David Luea and his $50,000 engagement, care of Let's Ask America.

Jason: Dear David....great playing on the show...now can I have your video game collection? Much success on your new life together! Love, GSNN
Chico: Dear David... You and your lady never even had to leave the house. May you never have to leave again. Love, GSNN
Gordon: Dear David: You have now had more success than you would have if you went on The Bachelor. Congratulations! Love, GSNN
Jason: LOL
Chico: HA! Cute.
Gordon: Last one?
Chico: Last and final one...

To our fans for voting us Readers Choice three years running.

Chico: I'm going to quote Boyz II Men here. "Even though when times got rough, you never turned away, you were right there... and we thank you."
Jason: Dear Fans: Thank you for reading us, liking us and voting for us. It inspires us to be better. Love, GSNN
Gordon: Dear Fans: We thank you all. And to reward you, we really will send Jason Block to Canada. One way. Love, GSNN
Jason: HEY NOW!
Jason: ...Sheesh.
Chico: Okay, we gotta break before Jason breaks Gordon's arms.
Jason: I'll actually go if I get to cover TPIR Live.
Chico: ... Okay, that'll work. :-)
Gordon: Say hi to Ryan Vickers up there for me.

(Brought to you by Pacdude Games. Now Cory Anotado has never won anything in his 30 year life. Aww....not. BWA HA HA HA HA! But seriously, we love Pacdude Games, so help them out when we show up for their 24 Hour Game Show Marathon in May)

Chico: Right on.
Jason: We will be there.
Chico: All to benefit the American Cancer Society and the Kennedy Krieger Institute. For more information, go to facebook.com/24HourGSM. Follow them on twitter @24hourGSM.
Gordon: A worthy charity. And it's time for some Speed Round...now! Idol: Do we lose another male?
Chico: Yes.
Jason: Yes
Chico: And his name is Lazaro.
Gordon: No. Devin's vote goes to Lazaro and Amber is in trouble. Survivor: Which fan gets busted next?
Jason: I think it's going to a favorite being blindsided
Chico: I think it's going to be Brenda getting blindsided.
Gordon: If its a favorite, it's going to be Corinne.
Chico: The Race... we haven't talked much. Who's getting busted next?
Jason: The rednecks
Chico: Mona & Beth are going to get jammed... because they're roller derby girl
Gordon: I'll go with the moms. DWTS: Bye bye DL?
Jason: Yeah baby
Gordon: Buh bye. Any email?
Chico: Email, no. But if they want to send us some, they can throw us a line at wlti@gameshownewsnet.com OR find us on Facebook OR... follow us on Twitter OR.... download us via iTunes or Stitcher Radio. We're everywhere if you can find us.
Gordon: And that wraps up this show. Special thanks to Jason Block for joining us.
Jason: Glad to be here
Chico: Next week... the last time a model hosted anything we got David Sparks. What will happen when the Price Models take over 33? This... is gonna be one for the game show collection.
Jason: Yup
Chico: For everyone at GSNN, I'm Gordon Pepper...
Gordon: I'm Chico Alexander.
Chico: The show is WLTI. Game over... and spread the love. :-)