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Episode 32.8 - The Alex Trebek Sweepstakes, Part 2
March 25

Gordon: Oh by the way, I'm winning the GSNN Good Vs. Evil Bracket challenge. Again.
Chico: ... *shreds one more bracket*
Gordon: (Waves Duke Flag)
Chico: .... *dumps contents onto Gordon's head*
Gordon: HEY!
Chico: Damn you, Gonzaga.
Gordon: (Spits paper out of mouth). Not nice.
Chico: Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being a part of our week and allowing us to be a part of yours. Now you're probably wondering why I'm flipping this coin here.
Jason: You are Two Face?
Chico: Well... yeah. But aside from that.
Jason: Tell us
Chico: Well, we're going to play a game of heads or tails.
Jason: Sounds good
Gordon: We want to give you some ideas that some people have. You tell me if they are thinking with their head...or tails. I'll start...

This is from Paul Jolley, when he says the women have a huge edge because they are being hyped up from the judges.

Chico: Tails. You know why they have an edge? Because a) they're genuinely better, and 2) people like PAUL JOLLEY.
Jason: Heads actually. Because the judges are favoring the women.
Gordon: I agree with Jason on this one. I think the judges are favoring the women and I think they are told hell or high water to make sure a woman wins - just like the America's Got Talent judges were told to make sure a non-singer wins.
Jason: Gordon is SPOT ON. This has been clear since the audition rounds.
Chico: Fair enough, but I honestly think that the die was cast during auditions.
Gordon: Of course it was, but he's not wrong either. Oh by the way, how are Olate and his boring dogs doing?
Chico: Who?
Gordon: Exactly. Same thing will happen here. Next one?
Chico: Next one...

The Sing Off returns for the holidays 2013.

Gordon: I think it's a good idea. Heads. At least they realized that though they won't get the huge numbers, the constant sellouts from Pentatonix shows that there is a niche audience for this that will help fund the show.
Jason: Yes. HEADS. Right show...right time.
Chico: HEADS. A show where it belongs. An audience that will watch.
Gordon: I'll take that over Take it All
Jason: ANything over THAT
Gordon: Next one...

Let's Ask America, which got renewed, will challenge the Top 4 Syndicated Game shows, in 3 years.

Jason: Wheel, J, FF and?
Chico: Well, one of them... Millionaire. So HEADS on that, TAILS on everything else.
Jason: Chico is right. Millionaire will move into 5th...if it lasts that long.
Gordon: I'm going to say Tails. It's a nice show, but it needs the long-term distribution if it's going to play on that same sort of playing field.
Jason: Agreed.
Chico: Next one...

Simon Cowell will find the next big popstar online, saying "[YouTube] has literally changed the music business for the good."

Jason: Heads. For all the crap people we have seen on Youtube, we have Arnel Pineda (of Journey), Susan Boyle, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen....etc.
Gordon: No no no no no. Tails. Cowell hasn't been able to market anyone since Carrie Underwood. He'll find the next passing fad that will give him lots of money. 'Superrstar'? No. When's the last time you heard Susan Boyle on the Radio?
Jason: Doesn't matter, she sells millions
Chico: I'm going to agree with Gordon. It isn't going to work if Simon doesn't exaggerate a bit on that. Make no mistake, TV is still his bread & butter
Jason: You guys are wrong.
Gordon: I think the singing genre is starting to wind down.
Jason: That I agree with.
Gordon: I think Star on the internet, I think William Hung. Or Psy. And yes, he's a Star. They made millions and good for them. Superstar? No.
Chico: We'll see when the Voice launches on Monday
Gordon: Next one...

With all of the Love shows sprouting up in the Summer, we are GuARANTEED to find a relationship. Especially the one that has 3 matchmakers getting involved.

Chico: How about no. Is NO good for you?
Gordon: Tails. Only because Chico isn't on the show. Because he's looking for Love. I have love for him in NYC but he doesn't like my choices.
Chico: This is true.
Gordon: Whats wrong with Delilah Brooks? Or Coco Montrese?
Chico: (Sighs) Let's just say Gordon is not going to be my matchmaker any time soon. Still my wingman, though.
Gordon: Last one?
Chico: Last one..

Draw Something 2.

Gordon: Tails. It''s just not TV conducive
Jason: Agreed. I Thinks 4 pics one word is more TV Conducive
Chico: I agree with Jason. TAILS.
Gordon: So that's our Head or Tails this week. More multiple choice questions after this!

(Brought to you by Crash. Celebrities jump off the high dive into a pool of water.... except we forgot to pay the water bill so....)

Jason: OUCH!
Chico: Painful. Pain. Full.
Gordon: I'd watch.
Chico: You would. But would you watch Jeopardy! if someone other than Alex Trebek was hosting?
Gordon: I would, but for most people, it depends on WHO was hosting. Hence we have This, That or the Other.
Chico: This being Alex Trebek himself, that being Art Fleming, and the other being Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek.
Gordon: Suck it, Trebek
Chico: $TEXAS
Jason: lol
Chico: These names come from various sources... but mostly from an AfterElton article. :-)
Gordon: Let's do it.
Chico: First of all, let's start with the A-line.

Matt Lauer.

Gordon: That. Not a top choice, but he's capable.
Jason: The other. Not on my list.
Chico: The OTHER. Lacks self-deprecating charisma. Next....

