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In the world's ultimate talent search, where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Ryan Seacrest
Judges Randy Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
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Round of 12: Year Of Your Birth
March 15

Chico: Hey there internet. It's Chico Alexander alongside Jason Block, and to say yesterday was interesting would be an understatement.
Jason: We thought it was going to be a round of 12. We planned for a round of 12.
Chico: That's what we planned for, but with the unexpected DQ of Jermaine Jones, we have a round of 11.  With one performance strictly for show. We'll talk more about the decision to air out that process in its entirety this weekend on WLTI, but right now we're just concentrating on the results. Who was the year of their birth kind to this year?
Jason: Honestly...some. Not all. But now... THIS........is AMERICAN IDOL. We are live from Hollywood
Chico: Yes sir. We got a little results.
Jason: We have Demi Lovato.
Chico: We got a little Daughtry...
Jason: And we have spots on the tour bus.
Chico: Ten seats on the bus. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Vogue... and on a cover of a new single, March 29. Hey did you know we have an image advisor this year? And it's none other than Tommy Hilfiger.
Jason: He needed a job after "The Cut" LOL. But this is a good fit.
Chico: He needs an emotional transplant. He wants to transform the contestants by the time they hit the stage.
Jason: From an image and fashion perspective.
Chico: Right. Okay, let's talk the bottom three... Time for another round of...


Chico: Jason, your three and show your work, please
Jason: You just want the three?
Chico: All we have time for.
Jason: Deandre's performance was boring and sleep inducing, Shannon was too small for the song, and Heejun was a breathy mess.
Chico: I had the same three, believe it or not.
Jason: Shannon and Deandre are in the bottom two. And Shannon goes home.
Chico: That's where we differ. I think Heejun has the emotional authenticity of a brick.
Jason: Yes. Oh and no save this week.
Chico: He and Shannon are your bottom. Now to a Ford Music Video.
Jason: To Ghost Town
Chico: by Shiny Toy Guns. Remember not to cross the streams.
Jason: And BTW...someone was in there before he got kicked :-) Okay, SL/SM time.
Chico: First up, Phillip, Skylar, Elise and Joshua. I betcha they're all safe, but let's take a look at the recap.
Jason: I sense all four on the tour.
Chico: Phillip had "Hard to Handle"... and was amazing.
Jason: Right in his wheelhouse.
Chico: Jimmy says that he went far beyond the call of duty.
Jason: Skylar's Love snuck up on her.
Chico: Skylar went the country rock route with Bonnie Raitt's "Love Sneakin' Up On You"
Jason: Great performance there too.
Chico: Jimmy thinks that she's better than she was last night, but that song wasn't for her. Elise wants to stay... together. Another good, raspy performance. She was very believable. Joshua Ledet gets the crown last night for "When a Man Loves a Woman".
Jason: It was over the top.
Chico: That's worth a plate of crawfish.
Jason: And a spot on the bus.
Chico: Joshua's had a moment. After an email from Percy Sledge (yes, THAT Percy Sledge)... Joshua... is going touring!
Jason: Duh.
Chico: ... and so is Phillip!
Jason: Right on.
Chico: ... and so is Skylar. Elise is in the bottom three tonight.
Jason: Stunned actually.
Chico: Well, I am, but I ain't.
Jason: Right,
Chico: You can have voices, but you need votes. But if I can be blunt for a moment. I honestly think NO ONE goes home tonight.
Jason: That's what I think too.
Chico: Because that's how it's been for a long time. Someone gets ejected, the rest of the field gets a save. Idol only goes on as long as it has to. No more, no less. I've been reading a lot of items, and they all seem to gloss over that fact. Back to the stage we go, as we have the new single from Demi Lovato, "Give Your Heart a Break".
Jason: And yes, she is LIVE. And...holy young adult batman :-)
Chico: ... she's a little pitchy, dawg.
Jason: This is from her 2nd album "Unbroken". You know how to get it.
Chico: Yup.
Jason: Itunes, Amazon the whole nine
Chico: Good stuff
Jason: and there's the album as we go to break :-) More results now.
Chico: Back to business... Colton, Shannon, Deandre, and Jessica are next.
Jason: Serious lights, serious music with the Jimmy critique.
Chico: Deandre had "Endless Love"... we didn't. It was the wrong song, but ultimately it was Deandre's choice. Colton had "Broken Heart". It was an okay song choice for him, and he did it okay. Jimmy disagrees... he thought it was the wrong song. Jason said... too obscure. Shannon did not have "One Sweet Day". It was all over the place for me. Her voice was too weak. Jimmy said she pushed too hard yesterday. Jessica Sanchez "Turn the Beat Around"... and it didn't work for her. Oh god did it not work for her.
Jason: I thought it did.
Chico: SL/SM time. Colton... is on the bus.
Jason: And Ryan...stop with the swerves. Jessica is on the bus
Chico: .... Deandre... is on the bus. So Shannon joins Elise in the bottom three.
Jason: Got one :-)
Chico: Yay.
Jason: Ah Jennifer :-)
Chico: I could say something about something else in her.
Jason: And now from "Break the Spell", "Outta My Head" from...
Chico: Someone who was on the bus in season 5...
Chico: My dad's a fan of his.
Jason: I am a fan :-)
Chico: Me too. I gotta support a fellow Tar Heel. Okay, the album is "Break the Spell". The tour is forthcoming... Buffalo, March 20.
Jason: Be there.
Chico: Results time. Now it's Erika, Heejun, and Hollie.
Jason: Hollie blew out Celine.
Chico: Celine who? I think Hollie puts the rest of the girls on notice. As for Heejun... he just blew.
Jason: Then there's Heejun...OUCH.
Chico: There's already an Asian pop star, Jimmy... Far East Movement.
Jason: Like a G6
Chico: Erika Van Pelt was not in "Heaven" either. She overthought that. And she overarranged that. And oversang. Hollie... GET ON THE BUS! Erika.... get on the trouble stage.
Jason: wow.
Chico: Heejun is on the bus. I don't know how, but that's the vote.The bottom three tonight..


Chico: Thoughts?
Jason: Shannon goes home.
Chico: ... Elise gets another shot. She's SAFE. That leaves Shannon and Erika in the bottom two. Can't say I'm surprised.
Jason: Nope. Erika was #4. And BTW...the reason why people are voting for Heejun...Asian. Nothing more.
Chico: Okay... Serious time... On tour tonight.... ERIKA! Shannon Magrane will sing for her life. I still think she gets saved somehow. The song... "One Sweet Day"
Jason: nope. she goes. ouch.....wow. not good.
Chico: Yikes. Let's go to the judges... And it's the end of the line for Shannon.
Jason: Not a shock.
Chico: That's weird. Not a shock, but weird. This is definitely a departure from SOP.
Jason: There will be a non-elimination week somewhere
Chico: there has to be.
Jason: So who does this help? Every female to be honest.
Chico: Yep. We'll have more about this this week on WLTI. In the meanwhile, we're going to call it a night. Thanks for watching. Thanks for voting. And don't forget to support local & independent music. Good night, America!
Jason: Good night!

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