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Fresh Meat
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Today is

Swimming with Sharks - July 17

Previously on Fresh the "Incredible Deflating Kayak" challenge, several teams struggled to stay afloat. Ultimately, Shane and Linette claim their first victory. In Exile, Wes and Casey outran Tonya and Johnnie, sending them hone. But not before Tonya made one final plea. "If there's anything you do, make sure Tina eats dirt." Which two teams will be placed on the chopping block? Let's find out...

Kenny keeps Tina calm but they'll need to step up if they want to stay out of Exile. Coral and Evan haven't been in first place position since they've lost previously, but Evans athletic hernia is getting worse and he still hasn't disclosed it to Coral yet. His ailment could force him to quit the challenge.

The teams receive their next clue...

>>"Want a piece of me? Meat me in the Gold Coast for tomorrow's challenge. And hey, "meet" is spelled M-E-A-T."

Then Wes has fun with Eric as they wrestle with each other. Then Wes holds Katie and sends her splashing into the pool.

The teams go to Sea World in the Gold Coast of Australia for their next challenge aptly titled "Swimming With Sharks". This challenge will be situated in a huge tank with all different kinds of sharks, better known as "Shark Bay". Each team will go into the tank recovering puzzle pieces that form a picture when they're placed on the floating frame. Both players of a team will aternate relay style and have to complete the puzzle as quick as they can. While a team is in play, the others will be sequestered knowing they won't see the puzzle pieces before they get their turn. Teams have up to a maximum of ten minutes to put the puzzle together. The team who completes their puzzle the fastest wins this challenge.

The teams of Wes and Casey, Tina and Kenny, Derrick and Diem, and Coral and Evan all failed to complete their puzzle while Katie decided to quit also DQ-ing her and Eric. So here are the times clocked by the three teams who have done the task...

|RANK|TEAM         |TIME|
| 1  |Shane/Linette|7:37|
| 2  |Theo/Chanda  |8:47|
| 3  |Darrell/Aviv |9:22|

Shane and Linette now has two consecutive challenge victories under their belt and after they deliberate, they nominate Katie and Eric for the Exile. Both the teams step out while the other teams cast their votes.

Tina/Kenny - 11
Wes/Casey - 1

This time Tina and Kenny are nominated as second team up for possible elminaion. But Kenny voted for himself and Tina which upsets her and has left the room because she discussed with him on who to vote for before deliberations. The teams of Eric and Katie and Tina and Kenny are up for possible elimination, unless any of them win the upcoming challenge.

Casey knows that she's not going into Exile for the first time, but Wes is scared that one of the aforementioned teams could win the elusive pardon. He also mentions that they may have a good chance of taking their spots on the chopping block.

Tina and Kenny argued after the voting was over, she doesn't know who to trust anymore. But they'll have to work toghether to hopefully get out of Exile in the next episode of Fresh Meat.

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