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In the world's ultimate talent search, where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

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Round of 4 Redux: Hits from Today and Yesterday
May 1

Last week... as Candace and Amber stood at the bottom 2.

"The person leaving tonight is... no one."

... The dream continues for our final four, but at a cost. From here on out, NO MORE SECOND CHANCES.

Tonight's themes: 2013 Hits and Standards. In the mentor's chair this week, an American Idol favorite, Harry Connick Jr.

ROUND 1: 2013 HITS

Angie Miller is taking on Rihanna for the second week in a row. But will her star shine as bright as it did with "Diamonds"?

THEY SAY: Keith was kept "waiting for it to happen", saying she should've changed the melody as well. Nicki thought it was different than anything she's ever done... in that it was disconnected from the piano. "It was bland, it was lackluster, and you can do a lot better." Randy agrees with Keith. "Once you hit the chorus, that was it." Mariah agreed that she was playing to the camera too much.

WE SAY: She said she was going to do a different version of it. Take away the orchestration, and it's the same arrangement. It's a good song for HER range, but if you say you're going to do different, you need to deliver.

And the only reason Mariah and Nicki's little family feud is bubbling to the surface again? Because it's sweeps.

Amber Holcomb admits to being iffy on the words to Pink's "Just Give Me a Reason". And yet, she's singing it.

THEY SAY: Nicki says the voice is there, but she didn't see a connection. Randy says she looks "out-of-her-mind nervous". Mariah said that we need to see more confidence. Keith is busying going ballistic, and all I can remember is his shirt saying "I AM THE STIG".

WE SAY: She sounds decent enough, but you could notice a few hiccups. Either she forgot the lyrics or she was given a bum mic. Either way, there were some outages, and it was a bit restrained and, frankly, being overthinking.

Haley Reinhart is in the audience. No one notices. Candice Glover sings "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars, EVERYONE notices.

THEY SAY: Randy says she can sing anything. Mariah agrees. Keith talks about giraffes. Nicki leads the panel in a standing O.

WE SAY: That was either a stylistic choice or you have serious breath control problems. That said, it's a classic case of making lemonade out of lemons. It sounds good, but take a moment and think about this... Was this really THE song to sing? Tonight? After ALL THAT'S HAPPENED THIS WEEK?!

That leaves Kree Harrison and a song that Carrie Underwood did on THIS stage a few weeks ago. The song? "See You Again", a great song. but can Kree do it proper justice?

THEY SAY: Mariah thought it was very connected, and she "felt" her. Keith thought the staging was a little "out of sync", but the song was "faultless". Nicki loved it, saying she "sang with her eyes." Randy thinks that this is another talent show on another network, saying he's in love with her voice.

WE SAY: A simple song sung simply and without a hint of pretense about it. Carrie would be proud.

And Harry Connick Jr., who was backstage the whole time, LOVED IT. I'd say that's round 1 to you.

Ryan doesn't know who The Stig is... RYAN, YOU FAIL.


First up, Angie has "Someone to Watch Over Me".

THEY SAY: Keith thought the timbre, the clarity, and presence were beautiful. Nicki is in the mind of a Disney princess. Randy did NOT love the arrangement of the middle, but the vocal was amazing. Mariah can relate to Angie's story; her mum sang it to her as well.

WE SAY: And we're back to dramatics. Yes, it sounds good, and it hits all the notes. But this is search for a recording star, not for a Broadway star.

Amber redoes a judge's favorite in Vegas... here's "My Funny Valentine". Will lightning strikes twice?

THEY SAY: the judges don't need to say anything. Her father crying in the audience speaks for itself.

WE SAY: It's a song we've all heard a thousand times before. Hence, "standard". It starts out very nice and flowing, but then Amber ventures into the over-thinking song and ends up stiff until the "Stay little valentine" modulation. But flashes of brilliance will not win this competition.

Candice takes the three-spot with her rendition of "You've Changed" by Billie Holliday.

THEY SAY: Randy says she felt what she sang. Mariah begs everyone to download this. Keith thought it was controlled. Nicki... defers to the host.

WE SAY: One of the things Harry said, "Just sing the lyric." She does. Now think about your man changing. Congratulations. You've connected.

Kree will close the show out with "Stormy Weather", trying to merge Lena Horne and Etta James. Harry instructs her to keep the melody simple and remember what you're singing about.

THEY SAY: Mariah needed to hear more "rawness" out of it. Keith would've chosen a different song, but she had beautiful instincts. Nicki reminds her to go with what is organic for her. And remember song choice! Randy thought it was good. Harry? "You're telling her to sing like Etta James. You need to sing it like you. Learn the song, THEN be Kree. " I think we just heard Harry's audition for the panel.

WE SAY: Round 2 to you as well. I would not worry too much about going home. Actually, I would, because it's top 3 and... yeah.

We're going to close the song tonight with a group with "Wings" by Little Mix, another big song of 2013 (by a group from The X Factor UK).

OVERALL.... Last week, Amber and Candice were in the bottom. Those votes are going to be added to this week's votes. If I were Amber, I would be concerned.

To see extras from this episode, go to www.americanidol.com.