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Today is

Stuck on You/Bush Whacked - May 29
12 ruthless Real World and Road Rules alumni head to Australia. And For the first time ever, 12 eager new faces will be joining the competition. These nave hopefuls think they have what it takes. Will they? Welcome to...The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat.

First lets look at the Real Worlders and the Road Rulers who make up the team of Alumni...

Coral - RR Back to New York
Danny - RW Austin
Darrell - RR Campus Crawl
Derrick - RR X-Treme
Johanna - RW Austin
Katie - RR The Quest
Melinda - RW Austin
Shane - RR Campus Crawl
Theo - RR Maximum Velocity Tour
Tina - RR South Pacific
Tonya - RW Chicago
Wes - RW Austin

Now let's look at the people who've never been on either of MTV's reality show franchises...

Aviv - 21 yrs. old; Columbus, Ohio
Casey - 18 yrs. old; Texas
Chandra - 24 yrs. old; Long Island, New York
Eric - 23 yrs. old; Kentucky
Evan - 20 yrs. old; Ontario, Canada
Evelyn - 18 yrs. old; New York City
Diem - 25 yrs. old; Roswell, Georgia
Jesse - 19 yrs. old; New Mexico
Johnnie - 24 yrs. old; Savannah, Georgia
Linette - 21 yrs. old; Florida
Kenny - 22 yrs. old; Cedar Grove, New Jersey
Ryan - 24 yrs. old; Paramus, New Jersey

Host Lavin then tells us that the "Fresh Meat" were immediately put through a series of trials to test their speed, agility, coordination, and puzzle solving.

After the players take their seats at an auditorium, they recieve news of a twist from host T.J. Each of the Alumni will pick one FM person of the opposite sex to be their partner throughout the whole entire challenge. Each of the Alumni will be randomly selected to pick through a lotto draw. Here are the pairings...

|Danny        |         Evelyn |
|Coral        |           Evan |
|Darrell      |           Aviv |
|Tonya        |        Johnnie |
|Theo         |         Chanda |
|Tina         |          Kenny |
|Wes          |          Casey |
|Johanna      |          Jesse |
|Derrick      |           Diem |
|Katie        |           Eric |
|Melinda      |           Ryan |
|Shane        |        Linette |

With only their teammates to rely on, the pairs will face off in 15 challenges, which will test them physically, emotionally, and mentally.

In order to stay in the game, they must avoid being eliminated in Exile, where two teams will compete head-to-head. The winners stay, the losers go home. Only four teams will make it to the final challenge where they'll compete for the biggest cash prize in history. The first place team there will split...$250,000!

All of the players go to their homebase, which is an all-lit-up house with a rustic and open feel to it and it looks gorgeous. Then a few of the male players take an impromptu dip in the pool, which led to the female players getting some "eye candy". In an "in-show" interview, Theo hopes that the Fresh Meat kids have no clue how twisted and backstabbin' and dirty this entire deal is and hope that they realize it when they're on the way home.

At the kitchen, Wes says to the Alumni they just kick whoever wanted to be in here out. They're kind of having an intimacy problem. They didn't mind, but Evan sees it as it's not a good scene as the Alumni ripped the Fresh Meat sign off the wall and kicked the FM players out. Jesse is a little bit bummed out that he's paired up with one of the awesome people just because the Austin cast is gonna be targeted. Because they came in here already with an alliance and the people just don't necessarily like the couples scene.

Wes mentions that he started dating Johanna and became a couple. Then Melinda mentions she's dating Danny and she's very happy. It's kind of Melinda's on vacation with Danny, but the drama hasn't hit the fan yet.

Them the players receive their next clue on their cell phone...

>> Are you ready for your first Challenge? Be prepared to stand tall with your partner. Wear your team colors and tennis shows and be ready to leave by 7 AM.

Evelyn feels like she's pretty much calling the shots in this game and feels like things are gonna work out the way she wants to.

The teams now go to one of Australia's world famous, tallest residential building, in the world, the Q1 for their first challenge of the season. This one is called "Stuck on Me", where each pair will walk along and back on a 25-foot balance beam that's hanging out over the building's edge. But first, each pair will be connected back-to-back by way of a harness. One player will walk forward while another walks backwards to the line at end of the beam and then go vice-versa to the starting line after doing a 360-degree turn.

The team who completes the task the fastest wins this challenge and will select two teams to go into Exile. Once again, T.J. the host uses the lotto machine to choose who'll create the playing order. Coral has been chosen and with the help of Evan, her partner, they will do the latter and they have 10 minutes to do so.

1) Tonya/Johnnie - Completed
2) Melinda/Ryan - Completed
3) Johana/Jesse - Completed
4) Wes/Casey - Completed
5) Derrick/Diem - Completed
6) Danny/Evelyn - Completed
7) Tina/Kenny - Completed
8) Darrell/Aviv - Completed
9) Theo/Chanda - Completed
10) Shane/Linette - Completed
11) Katie/Eric - Completed
12) Coral/Evan - Completed

And the results are in...

|RANK|TEAM         |TIME|
| 1  |Coral/Evan   |0:14|
| 2  |Theo/Chanda  |0:20|
| 3  |Shane/Linette|0:28|
| 4  |Katie/Eric   |0:29|
| 5  |Danny/Evelyn |0:37|
| 6  |Wes/Casey    |0:40|
| 7  |Tina/Kenny   |0:54|
| 8  |Darrel/Aviv  |0:55|
| 9  |Derrick/Diem |1:02|
| 10 |Johanna/Jesse|1:14|
| 11 |Melinda/Ryan |2:00|
| 12 |Tonya/Johnnie|3:41|

Coral and Evan win this challenge and will now choose a pair to go into Exile. Johana definitely thinks that because that she's a part of the Austin cast and they're dating each other, they could be targets for elimination.