Anderson Cooper.

Chico: THIS. I could see AC hosting something like this.
Jason: That. The only one of the list so far that I like.
Gordon: That. He's good, but flat. I want someone with a little more emotional timbre.
Chico: How about...

Brian Williams?

Jason: THE OTHER. Robot and no charisma
Chico: Indeed. OTHer.
Gordon: I'd take his brother over him. That.
Chico: And finally on the A-line...

Dan Patrick.

Chico: Welcome to the Big Show. THAT.
Gordon: I think he'd be a nice fit. THIS
Chico: Dan and the Danettes on the big board.
Jason: Seriously...THE OTHER. Too snarktastic
Chico: That was the A-line. Thanks leaks. Next up, the logical choices. First....

Jeff Probst

Chico: THIS. I've always said... The once and future host.
Gordon: You've seen him host a different version of the show. He would work. This. Next one...

Meredith Vieira

Jason: THE OTHER. Not for this show. She is burned out from the last one and wants to do news.
Chico: Good choice, but has a tendency to zone out after a couple of years. THAT.
Gordon: True, but I think a recharged Meredith would be a nice fit. That being said...That.
Chico: She'd have to split a bottle with Alex. :-) Next...

Neil Patrick Harris

Chico: We know How I Met Your Mother will end this time next year, and that will free him up.
Jason: THAT...but by a hair. I want to see what he can do.
Gordon: THIS. He's ready for a slot.
Chico: He's ready for a slot, but THIS slot? Not yet. THAT.
Gordon: Next one...

Todd Newton

Chico: THAT. Good guy. Great friend of ours. Not his gig.
Jason: We heart todd..but not the right fit. THAT.
Gordon: I disagree. If you've seen him on Hollywood Showdown, he's more of a trivia guy. I think this would work. THIS.
Chico: So we've gone through good chance... logical chance... how about "fat chance". Next...

Ben Bailey.

Gordon: That. He has the chops, but I'm not sure about the snarkyness.
Jason: Agreed. THAT. Good choice...not the right one.
Chico: Agreed. And he's tall. Plus when he's not driving around in NYC he's a bit wooden.
Gordon: Next one...

Pat Kiernan

Chico: See Bailey, Ben. He's a natural questioner, but he's got no emotional depth.
Jason: Speaking of wooden...THAT
Chico: Just a collection of awkward faces. THAT.
Gordon: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzotherzzzzz
Chico: Next...

ANYONE from the Clue Crew.

Gordon: The Other. Too green.
Chico: Indeed.
Jason: Yup...THE OTHER.
Gordon: Next...

Dave Price

Chico: Ummm... NO. THE OTHER
Gordon: The Other. Sorry, Dave. Last one from Chico
Chico: Last one... and here's a shocker...

Pat Sajak.

Jason: THAT. He can do it, but would he leave?
Gordon: That. He could, and do a good job, but he's not stupid
Chico: That. For reasons mentioned above. Finally, Gordon?
Gordon: Finally...

Roy Williams. He needs something to do.

Chico: ... I'LL KILL YOU!
Jason: EASY!
Gordon: Tranquillo, Papi
Chico: Sorry... I thought that was a thinly veiled dig at my alma mater.
Gordon: Oh it is :)
Jason: Duh
Chico: That's what I thought. I'LL KILL YOU!
Jason: BREAK!
Chico: ... Good idea. Speed Round after this...

(Brought to you by Perfect Score... One of these men can bowl a 300. Find him and you could be on a million dollar date.... with chicken fingers and onion rings)

Jason: And beer

(And yes, Beer)

Chico: Hell yeah.
Jason: And all that good stuff.
Chico: You want more good stuff?
Jason: I do
Chico: How about a good Speed Round stuff? And it starts.... right now. Survivor. Whos' next? I'm going to go with Eddie
Jason: Raynold
Gordon: I think we get another fan out the door. The Favorites have been dominating this season. Eddie it is. The Voice - Any Returning Media Hoes?
Chico: I'm going to guess that at least one repeat offender.
Gordon: I bet we see a bunch.
Chico: Idol. Who takes the eight spot?
Gordon: Hey Devin! You're turn to go.
Chico: Hi! Bye!
Gordon: Splash / Apprentice / DWTS / RuPaul's Drag Race. pick one you care about and tell me who leaves next.
Chico: ... Dancing. DL Hughley.
Gordon: In honor of the Equality Hearings this week, I'll go with the Drag Race and Roxxy. Any emails?
Chico: Nope, you?
Gordon: None. But if you want to give us an Easter surprise, where does it go?
Chico: It goes to WLTI@gameshownewsnet.com... or you can check us out on Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, and Stitcher Radio. @wltiongsnn. We put good stuff up that we can't even think about right now.
Gordon: True. And that ends the show. Special thanks to Jason Block for joining us this episode.
Chico: Next week, we pay a visit to Usher and Shakira. I call dibs on Shakira. She just had a baby, you know.
Gordon: She did. Her hips don't lie.
Chico: And neither will the rest of her on this season of "The Voice".
Gordon: Nope. That looks to be fun. So does the rest of the week.
Chico: Until then, for everyone at GSNN, he's Gordon Pepper. I'm Chico Alexander. the show is WLTI. Our time is up, we thank you for yours. Game over and spread the love. :-)