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Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Josh Lewis & Tom DeTone
Creator Chris Dowling & Jose Pablo Cantillo
EP Sally Ann Salsano
Packager 495 Productions for Spike TV
Origins Los Angeles & Dallas
Web repogames.spike.com
Airs 8p ET Tues, Spike

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Episode 101
April 26

It's been said of every great game show that there is a moment when the contestant can either win or lose everything. If such is the case... welcome to the next great American game show.

The premise is simple: Tom DeTone and Josh Lewis are for-real repo men with for-real repo orders for for-real repo property. If they show up at your doorstep, you have two choices... 1) Let'em take your wheels away, or 2) Answer three out of their five questions correctly. Get three out of five right, and your car will be paid off free and clear. Get three out of five wrong, and away go your wheels.

That's right, a game show that you DON'T want to be on.


First up to visit from the hosts...

AGE: 44
VEHICLE: '96 Dodge Caravan
INTEL: Her weave alone will whoop your ass.

1) "Leaves of three, let it be" is a warning not to touch what plant?

She goes with "poison ivy"... RIGHT! (1)

2) Athos, Porthos, and Aramis are names of what literary trio?

She's only read "Charlotte's Web", so that's what she's going with... the rat, the pig, and the spider, yeah... It was THE THREE MUSKETEERS. (X)

3) What are the names of three songs on Michael Jackson's "Thriller"?

She goes with "Billie Jean", "Beat It", and "Thriller"... All three are RIGHT! (2)

4) John Hancock signed what famous historical document?

"The Declaration of Independence"... Sounds confident.... CORRECT! (PAID!)

From Tom's beat we go to Josh...

AGE: 19
VEHICLE: '97 Nissan Pathfinder
INTEL: Video gamer, makes zero dollars

Should be noted that Nick comes out with no shirt on.

1) In the song "The 12 Days of Christmas", what does your true love send on the sixth day?

Nick... completely doesn't know it, guessing "six golden rings". Her true love's gone, and so is one of his lives. It was "SIX GEESE A-LAYING" (X)

2) What famous burping food container did Earl Silas Tupper invent?

"Tupperware"... IS RIGHT! (1)

3) What former President was in the films "Cattle Queen of Montana" & "Bedtime for Bonzo"?

He guesses "Ronald Reagan"... CORRECT! (2)

4) What German word is used to wish good health after someone sneezes?

"Gesundheit"... IS CORRECT! (PAID!) And Repo Games get the finger.

Last stop on Josh's beat today...

AGE: 58
VEHICLE: '97 Buick LeSabre
INTEL: Doesn't like surprises.

They call him "Doughnuts", because he says "he has a (^_^)-filled long john." Smooth.

1) What is the name of Hugh Hefner's most recent fiancÚ?

She goes with Miss January. And he is Miss Taken. Her name is CRYSTAL HARRIS (X).

2) Name three of the five highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

He goes with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Sandra Bullock. Jennifer Aniston... CORRECT. Sandra Bullock... CORRECT. Angelina Jolie... is (^_^)ing Brad Pitt. The other three: Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, and Sarah Jessica Parker (XX)

3) How many red stripes are on the current American flag?

He says "13"... But there are only SEVEN! (REPO!) At least he's thankful for the opportunity to win his car back. That doesn't come along in a hot minute.

.... and the Repo Games van moves on....


To see this episode in its entirety, go to repogames.spike.com.