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Happy Ending

Repo man's comin'...


First up, Jennifer and her seven children just might be going with her car.

AGE: 38
VEHICLE: '02 Chevy Suburban
INTEL: Really really REALLY loves kids

1) "The Rachel" and "The Farrah" are both types of what?

After shooting off everything she knows, she goes with handbags... Unfortunately, they're haircuts (X).

2) What is the key ingredients in both Rocky Mountain oysters and calf fries?

Hot sauce... is not it. It was calf testicles. (XX)

3) Banks are normally closed on December 25th in honor of whose birthday?

Jesus Christ... IS RIGHT! (1)

4) Who gets chased through a maze by Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde?

Pac-Man comes to mind... Pac-Man is RIGHT! (2)

5) What are two of the five most popular boy's names?

Jordan and Michael... are her nephews. The five are... Michael... Jacob, Ethan, Alexander, and William (REPO!). Sorry, but the truck's ours.

Still in Big D with...

AGE: 28, 23
VEHICLE: '98 Ford Crown Victoria
INTEL: Entrepreneurs/hustlers

They're willing to offer cash. Josh doesn't play THAT game.

1) "What happens here, stays here" is the motto for what destination?

Las Vegas... That's right! (1)

2) What shark movie warned viewers they'd "never go in the water again"?

Lock "Jaws" in... Could be Nemo... it isn't. It's "Jaws"! (2)

3) "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man..." what three things?

And out comes the stack again... work, family, and responsiblity. True, but incorrect. It was "healthy, wealthy, and wise." (X)

4) What is the full name of the FBI?

Turns it over to the lady... Federal Bureau of Investigation.... All that... All RIGHT. (PAID!)


The economy is hitting everyone, as our next contestant is a Thai restaurateur...

AGE: 43
VEHICLE: '93 Lexus
INTEL: Likes them tall, dark, and handsome.

She offers a "happy ending" to Josh in return for her car. Not that kind of happy ending, just the Hollywood type.

1) What are the first name of the Olsen twins?

Michelle and May... is wrong. It was Mary Kate and Ashley. (X)

2) Limburger and muenster are two types of what?

She goes with food and energy drink... Nope, they're both cheeses (XX)

3) What country gave us the farewell word sayonara?

Japan... HAI! (1)

4) What is the outermost layer of the skin called?

Melanin.. is in the skin, but we were looking for epidermis (REPO). No happy ending... but every beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Like this...


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