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Today is

Human Ox-Pull - July 24
Previously on Fresh Meat...After dominating throughout the challenge, a heath scare threatened Evan's ability to compete. In the "Swimming with Sharks" challenge, the perils of the deep proved to be more than many teams could handle. Ultimately, Linette and Shane swam away with their second challenge victory in a row and selected Eric and Katie to go into Exile. Later, Tina was shocked when Kenny jumped on the bandwagon and voted himself into Exile. Who will be sent home by the ruthless Exile this time? Let's find out...
We kick off this episode with the participants hanging out at the Cheeky Monkey's where we see Evan having and some other people removing one article of clothing. Then they must get a condom, blow it up, and tie it up. The first person to blow it up and pop it wins and that person was Evan who pulled off the victory outside the challenge.
Back at home base, Wes devises a strategy to keep Katie in this game by telling them it's a short race and they have to run as fast as they can. And that could be a benefit to them in the long run according to Wes who says by not voting him and Casey into Exile.
Then Tina says its (expletive deleted) that Wes tells Katie and Eric all about the Exile and she's pissed off. She tells Kenny Wes and Casey they know what's going on in the Exile they're going in there with a disadvantage. Tina then says no one expects her and Kenny to come back, not one person. Nor do they want them to come back. She then says to Kenny if they come back from the Exile tomorrow, Wes is going to get it from her.
The teams get their next clue...
>> "Are you ready to PULL out all of the stops in tomorrow's challenge? Be ready to leave by 6 AM. Bet you can't WEIGHT."
Wes is extremely worried about Tina and Kenny winning the pardon, because if they do he'll be the one being sent into Exile against Katie and Eric.
The teams perform the next challenge, the "Human Ox Pull". They see two huge sleds with bales of hay. The players will be pulling the sleds 100 meters to the finish line as fast as possible towing 850 pounds. The teams will be seperated into two groups of four teams. The first group to cross the finish line first wins the first phase and stays in contention while the runners-up will go to a tent and watch the rest of the challenge. The remaining teams will then take on the final phase and race against each other pulling empty sleds to the finish line. There's one catch though, the sleds aren't light as they each weigh 350 pounds without the hay. The winners of that phase will recieve a flat-screen TV, a DVD player, and a year's worth of service from Netflix. Eric and Katie or Tina and Kenny win this time, they'll get a pardon and I'll bet one of them will get Wes and Casey to take their place.
Since Shane and Linette won the previous challenge, they'll be the captains of their group as also with Theo and Chanda since they've ranked second place. Here are the group formations.
Shane and Linette's Team
Coral and Evan
Katie and Eric
Derrick and Diem
Theo and Chanda's Team
Darrell and Aviv
Tina and Kenny
Wes and Casey
In the first phase, Theo and Chanda's team came from behind to finish first knocking out Shane and Linette's team of contention. So Katie and Eric will have their spot in Exile. But Evan's not the only one in excruciating pain as Coral got one of her kneecaps out of place, so they both were taken to a hospital. In the second heat Wes and Casey got eliminated because their sled got stuck, which pissed Wes off. Tina and Kenny's teamwork wasn't all there as they also got stuck. But Darrell and Aviv showed them what they're made of by crossing the finish line and winning this challenge.
Over at Mullumbimb Hospital, Wes comes out with the news that his athletic hernia is noticeably larger and the doctor found some sort of hemorraging. He's in awful pain and the doctor said "game over", but he doesn't know if he wants to continue or stop.
Another Exile race starts, this time Katie and Eric must carry 216 pounds of baggage while Tina and Kenny have to carry 164 pounds. The latter team takes the early lead while the former team has trouble with their luggage which is messing up Katie's balance. Tina and Kenny get to the first checkpoint and the puzzle goes like this...
The Puzzle is a Picture Representation of a Name, Work or Phrase. Each Puzzle Box Below Portrays a Common Word or Phrase. Solve Two Out of the Three. Here is an Example:
.__________ Range
Answer: Point Blank Range
1st Puzzle Box:
Tina correctly writes down the answer "sitting on top of the world".
2nd Puzzle Box:
Tina correctly writes down "a walk in the park".
And for getting two out of the three puzzles correct, their prize is to drop their bags and they move on. But in the fit of their glorious upcoming victory, they forget to get their team flag upon reaching the second checkpoint.
Back at the first checkpoint, Katie and Eric solve the puzzle in the 3rd box...
3rd Puzzle Box:
  F   F
  R   R
E       E
They correctly wrote down the "crossfire" as Kenny takes their team flag on the other side of the board. Now Eric and Kate completes the puzzle on their side dropping their bags.
The puzzle for the 2nd checkpoint goes something like this...
The goal is to remove pegs from the board by jumping over each peg with another peg; this removes the "jumped" peg. Only horizontal and vertical jumps are allowed. The game is over when no more jumps are possible.
You win the game by removing all of the pegs except one from the board.
Tina and Kenny complete the task and they win a 2-minute time credit for the Exile run. The same goes for Katie and Eric as they run to the finish line. In the end the latter gets sent home, but Eric had a great experience in Oz and Katie is disappointed to be going home and she knows she can't cry herself back to the game.
Back at home base, Tina and Kenny are back, much to the chagrin of Wes and Casey. Unfortunately, their strategy to keep Katie in contention had failed. Wes' sad to see a friend and his chances of staying here go.
Then we see Coral being taken to an Ambulance, because they don't have the equipment to take care of her at the hospital. She'll be transported to another hospital about an hour and 30 minutes away. Her doctor says it's a bad idea to compete, but she has a duty to herself and her partner, Evan, as long as she can physically walk, she will be competing.
Will Coral and Evan's injuries take them out of the game for good? Tune in next time on Fresh Meat.

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