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Today is

The Incredible Deflating Kayak - July 10
Previously on Fresh Meat...finally putting their differences aside, Johnnie and Tonya came out swinging at the Crossed Paths challenge. But despite their best efforts, it was Theo and Chanda who that pulled off the win. They then selected Wes and Casey for their fourth consecutive trip to Exile. After a close deliberation, Tonya and Johnnie were nominated as the second team to go to Exile over their under-performing rivals Tina and Kenny, sparking a furious Tonya to unleash her anger. Which team will be taken down by the Exile this time, let's find out...

The top of the show sees Wes and Tonya who's targeting Tina for elimination and has animosity toward her. We then see a clip of her and Tina from the Battle of the Sexes II season. Wes says that Tonya's a bomb and she might have not blown up right now, but trust him, her wick is getting thin.

The teams get their next clue...

>>Now that you've been to great heights, you better be pumped up for tomorrow's challenge. Wear your bathing suits and be ready to leave by 8 AM.

Johnnie mentions that tomorrow's challenge is pretty much going to be do-or-die. And that they have a really strong chance of winning, because Tonya and him are a strong team and they finish really well.

Then we see Linette making a connection with Theo and then he says, "Obviously Linette has some, maybe some sort of heart disorder and for some reason has a crush on me. I don't know what it is. It could be the booze."

Evan asks Linnete what went on last night. She said nothing happened, but he thought otherwise. Linette says that Theo and her are getting to know each other and Evan quotes it as the best line of the day.

The teams meet host Lavin at Brunswick River in beautil Mummumimby (unsure of spelling), Austrailia. Their next challenge is called the "Incredible Deflating Kayak". Teams are going to be supplied two oars, a kayak, and an old-school air compressor. They're going to take their kayaks out of their respective bags and they're going to blow them up with their mouth or with the foot pedal. And after it's blown up their liking, then they'll go to the launching area. They're then going to put their kayak in the river, and then they're going to paddle across the river to the other side. Once they've made their way across the river, they're going to grab their team flag and make their way back as fast as possible. All players must keep their legs and arms inside the kayak at all times. If somebody does stick any appendage outside of the kayak, they have to start all over. Once they've reached the shore, they then must deflate the kayak so that it can be inserted into the bags that they've provided.

The team who completes the challenge in the fastest time wins this challenge and also a trip for two to Costa Rica for 8 days 7 nights. If Wes and Casey or Tonya and Johnnie win, they'll get a pardon which has become very hard to get to the first team mentioned. Theo and Chanda whips up the order this time.

When the time had come for Wes and Casey, unfortunately, they've blown another chance at a pardon because Wes' foot touched the water which pissed him and had decided to give up. And that means eight teams have managed to complete the challenge. Here are the results...

|RANK|TEAM         |TIME |
| 1  |Shane/Linette|10:26|
| 2  |Darrell/Aviv |10:30|
| 3  |Coral/Evan   |10:48|
| 4  |Theo/Chanda  |11:07|
| 5  |Derrick/Diem |11:10|
| 6  |Tonya/Johnnie|11:33|
| 7  |Tina/Kenny   |12:38|
| 8  |Katie/Eric   |12:59|

And Shane and Linette come out on top. So that means Wes and Casey and Tonya and Johnnie now have to stay put for their next Exile race while the other players go back to home base.

In the Exile, Wes and Casey still has to carry bags totaling 113 pounds while Tonya and Johnnie had to carry theirs totalling 253 pounds which could be a problem for them. Wes and Casey get a good head start and Tonya's probably regretting having everything but the kitchen sink in her bag. Johnnie's also having a hard time with his bags. Wes and Casey get to the first checkpoint and grab the flag, forgetting about the puzzle. As for Tonya and Johnnie, they look at the first puzzle...

Remove Six Sticks to Leave Five Squares. Think Carefully, You Only Have One Chance.

Wes and Casey then get to the second checkpoint where they just grab the flag and pass up the next puzzle, and they now have a sizable lead. Johnnie tried out the puzzle leaving out five squares, but the ref deemed it incorrect which had Johnnie feeling mad.

Tonya and Johnnie get to the second checkpoint which has this puzzle which has to move flat pieces in the shape of kangaroos. But Wes and Casey get to the finish line first, sending Tonya and Johnnie home. The latter teams heavy bag weight have sent them packing.

Eight teams are remaining, which of them could be having the threat of possible elimination over their heads this time, find out next week here on Fresh Meat.

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