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In the world's ultimate talent search, where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
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Judges Mariah Carey
Randy Jackson
Nicki Minaj
Keith Urban
Mentor Jimmy Iovine
Announcer Mark Thompson
Creator Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
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Hollywood Week: Part 3
February 13

Last week, we reduced all the guys to 28 as we prepare to make the deepest cut so far in the competition, down to the final 20 guys. That... will have to wait until tomorrow, because next, it's the ladies' turn.

Valley Performance Arts Center - Northridge

Remember all the things we did last week with the guys? We're going to do it again with the girls. And there are more girls this year than guys, so expect the cuts to come hard and fast.

DAY 1: The Women's Line Sing

First up is Angela Miller, Victoria Acosta, and Mariah Pulice (19; Darien, IL; restaurant hostess), who starts us off with "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles. Angela (18; Bevely, MA; food worker) follows with Jessie J's "Who You Are." Victoria (20; San Antonio; mariachi singer) tries to kill it with "Killing Me Softly with His Song" by Roberta Flack. Angela and Victoria... are in. Mariah is out. Joining her, Ashley Smith, Ann DeFani, and Sarah Restuccio. And the ladies are officially on notice.

Next are a couple of country girls. Rachel Hale (21; Prescott, AR; student) is just happy to be here. Janelle Arthur (23; Oliver Springs, TN; fitness instructor)... just as happy, but not as expressive about it. Rachel sings Grace Potter & the Nocturnals' "Nothing But The Water"; Janelle, "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by Hank Williams. Both are good enough to pass through, but how long is THAT gonna last?

It's a tense scene backstage as coming out now are Candice Glover (23; St. Helena Island, SC; administrative assistant), who got a standing O in Charlotte gets another with "Impossible" by Alicia Keys. Megan Miller (22; Baton Rouge, LA; Miss Greater Baton Rouge) was on crutches during auditions. She's walking on her own now with "Titanium" by David Guetta. Candice is in... and Megan is out.

Isabelle Pasqualone (22; Duluth, GA; student) from NYC definitely had the chops, but she didn't have the confidence. That changes with "Summertime" from "Porgy and Bess". She's in.

And finally... Kez Ban (27; Durham, NC; street performer). What can be said that hasn't been said already? She's a firecracker and she cracks fire. Kez Ban's voice... is shot to hell and back from getting a cold and screaming. Joining her, Briana Oakley (16; Antioch, CA; student) with "Impossible". THEY'RE ALL IN! In total 82 girls make it through. But the fun is just getting started, because Group Night begins tonight. Nigel... Ken... man your teams.

DAY 2: The Women's Group Sing

One key difference between this week and last... It's a scientific* fact** that all women hate each other.

First group to be assembled: Lauren Bettes, Isabelle, Erin Christine, and Zoanette Johnson. They and others are up and running. The group of Angela Miller, Janelle Arthur, Breanna Steer, and Kez Ban are struggling to get off the mark. Kez wants substance. The others... want to dance and stuff. Brandy Neelly, Kree Harrison, Haley Davis, and Brittany Kellogg from last year are in a group... and they have a song. Yay! Then they actually practice... and trouble bubbles.

Zonnette is losing her voice with her group... The Misfits... are losing all grasp on reality. "I don't have to sing a song that makes me want to vomit, yay!" Yeah, she's a little hard to work with. It should be noted that Kez has zero internal filter. Her group will rehearse without her if need be, and not even let her know. That's groupy.

Next morning comes, and 19 groups are going to take the stage with no idea which one's going to come together and which one is going to fall flat. The band is in place, and the eliminations will be final. In fact, the only piece missing is head judge Randy, who's in the studio at the moment.

First, the Swagettes (Melinda Ademi, Kamaria Ousley, Denise Jackson, and Candice Glover) with "Hit'em Up Style" by Blu Cantrell. Saucy. And Candice kills it. Watch her be the first upset special this season. As for right now.... she and the rest of the Swagettes are THROUGH. One down, 18 to go.

