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Bug Spray Attack

Repo man's comin'...


First up, a single mother who could be on the way to a big payday today. If she can put down the bug spray first.

AGE: 29
VEHICLE: '05 Lincoln Mountaineer
INTEL: Just dropped a deuce

1) What is Beethoven's first name?

She blanks out on Ludwig (X).

2) What restaurant offers the Grand Slam breakfast?

Denny's? We loves us some Denny's... we're IHOP people at the 'net, but.. yeah. (1)

3) SPF stands for what three words?

Sun Protection... Had it... Skin Protective Formula. Lost it. It was Sun Protection Factor (XX).

4) What are the names of the first four books of the New Testament?

John... Mark... Luke... and Acts? No... Josh is GIVING it away here... She goes with Acts... But producer Matthew is having a fit here. Acts is actually the fifth book (REPO). Sorry, but we gotta Acts this game.


Next up, Tom drives to the home of...

AGE: 33
VEHICLE: '90 Oldsmobile Cutlass
INTEL: Bringing back pigtails. Hard.

1) What did Yankee Doodle call the feather in his cap?

Baloney... is baloney. It was macaroni. (X)

2) What soft drinks was invented by a pharmacist using actual cocaine?

Coca-Cola... was cocaine! Good for you, Drugless. (1)

3) Name the four time zones in the contiguous US.

He thinks over some skating... Pacific.. Midwest, New York, and Atlantic. Not it. You got one, but the other three were Mountain, Central, and Eastern (XX).

4) In the book of Genesis, what biblical garden were Adam & Eve kicked out of?

Garden of Eden... Praise the Lord and pass the hash (2)

5) Whose job comes with room & board at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC?

Probably the President... .... Probably. (PAID!) That is your brain on a board... on drugs. Any questions?


Our next contestants have been drinking... All day.

AGE: 48
VEHICLE: '98 Chevy Cavalier
INTEL: Likes cold beer and hot hookers.

The car is actually his nieces, but it's in his name, so he's playing... with his nephew.

1) What are the name of the six Brady Bunch kids?

Bobby... Greg, Marcia, Jan, Peter... and Cindy. That's six... That's right! (1)

2) What is the freezing point of water on the Fahrenheit scale?

32... Right again! (2)

3) What does CD stand for?

Compact disc? THAT'S A SWEEP! (PAID!)

We're paid off for the night. Come back and catch us next week... before Repo Games catches you.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to repogames.spike.com.