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Fresh Meat
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Today is

Rollin' in Oats - June 26
Previously on "Fresh Meat", tempers flared between teammates Tonya and Johnnie. Then in the "Climbers Paradise" challenge, Coral and Evan we're back on top after yet another win. When Johanna refused to fight to keep herself from being voted into Exile, a furious Wes lashed out at her. Fueled by Wes' outburst, Coral and Evan picked him and Casey as the first team to go into Exile. And despite Wes' pleas for mercy, the rest of the players nominate Johanna and Jesse to oppose them. With the threat of Exile looming over them, Wes and Johanna's relationship reached the boiling point. Who'll fight to survive elimination this time, let's find out?

At the top of the show, Wes and Johanna are so mad at each other that any sort of communication is impossible at this point. Wes says that it's obvious that the game is coming in between them and their relationship.

The players decided a little spice was needed at home base, so they decide to have a costume extravaganza. Katie and Eric go as a hillbilly couple while Tonya wore a red brassiere and a pair of red panties, which was the same thing she wore night before when there was never a costume party according to Coral. Johnnie says that Tonya is starting to unravel, she been holding together for a while, with her mouth, and he's been trying to keep her in line and she's a loose cannon.

Johanna is not going to do anything about Wes until he comes to her and apologizes, and even then she doesn't know what's going to happen. Then Evan tells Johanna to suck up her pride, drop her ego and to get it together. She's so angry at Wes that she comes to him noting that this challenge is not worth arguing over. She tells Wes he can't treat her the way he did today. Wes tells Johanna that he's trying to tell you he wants to be with her. Wes said to Johanna that he loves her, but she didn't hear it from him. Then Johanna tells Wes change his attitude and to love and respect her, or else she won't have anything to do with him anymore. But if Wes mistreats Johanna again, she wont give him a second chance even if she has forgiven Wes.

The next day, the teams pack up and prepare for their next challenge. Wes later apologized to Johanna about yesterday's blow-up. The players then go to Island Koori in beautiful New South Wales, Australia, the location for their next challenge "Rollin' In Oats". Two teams at a time will have teammates alternate turns using their bodies to get themselves covered in rolled oats from their big tubs. Then they must step into their container to transfer them. The teams in play will have two minutes to get as much of the oats as they can.

The team with the highest weight in kilograms wins this challenge and both of the winning teammates this time will receive a Gizmondo. Johanna and Jesse and Wes and Casey previously had failed to get a pardon out of Exile, hopefully this challenge can turn things around a bit. But Tina and Kenny have a thought that they may go into Exile if any of the above teams get exonerated, they may take their places. But they must do what they can to prevent that from occurring.

The women wear bikinis while the guys...they wear speedos, okay someone tell me I didn't see that coming. Anyways, all the teams did their part and host Lavin found it was a very funny challenge. But now, here's how the teams did...

| 1  |Coral/Evan   |23.6kg|
| 2  |Katie/Eric   |19.8kg|
| 3  |Shane/Linette|14.6kg|
| 4  |Darrell/Aviv | 9.2kg|
| 5  |Derrick/Diem | 8.8kg|
| 5  |Johanna/Jesse| 8.8kg|
| 7  |Theo/Chanda  | 8.4kg|
| 8  |Wes/Casey    | 7.8kg|
| 9  |Tina/Kenny   | 6.8kg|
| 10 |Tonya/Johnnie| 6.2kg|

Once again Coral and Even came out on top, which means another Austin cast member has to go home. In Coral's opinion about Johanna, she thinks it sucks that she's gonna go in against her boyfriend, but she thinks that Wes should throw it. If he's any kind of man, he won't send his little girlfriend running back home. Little bastard.

It's now Exile time once again, and host Lavin stresses that the most important thing is to grab your team flag and to not forget to do so. If you've seen the mistake made by Melinda and Ryan in the Exile two episodes and that's what got them eliminated, then you're paying attention.

At the start of the race Wes and Casey will carry bags weighing a total of 113 pounds while Johanna and Jesse carry bags weighting a total of 133 pounds. The puzzle at the first checkpoint may have the teams draw a line that will divide a shape into two equal parts. Johanna and Jesse tried it, but put the line in the wrong place. However, Wes and Casey probably didn't listen to T.J. about picking up their flag at the checkpoint so he let Casey pick it up. This gives Johanna and Jesse the lead and then Wes shouts at Casey because she's slowing down their progress as this makes him mad. The next checkpoint involves a rebus puzzle and then they could write down the solution on the piece of paper provided. Johanna and Jesse get there first but decide to forego it and just when they think they have the lead, they also forget to grab both of their flags. Because of their blunder Wes and Casey has made up for their slow progress by taking back the lead and crossing the finish line first.

Casey then says Wes just needs to stop talking sometimes and needs to know when to shut the hell up. She also doesn't know how many more Exiles she can take. Johanna is so angry and frustrated that their stupid mistake had cost them the race. Then before Johanna leaves to back to the USA, she tells Wes to stop being mean to his teammate and talks some sense into him. The other team got screwed because, according to Jesse, because their partners were from the Austin cast and they'll had relationships and the other players all just got tired of that. Jesse is bummed that he's no longer in the game. For one reason, the extreme amount of money, and the other, to hang out with the players and to have a good time.

Then Casey gets mad at Wes because he can't stop pissing people off, then he realizes his teammates lack of motivation was is very big mouth. Tonya thinks that Johnnie needs to re-evaluate his ego, but apparently she's not realizing that she's a loose cannon. According to Evan, this is where the game is going to take a turn for the worse. And after Johanna is gone, Wes, the only member of the Austin alliance remaining, is feeling alone.

Next time, which of the remaining teams will be on the Exile's hit list, you'll have to tune in and find out.

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