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Fresh Meat
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Today is

Jail Break - June 12
Previously on "Fresh Meat", the team of Coral and Evan won three straight victories in the challenges so far. Then they put Melinda and Ryan up for elimination. Then Wes tells everyone to send him and Casey into Exile so that Johanna would not have to go in. Will any of the teams stay out of Exile for the next challenge? Let's find out.

We start the show with with the players hanging out and enjoying themselves. Tina says that the Austin cast has been definitely targeted more than the Fresh Meat and the other alumni and they've done this for years. Melinda has to be strong although Danny wanted to be in the whole competition, but got sent home. Ryan needs her to be strong since he can't do this alone.

Host T.J. then sends the teams their next clue...

>>Hope you're ready for your next challenge. Teamwork will be the key to your success. Wear your team colors and tennis shows. Be ready to leave at 7:45 AM.

The teams meet up with host T.J. for their next challenge called "Jail Break." There are two big jail cells, each with six bowls of prison slop. Each team will wear jumpsuits and they'll be handcuffed with their hands behind their backs and they'll be also shackled. When the airhorn is sounded, the teams in play will search through the slop to find three keys using only their faces and mouths. Once a team finds three keys, they'll use them to break them out of their handcuffs, shackes, and their cell to run a 50-yard dash to the finish line.

The team who completes the task in the fastest time wins this challenge and recieves a years worth of movie tickets from Fandango for each of them and a friend. If Ryan and Melinda or Wes and Casey win it, they'll recieve a pardon from the Exile and chose another team to take their place. Since Coral and Evan won the previous challenge, they're exempt from the selection. However the latter team will determine the order of play.

|RANK|TEAM         |TIME |
| 1  |Theo/Chanda  | 1:58|
| 2  |Tonya/Johnnie| 2:04|
| 3  |Darrell/Aviv | 2:16|
| 4  |Melinda/Ryan | 2:20|
| 5  |Johanna/Jesse| 2:39|
| 6  |Katie/Eric   | 2:50|
| 7  |Wes/Casey    | 2:52|
| 8  |Shane/Linette| 2:59|
| 9  |Tina/Kenny   | 3:17|
| 10 |Derrick/Diem | 5:05|
| 11 |Evan/Coral   | 6:50|

The team of Theo and Chanda won this time around and that means Wes, Casey, Melinda, and Ryan will go into Exile while the others go back to home base.

At the start of this Exile race, Casey and Melinda must carry the sandbags that weigh 113 pounds in total while Melinda and Ryan have to carry a total of 156 pounds.

Here's something I probably didn't mention in the inaugural Exile race, a team who reaches a checkpoint must grab a flag and carry it with them to the finish line.

At the first check point, any of the teams may do a puzzle where it involves solving a phrase that has missing vowels. And it reads...


Wes and Casey get there first, but decided to forego on that. Then Melinda and Ryan figured out that it was "If you can read this, drop your bags!" And as the solution to the puzzle says, they drop their sandbags en route to the finish line.

Another puzzle is set up at the 2nd checkpoint. It's a diagram where they may move each box so that they're touching each other with the red box. Wes and Casey attempt may be causing them some valuable time so they skipped on that. But Melinda and Ryan realized upon reaching the 2nd checkpoint that they didn't have the flag from the first checkpoint. Ryan decides to get the first flag while Melinda tries out the puzzle. But they decided to pass on that and move along.

In the end, Melinda and Ryan though that the dropping of the bags in the first puzzle would help them, but the damage was done the moment they forgot the flag from the first checkpoint. Therefore, Wes and Casey won the Exile race and they get a ride back to homebase. And as for Melinda and Ryan, they get sent back to the US of A.

Johanna's happy to see Wes back in the game. But Theo says that Wes is undeniably a little cocky. It's probably one of the things that'll put him in Exile for the rest of his life. But as far as he's concerned, Wes can go in anytime he wants to.

As for Wes, he's not resting on his morals, because the competition is not over.

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