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If you can't pay, you might as well play!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Josh Lewis & Tom DeTone
Creator SallyAnn Salsano
Chris Dowling
Jose Pablo Cantillo
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Bait & Repo

By the time this episode is over, you would've seen a Repo Games first. First, though...


The car is parked in the back alley. And Josh has to come through the front when he gets a call saying that our next contestant is actually in the car... getting high and about to peel out.

AGE: 23
VEHICLE: '98 Buick Park Avenue
INTEL: Has trouble pulling out on time.

1) What TV show took six years to explain what happened to the survivors of Flight 815?

He says that he's lost... but he goes with Survivor. You were better off "Lost" (X).

2) What four chicken parts come in a KFC bucket?

Wings and thighs... breasts... and legs... GOOD! (1)

3) In the first Rocky film, did Rocky win or lose his fight with Apollo Creed?

He says he lost... He DID lose! (2).

4) Who was the first athlete to endorse a product?

Those were the Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars... GO GET IT! (PAID!)

Next, we head to the Phoenix...


AGE: 31
VEHICLE: '09 Ford F-150
INTEL: Partial to guns and hookers

At least we know where the impound lot is. And we know where Darren is stuck right now. After a bit of coaxing...

1) What state are you most likely from if someone calls you a "Hoosier"?

He says "California, because there's a lot of Hoosiers in California." They are, but we're looking for Indiana (X).

2) In the Bible, who parted the Red Sea?

Moses... is RIGHT! (1)

3) REM stands for what?

Reactive environmental memory... happens when you're asleep in dreaming. So does "rapid eye movement" (XX).

4) The Great Barrier Reef lies off the coast of what continent?

He goes with Africa... or Australia... Nope, locking in Africa. Should've went with Australia (REPO!). But he's not letting go that easily... he's going to climb into his truck and drive off... and now he has to call the police. So he's lost on a game show, AND he's a wanted felon. Real winner, this one.


Tom rolls into town to take a car that's really in the family..

NAME: Jeannette
AGE: 40
VEHICLE: '00 Chevy Malibu
INTEL: Likes comfortable clothes

The family fights to keep the car... now they're on the same team.

1) What New York fashion designer has her initials in the label DKNY?

Donna Karan... is right! (1)

2) Shamu can by found at Sea World parks in what three states?

California, Florida, and Texas... That's right. But they went with California, Florida, and Atlanta... All together now... ATLANTA IS NOT A STATE! (X)

3) What is the typical color of a Smurf's skin?

Blue... is SMURF! (2)

4) Who was the last question of the Soviet Union?

The smart money says "Gorbachev"... The smart money just paid the car off. (PAID!)

Two more shows next week. Catch them before "Repo Games" catches you.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to repogames.spike.com.