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Today is

Easy Pickings - July 3
I hope everyone had a great Independence Day Weekend. Previously on "Fresh Meat", Diem revealed a personal secret to her partner, Derrick. At the "Rolling in Oats" challenge, Johnnie and Tonya failed to work as a team, leading to another devastating defeat. Meanwhile, Coral and Evan once again proved they are the team to beat. Later in Exile, Wes secured his place in the game, but was forced to send his girlfriend, Johanna, home in the process. Now Wes is the last remaining alliance of the Real World Austin cast members. Which of these remaining teams will be on the Exile's hit list this time? Let's find out...

We kick off this episode at Hog's Breath Cafe where the players make a toast while Tonya and Johnnie talk to each other on keeping each other in check, and working toghether in the game. Outside, Wes isn't having fun and talks to Johanna on the phone that no one cares that if he's back and no one gives a s**t. Aparently, he looks like an (expletive deleted) because he kicked his girlfriend off to half the (expletive deleted) people out there. According to Wes, it's now just himself who's fighting for and that's fine and he'll just keep plucking people off one at a time.

Then the next day, Evan finds out he has a growing pain in his abdomen and in concern, he went to the hospital and his diagnosis was an athletic hernia. He tells the viewers that he had torn the muscle in his stomach and groin and it needs surgery and it could only get worse. Because Evan and Coral are enjoying winning now, he hasn't been discussing this with her.

Back at home base, the teams recieve their next clue.

>>Tomorrow is your next challenge, try not to get out of line. Wear your bathing suits, be ready by 8 AM.

The teams are back at the Island Koori for their next challenge called "Crossed Paths". The setup consists of a rope suspended above the water between two platforms. Each team, one at a time, will have a player at opposite ends of the rope. When host Lavin gives the signal, the players will make their way onto the rope towards each other. At some point they are going to be crossing paths which will make the stunt difficult to complete and then they must continue their climg to their opposite platforms. The team who completes the challenge in the fastest time will be safe from possible elimination and gets to nominate the first team for the Exile.

Once again Coral and Evan pick the playing order. Shane, Aviv, Casey, and Eric fell off the rope on their respective turns, and their teams have been eliminated leaving five who have completed the task. And the results are...

|RANK|TEAM         |TIME|
| 1  |Theo/Chanda  |0:52|
| 2  |Coral/Evan   |1:26|
| 3  |Tina/Kenny   |2:10|
| 4  |Tonya/Johnnie|2:20|
| 5  |Derrick/Diem |6:30|

And by the looks of things, Theo and Chanda has put a temporary block on Coral and Evan's winning streak. They now have ten minutes to deliberate on which of the other teams they want in Exile. Coral is not happy about how that went down. They've decided to put Wes and Casey up for possible elimination because of Wes' ranting and raving that occured after the "Climbers Paradise" challenge.

At the house, the other teams do their vote while Wes and Casey are instructed by T.J. to step out for the time being and that also goes for Theo and Chanda. After deliberations, here's how the group voted...

Tina/Kenny - 4 Votes
Tonya/Johnnie - 10 Votes

Tonya and Johnnie maybe going up against Wes and Casey in Exile unless any of the teams get a pardon in the next challenge, which could mean Coral and Evan could be taking their spot.

This vote hurts Tonya's feelings because no one told her it wasn't based on merit, and she snaps at Derrick. Tonya is now pissed off and has reason to come back at them and she will.

But that will have to wait until next time, where another team will be dropped off the Exile's radar, here on Fresh Meat.

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