Next, Raisin' Cain (Morgan Leigh Boberg, Lauren Mink, Brandy Hotard, an an unnamed fourth) with a lot of cowgirl boots and a lot of cowgirl swag, singing "Sin Wagon" by the Dixie Chicks... and they're all through.

Almost Famous (Savannah Votion, Lizz Weiss, Daysia Hall, J'Leigh Chauvin) are holding their breaths from last night, doing "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye.. with zero harmony built in. Before... AND after the arrangement. That was a hot mess. Daysia is the only one who moves on. But only JUST. And Savannah.... yeah, she's not bitter. Of course not.

The Dramatics (Kriss Mincey, Janel Stinney, Onye, and Christabel Clack) are living up to their billing. While Janelle's group calls it a night, Janel decides to continue practicing on her own... up until the morning when her group arrives. And she blows off the group for her mum. And then she has the audacity to laud them in a confessional. She IS a solo artist after all.  They take the stage with "If I Die Young" by the Band Perry, BSing their lyrics as they go on. Nicki? "I enjoyed you guys messing up the words more than I have enjoyed any other performance today." Keith? "I had an almost complete opposite reaction to this song." But Nicki loves it. She's crazy town. And as a result, all four of them are going through.... That's it. I quit....




... FINE, GORDON, Geez....

Shubha Vedula, Sarina-Joi Crowe, and Aubrey Cleland are all group day stand-outs.

Next up, Urban Hue (Kiara Lanier, Jett Hermano, Tenna Torres, and Seretha Guinn), looking to impress with "American Boy" by Estelle. All of a sudden, Nicki doesn't like to watch people screw up. She likes Tenna. She hates the song choice. Seretha steps forward. And she's going home. The other three have to step it up.

Randy's back, so we'll finally get someone who makes sense on the panel. First up to face the Dawg, the Pooh Snaps, with Lauren, Isabelle, Erin, and a stand-outish Zoanette who manages to turn around and give us that million dollar smile with "Knock On Wood". And she stands out IN A DIFFERENT WAY this time. Lauren is going home. The other three Pooh Snaps are snapping through.

Handsome Women (Courtney Calle, Shira Gavrielov, Liz Bills, and Alisha Dixon) struggled throughout the night. Shira, Courtney, and Alisha think that Liz is too cool for the room. And then Liz shows up, finally. They're going to sing "Somebody That I Used To Know", but who'll be ... that? That would be... everyone except Liz. Liz moves on. Shira is none too pleased, and she becomes this season's requisite "give me another chance" girl.

We have a group decide to change their song THIS MORNING. Here's For You (Stephanie Schimel, Alex Delaney, Kalli Therinae, and Holly Miller) with NOT "Total Eclipse of the Heart", but "Somebody That I Used To Know". First of all, it's overdone. Second of all... what are you doing changing the song TWO HOURS before showtime? Stephanie really wanted to do the song. Holly was the only one who KNEW it. Stephanie and Holly.... are in. Alex and Kalli are out.

Time for the yearly lyrics montage!

Kree Harrison, Haley Davis, and Brittany Kellogg are getting frustrated, but where's Brandy Neelly? They plan to relearn the harmony and work without her. Here are "The Dolly Chicks" with "Sin Wagon". This is not a unanimous decision. Haley, Kree, Brittany,... all through. Brandy bolted the group early, so now SHE bolts.

The time has come for the Misfits (a perpetually hungry and perpetually missing Kez Ban, Angela Miller, Janelle Arthur, Breanna Steer), as their performance is getting ready to hit the stage, with or without Kez Ban. They end up sing "Be My Baby". They are emotionally flat in the background. The solos are infinitely brighter... well, as bright as Kez can make it. They all make it!

So we've cut the field into half. Tomorrow, WE WILL name your final 40. It will not be a good day to have a bad day.

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