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Fresh Meat
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Today is

Hang On - June 5
Previously on "Fresh Meat", 12 challenge alumni are shocked to find out that they'll be paired up with 12 civilians known as "Fresh Meat". Eventually the players have a plan to break up a threatening Real World Austin cast alliance and they decide to target them. Eventually the teams of Danny and Evelyn and Wes and Casey were sent to Exile. In the end, Danny and Eva were the first victims of the season. It appears that the Veterans plan to get rid of the Real World Austin cast is starting to take shape. Who'll be next on the Vets' hit list, let's find out.

Outside of home base Diem tells Derrick she just found out she has a tumor. This causes Derrick to even want to fight harder for her since she may not be able to do something like this again. Derrick says that he's happy to have a partner because he can finally trust someone at a challenge.

The teams receive their next clue...

>>Trust and support go hand in hand, see you tomorrow at the Gold Coast! Be ready to leave at 8:30.

Jesse is really nervous because Johanna, his partner, is an RW Austin cast member and they have to prove themselves in the upcoming challenge.

Coral says they now want two people from the Austin cast in together so to make sure they can knock one of them out. But if Melinda and Ryan win the next challenge, they can be exempt from Exile.

The teams go to The Spit in Gold Coast, Queensland for their next challenge "Hang On". One person from each team will be hanging upside-down from the leg harnesses, hanging onto their partner while being hoisted 20 feet above. Time starts the second their toes leave the water and it stops the moment a team drops their partner in the water.

The team who hangs on the longest wins this challenge and will be safe from Exile and pick two new people to go in said place. Since the team of Coral and Evan won the previous mission, they'll pick the order of play for this day. They choose the teams of Melinda and Ryan and Wes and Casey to go first. Let's see who's #1 for the day.

|RANK|TEAM         |  TIME |
| 1  |Coral/Evan   |0:49.72|
| 2  |Theo/Chanda  |0:49.30|
| 3  |Shane/Linette|0:43.00|
| 4  |Derrick/Diem |0:42.00|
| 5  |Melinda/Ryan |0:38.00|
| 6  |Darrell/Aviv |0:34.00|
| 7  |Tonya/Johnnie|0:31.00|
| 8  |Tina/Kenny   |0:15.00|
| 9  |Wes/Casey    |0:12.00|
| 10 |Katie/Eric   |0:10.00|
| 11 |Johanna/Jesse|0:08.00|

For the third consecutive time, Coral and Evan have once again won another challenge and also gets to pick one team to go into Exile. This time around they choose Melinda and Ryan.

Back at home base, the teams (except for Coral and Evan) vote on the opposition to Wes and Casey. Wes tells everyone to send him and Casey into Exile so that Johanna would not have to go in and everyone is in agreement.

The players get together at the Hotel Brunswick where they're enjoying themselves. Derrick can't help being attracted to Diem going into the last few minutes of the episode.

Who'll win the next challenge and which team will have their days numbered in Exile? Find out next time.

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