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If you can't pay, you might as well play!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Josh Lewis & Tom DeTone
Driver Greg Roberts
Creator SallyAnn Salsano
Chris Dowling
Jose Pablo Cantillo
EP Sally Ann Salsano
Scott Jeffress
Packager 495 Productions for Spike TV
Origins Various
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Airs 11p ET Tues, Spike

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Bad Boys, Bad Boys
May 24

Repo man's coming....


First up... Christopher's name is on the loan, but his wife's name is on the title. Didn't we already go through this?

Age: 43
Vehicle: '03 Ford Ranger
Intel: His lies sound better in Spanish.

And the wife's about to find out about the loan right about... now. Now he's playing for his truck AND his marriage. Before we get into the game... here come the police.. We better make this quick.

1) What five US states begin with compass directions?

North Dakota, South Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Consin. That last one is ... not even a state. (X). It was West Virginia.

And here come four cops looking for Christopher.

2) How many coins are in a ten dollar roll of quarters?

Simple question... What's 10 fours? FORTY? RIGHT! (1)

3) What British singer did Heather Mills "take an arm and a leg" from?

Paul McCartney... RIGHT AGAIN! (2).

4) What Japanese sport means "the gentle way"?

Tom needs an answer before the cops take him away... JUDO.... is... CORRECT! LOWER IT, GREG! (PAID!) Now to clear things up with a) the wifey, and b) the cops.


Next up, Josh is heading to the relative of our next lucky (?) contestant...

AGE: 36
VEHICLE: '05 Chevy Impala
INTEL: Thinks floral patterns are slimming.

And no one is letting the host talk. Until the lowdown, then Niecy wants to help. First... they need to get the game down.

1) What member of Black Sabbath was born with the first name John?

John Travolta and John Lofton... They lock in John Lofton (X). It was OZZY OSBOURNE.

2) Which three countries have a Disneyland park?

US, Africa, and Cuba... All together now.... AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY! There's United States, France, Japan, and China (XX). We need to run out now...

3) In "Beverly Hills Cop" , the character Axel Foley is from what Midwestern city?

Beverly Hills... That's where I wanna be... Unfortunately, the car's coming with us. (REPO!). It was DETROIT. Personally... I didn't even give them a chance. At least they get a ride home out of it.


Final game takes place in BFE... with a bit of a crowd. One of them...

AGE: 37
VEHICLE: '02 Oldsmobile Alero
INTEL: Definitely NOT a stripper

Scurry... Population 315... and seems like they're all there today.

1) What are the names of the four characters on South Park?

Kenny, John, Timmy, and Eddie. She got one right, but one gets her NOTHING! (X). It was Kenny, Stan, Cartman, and Kyle.

2) A raisin used to be what fruit?

A grape... She likes grapes. She ought to! (1)

3) Origami is the Japanese art of folding what into decorative forms?

Paper... another good one! (2).

4) Who was the first US first lady?

Martha.... Martha Washington? .... DROP IT, GREG! (PAID!) And they're dancing on the street in Scurry tonight.

Back next week for more. Be sure to catch "Repo Games"... because "Repo Games" catches you.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to repogames.spike.com.