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Today is

Climber's Paradise - June 19
Previously on "Fresh Meat" at the "Jail Break" challenge, Exile-bound teams Wes/Casey and Melinda/Ryan gave it their all. But their opponents fought hard to prevent them from winning the covenant pardon. Coral and Evan's winning streak hits a snag when Chanda and Theo claimed victory. At the Exile, Ryan and Melinda made a big mistake when they forgot to grab the flag from the first checkpoint which sealed their fate in this game. Now Wes and Casey are back once again, and him and Johanna are the only two remaining of the Austin alliance. Which two teams will be into Exile, let's find out?

The top of the show sees Johanna and Wes at the pool. Tina seems to be enjoying their moment together, but she says she's feels bad for Johanna, because Wes is an a**hole and she's appalled at the way he talks to Casey. Wes says that the Austin alliance is weak and it's not looking good for them and his strategy is to not have Johanna be voted into Exile.

Inside home base, Tina does some sparring with Kenny. She says she loves chillin' out with her partner, but he thinks that they're going to have as much fun as possible. But according to Tina, she says that Kenny doesn't realize that this is a job in trying to win challenges. That same thought of winning can be said with Kenny.

The teams get their next clue from T.J....

>>Wanna get high guys? If so, meet me at tomorrow's challenge. Wear your team colors and tennis shoes and be ready to leave by 8:30 AM.

Once again Johanna and Jesse have to prove themselves that they are a strong them and the same could be said for Wes and Casey.

It's now challenge time over at Pat Morton Lookout in Lennox Head and this challenge is called "Climber's Paradise". Individually, teams will climb up a 25-foot rock wall with assorted shapes and sizes cut out. They must make their way up the wall as fast as possible, and the teammates will carry each others pegs. And they must let each other know what pegs go in what position and they will keep switching pegs until they get to the top where they'll then grab the flags. Each team must finish within the limit of 10 minutes. Failure to do so, or falling of the wall will result in disqualification.

The team who finishes the with the best time wins this challenge and be safe from Exile and get to choose another team to take their place. Theo and Chanda will determined the order of play this time around. Jesse and Johanna go first, but failed to finish within the time limit which upsets Wes. Tina and Kenny take their turn, but Tina falls off getting them DQ'ed and this may be an excuse in Wes' eyes for the other players to vote her in.

Up next at bat are Wes and Casey, unfortunately they also fell victim to disqualification for not finishing the climb. Katie and Eric are up next to do the climbing but their cussing at each other didn't help matters as they also get DQ'ed. Then Darrell and Aviv became the first team to finish the wall climb. The same can be said for Shane and Linette, Derrick and Diem, Tonya and Johnnie, and Coral and Evan.

It's now batter-up for the the team of Theo and Chanda, but one of them dropped a peg and they have to continue their climb without it. However, that didn't stop them from finishing under the 10-minute mark. Of the teams who have finished, who completed the mission the quickest?

|RANK|TEAM         |TIME |
| 1  |Coral/Evan   | 5:33|
| 2  |Tonya/Johnnie| 5:43|
| 2  |Shane/Linette| 5:43|
| 4  |Derrick/Diem | 6:17|
| 5  |Theo/Chanda  | 6:24|
| 6  |Darrell/Aviv | 7:49|

It's Coral and Evan who came out on top and their winning streak maybe back on, much to the chagrin of Tonya. While the winners deliberate, Wes comes in trying to sway their vote away from them and to select a weak team instead. But Coral says he can't have all three options of protecting Johanna, keeping Wes out of Exile, and sending of her friends in there. And despite Wes' please, Coral and Evan decide on him and Casey. She can't take on boyfriend/girlfriend issues at the moment and it's not her problem. Then Coral says that if he wants to protect his girlfriend, he should tell her to win a f**king mission.

And after the decision has been made final, Wes goes into a fury and argues with Johanna on the competition and the other players are witnessing this debacle. Then they separate after they get into a disagreement. Then Johanna tells the viewers about the way Wes has been treating her at that moment. Then he blames the other players for the vote, which according to Eric is making the players more mad and this demeanor make put him in future Exile competitions. Theo tells Wes that he's delusional and he can't figure out exactly what he's saying because he doesn't speak "idiot". Theo also says that he derives that Wes doesn't want Johanna to go in against him, well he shouldn't have put the idea in their heads then.

In the Exile deliberations, the group made the following votes, albeit tough ones...

Johanna/Jesse - 10 Votes
Tina/Kenny - 2 Votes

The group makes a unanimous vote to send Johanna and Jesse into Exile. Derrick says that Jesse is screwed since he's with an Austin cast member.

After deliberations, Wes still hasn't been talking to Johanna after the blow-up went down. Tina says that what Wes did to Johanna was not love. On Wes' point of view, the game is getting between him and Johanna and this may eventually split them up.

Will Wes and Casey or Johanna and Jesse get a pardon from Exile or will one of the teams be the Exile's next pair of victims. Find out next time on Fresh Meat.

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