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Heavy Lovin'
August 2

Outside of the strip, we're looking for a security guard.


AGE: 44
VEHICLE: '04 Ford Mustang GT
INTEL: Can deal a fabulous Mustang

Looks like we may have a fight on our hands...

1) Which solo artist proclaimed "I'm Coming Out" and starred in "The Wiz"?

Diana Ross... RIGHT! (1)

2) What shoe company was founded in Germany by Adolf Dassler?

Nine West? Nike? Stacy Adams? No, it was Adidas. (X)

3) In "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", what gem is the star compared to?

She sings the whole song... and "diamond" is correct! (2)

4) What are the names of three of New York's five boroughs?

Harlem... Brooklyn... and the Bronx. She gets two. The other three... Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens (XX).

5) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created what character played by Robert Downey, Jr.?

"Sherlock Holmes, I don't know..." She goes with... Sherlock Holmes... (PAID!) That's YOUR CAR!


Josh is going after a debtor who lives with her parents.

AGE: 26
VEHICLE: '02 Grand Marquis
INTEL: Born with a silver spoon up her butt.

She didn't pay it. Might as well play for it. Mom is on the side cheerleading.

1) What are the six types of pieces found in a game of chess?

King, queen, kids, bishop, knight, and... tails. Whatever that is. (X) She got four. The other two were rooks and pawns.

2) What breed of horse has been a Budweiser icon for over 75 years?

Mustang... not it. It was a Clydesdale. (XX).

3) What is the name of the closest star to the earth?

She wants to play Let's Make a Deal. That's now how this show works. She goes with moon... and that's three... strikes (REPO!). It was the sun.

Next we head to the Impound at...


Coming down to the office is...

AGE: 27
VEHICLE: '99 Chevrolet Tahoe
INTEL: Owns every *NSYNC album.

He's here with his girlfriend Laura, who he's been living with for lack of a job. She was pulled to the stage at a strip club once. But no, Shane did not partake in the tig ol' bitties.

1) What is the 20th letter of the English alphabet?

They work it out... T.. for "(another word for boobies)." RIGHT! (1)

2) What soccer star gets to use his hands when it comes to his wife, the singer formerly known as Posh Spice?

David Beckham... RIGHT AGAIN! (2)

3) What was the "Spruce Goose" primarily made out of?

Shane goes with wood... and he's feelin' wood... because it's RIGHT! (PAID!) They're heading to the strip club... and we're heading outta here. ONE new ep next week. Catch it before it catches you.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to repogames.spike.com.