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Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Josh Lewis & Tom DeTone
Creator SallyAnn Salsano
Chris Dowling
Jose Pablo Cantillo
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Scott Jeffress
Packager 495 Productions for Spike TV
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Grizzly Man

For a moment, it looked like Spike repo'd the repo guys, but we're back with a back-to-back. Tonight, the episode that made the news before the show even aired. But first...


First up... we go to one of the most dangerous places to see a tow truck... especially if you're smoking. Make that... toking.

AGE: 43
VEHICLE: '00 Jaguar
INTEL: Is HIGH really really HIGH.

Chris is with his Uncle Ziggy.

1) Where would you most likely find a fallopian tube?

"In a woman. Have something to do with a reproductive system." Yup. (1)

2) The South Pole is located on what continent?

Antarctica... Fo'sho. (2)

3) What serious actor wore a dress to play Buffy Wilson in the sitcom "Bosom Buddies"?

Harrison Ford... good guess, but it was TOM HANKS (X).

4) Who is the second man to walk on the moon?

Neil Armstrong... was the first. BUZZ ALDRIN was the second (XX). It's serious now.

5) How many hours are in a 7am to 11pm shift, with a half-hour break?

15.5 hours... The Jag is getting... paid off tonight. (PAID!) And this is when he's incredibly stoned! Imagine when he's lucid!


AGE: 26
VEHICLE: '03 Chevy Impala
INTEL: Cheating on his girlfriend with his car

Some things you don't want to see on TV... a grown man dry-humping his Impala... among them.

1) What city are you in if you just watched the Ball Drop live from Times Square?

He knows this... New York... LOVE IT. (1)

2) LBD stands for "little black..." what?

First thing that popped into his head is... something we can't repeat here... and even if we could, we can't possibly say if it's true or not. He ends up locking in dog... (X) Dog would look good in a DRESS.

3) What type of liquor is Captain Morgan and Bacardi?

Rum. That was quick. That's also right. (2)

4) What is the only state to share a border with just one other state?

Maine.... IS RIGHT! (PAID!) Go get your baby, dude! Brian Erlacher fan... a little touched up there, but happy nonetheless.


Back in Vegas with Tom at the wheel.

AGE: 34
VEHICLE: '00 Toyota 4Runner
INTEL: Teaches real good

I betcha our deal is a lot better than your lender's.

1) In baseball, what is special about a pitcher described as a southpaw?

She says that he can throw both left and right. Her first instinct was that he was left-handed. First instincts are always right (X).

2) What South American country has 2700 miles of coast but is only 150 miles wide?

She goes with Cuba... which is not in South America (XX). It was CHILE.

3) Whose face is depicted on the US $10 bill?

She going with Madison... and I fear our public school system (REPO!). It was ALEXANDER HAMILTON... and so much for the teacher.

Don't go anywhere, because there's more where that came from... Including the game that got everyone talking.


To see this episode in its entirety, go to repogames.spike.com.