Coral and Evan decide to put Wes and Casey into exile unless they win the next challenge in which they may choose another pair to take their place. Coral and Evan are also out of the vote for the night to see which of the other pairs will be Wes and Casey's opponents. Wes is doing what he can to make sure that the relationship with Johana isn't such a big deal in this game. But Wes talking to Tonya about that could be his downfall.

Back at home base, T.J. tells Coral, Evan, Wes, and Casey to leave the main quarters since they're exempt from tonight's votes. The other players have 20 minutes to decide on another pair to go into Exile. Then T.J. tells the in-room players to give their vote verbally. Here are the results...

Danny/Evelyn - 10 Votes
Tonya/Johnnie - 4 Votes
Shane/Linette - 3 Votes
Derrick/Diem - 1 Vote

The votes have been tallied and Danny and Evelyn will do battle against Wes and Casey in Exile. Tina knows that the Austin cast members have felt that they've been targeted and says that they've (the other alumni) been doing this for years. Tina also mentions that this is their first challenge and they have to be initiated. And their initiation is only having a week here. She closes the in-show interview by saying "see ya"! The exiled players were disappointed in the way the voting went.

Danny was pissed off at Wes for his attempts at conniving to get votes to Shane which didn't work, and says that Wes is next on the hit list.

The players recieve their next cell phone clue...

>> Now that you have entered the bush, prepare to get whacked. Be ready to leave by 8 AM.

The players go to a swamp in New South Whales, Australia for their next challenge "Bush Whacked". There are about 20 tree stumps with 12 of them in the outer ring and eight of them in the inner ring. The trunks in the outer ring are two feet tall and there's one per team, meaning both teammates will be on their stump. While they stand on them, they'll whail a medicine ball around to knock the opposers off their stumps. A team is allowed to hold the ball for three seconds, holding it longer will lead to a team's disqualification. When four teams have been eliminated, then the remaining teams go to the three foot stumps. The last team standing wins this challenge and a pair of Samsung Slider cellphone and T-Mobile service for a year.

The winning team also will select the order for the next challenge. Today is also "Exile Day" so...anything can happen.

1) Johanna/Jessie
2) Katie/Eric
3) Derrick/Diem
4) Theo/Chanda
5) Melinda/Ryan
6) Danny/Evelyn
7) Shane/Linette
8) Tina/Kenny
9) Wes/Casey
10) Darrell/Aviv
11) Tonya/Johnnie

In the end, Coral and Evan have won their second mission in a row. The other players now must say their goodbyes to Danny, Evelyn, Wes, and Casey as two of them won't be coming back from Exile and they won't be able to witness the action as they have to take the bus to home base.

T.J. then tells the four players that the Exile is a race. There's a start, a finish, and two checkpoints in between. There are two different stations in the race in which upon completion gives a team a sort of reward, but they are optional and a team can pass on them if they want.

T.J. also tells the teams that upon their arrival in Oz, they weighed their luggage. And for this purpose they must carry the bags in which the weight is equal to their luggage which may hinder their progress. The teams get into the van where they'll be blindfolded. The race begins the moment the players are out of the van. Wes and Casey carry a total of 113 pounds while Danny and Evelyn carry a total of 150 pounds.

The puzzle at the first checkpoint involves a board with pegs that form a plus sign and they must remove enough pegs to have only one remaining for a reward. Wes and Casey have trouble with it which is causing them a time delay forcing them to forego the puzzle. Danny and Evelyn, on the other hand, did it successfully giving them a time credit of one minute. Danny says this isn't good becuase it took his team line about a minute to solve the puzzle. The second puzzle may have the teams remove three sticks to leave three squares remaining. Once they remove a stick, they aren't allowed to put it back. Wes thinks it's an extreme disadvantage to stop do these puzzles, and the rewards won't have a big influence on the race. Wes and Casey then go to a podium where they get a message telling them to get in the car and drive to the finish line. As for Danny and Evelyn, Evelyn gets disqualified because she moved a stick more than once in the second puzzle.

The car is then driven back to home base where Wes and Casey are let out. They're back for a few more days while Danny and Evelyn got screwed in what they call...a game of politics.

To make Wes feel better after sending Danny home, Evan agreed to have him stapiling the name Danny on his butt. What a post-"Jackass" world we live in folks!

At the end of the episode, Tina says "The Austin cast is a huge target, you do not belong here. This is our turf and we're gonna kick the ones we don't, real quick. This isn't a game...this is politics."

And after that, if you were still watching MTV, you were treated to an eight-minute "sneak peak" at the "Fresh Meat Aftershow" which is also on MTV's Overdrive for broadband users. A short program where you get the real dirt from your favorite challengers, this should be fun.

Stay tuned to GSNN for more recaps of "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat".

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