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In the world's ultimate talent search, where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Ryan Seacrest
Judges Randy Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
Steven Tyler
Mentor Jimmy Iovine
Creator Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
EP Nigel Lythgoe
Ken Warwick
Cecile Frot-Coutaz
Simon Fuller
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Hollywood Round: Part 3
February 15

Last week, we were dropping the boom and dropping the contestants as 185 of the 310 that were invited to Hollywood survived to the dreaded Group Sing. Another half is set to go, and it might as well have to do with who you're singing with as what you're singing. Time to put it all on the stage.

But first, we pick up where we left off last night with some unfinished business regarding one hopeful vocalist and one nasty stage dive.

HOLLYWOOD... Sort of.
Pasadena Civic Auditorium
Day 3

We start where we left off last time with the Betties - Jennifer Malsch, Cherie Tucker, Cari Quoyeser, Gabrielle Cavassa, and an unnamed fifth - singing "Hit'em Up Style". That. Was. A horrendous start. And anyone not named Cari or Jennifer is going to pay for it.

Next group has Nick Boddington, Reed Grimm, Aaron Marcella, Jen Hirsh, and Creighton Fraker - Groovesauce - singing "Hold On I'm Coming". Now THAT'S more like it. Hope everyone took notes in the audience, because THAT'S how you do it. ALL FIVE are through. And if no one from this group wins, there's always "The Sing Off." JUST SAYING.

679 is next with Kyle Crews, Brielle von Hugel, Joshua Ledet, Shannon Magrane, and a fifth named Amber with "Hit'em Up Style". And it's game over for Kyle.

The Make You Believers with patient zero, Amy Brumfield, joining with Jacquie Cera... who fell weak to the floor. Will she make it? She... will with Dustin Cundiff forgetting "More than a Feeling"... and Amy... likewise. Mathenee Treco doesn't forget. Jacquie, Amy, and Dustin... are all going home. Mathenee is through.

Group round continues with a group with... a lack of lyrics... and no one is more ticked off than the judges. Remember, everyone gets nervous, but you have to perform. You know, no one has pulled the Simon trigger as of yet.

Next up with "Stuck Like Glue" are Those Girls - Alisha Bernhardt, Samantha Novacek, and two others - and That Guy - Christian Lopez. Those Girls and That Guy are those losers. It was NOT great at all.

Area 451 - Bryce Garcia, Johnny Keyser, Kristi Krause, and Imani Handy - has another setback; Imani has fallen to the Idol Bug. Meanwhile Hollywood Five, David Leathers Jr., Gabi Carrubba, Eben Franckiewicz, Ariel Sprague, and Jeremy Rosado, have "Mercy". Another lights out performance from a group with everything tight. They're ALL through.

Back to Area 451, and Imani wants to go up to join them... but she can't. Determined, but weakened, she's going to join the group. They sing "Broken Strings". Which is funny, because that's what it sounded like to start. Imani starts to bring it home... when she falls out on stage again. The audition stops then and there. Needless to say, Imani is done. Joining her are Bryce and Kristi.

Reis Kloeckner, Symone Black, and WT Thompson are joining them on the road home.

One more group to go... MIT with Heejun Han, Richie Law, Jairon Jackson, and Phillip Phillips. Richie goes back to confessional on his own to air his grievances in private. "One person in this group is probably going to be taken down." Will it ironically be Richie with "Broken Strings"? Nope. They're ALL through. And that brings the Group Sing to a close. Erika Van Pelt, Adam Broke, Hallie Day, Elise Testone, and the rest of the 98 survivors are headed to...

Day 4

It's the day of the Solo Sing. This year, you are allowed an instrument or the use of the house band, Ray Chew and the Groove. We're all warmed up with Steven and Randy's bass skills on the stage... and Jennifer nowhere in sight.

Joshua Ledet is first with Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts". That's followed by Colton Dixon's "What About Now" (Daughtry), Phil Phillips' "Wicked Game" (Chris Isaak), and Jen Hirsh's "Georgia On My Mind" (Ray Charles).

Creighton Fraker ("What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong) sets the stage on fire, but a few lyrics flubs bring the rain.

Reed Grimm wanted to sing an a cappella... but that is quickly stopped by the producers, so he's going to have to suppositorily put together a performance with new vocal coach Peisha McPhee (C-Note: Fun fact... Katharine McPhee's mum). Should be noted that she takes no BS.

Shannon Magrane ("What a Wonderful World") sets the stage... while Reed is still practicing... until showtime. Reality is finally starting to sink in for Reed, who only now sees it as make-or-break. Reed has an idea... to play the drums... while singing "Georgia on My Mind".

And. He. Nails it.

Skylar Laine is the next victim to the Idol Bug. She's going to need all the strength she has and then some to get through "You Lie" by Reba. Following her is Rachelle Lamb ("The House That Built Me" by Miranda Lambert).... who forgets a lyrics.

Grand finale comes on the heels of Adam Brock, who thinks American Idol needs some white chocolate up in here, so he delivers "Georgia On My Mind".

Now to the waiting rooms.

Number 1: Creighton Fraker, Jen Hirsh, Erika van Pelt, Hallie Day, Adam Brock, Joshua Ledet... and the first result, delivered by the judges... IN. Jermaine Jones, Lauren Gray, and David Leathers are all relieved.

Number 2: Phil Phillips, Eben Franckewicz, Skylar Laine, and Shannon Magrane. Steven has the news.... and it's GOOD NEWS. Reed Grimm and Jessica Phillips will also live to sing another day.

Number 3: Rachelle Lamb, Brittany Kerr, Jennifer Malsch, Jayrah Gibson, Sarah Phillips, and Madison Shanley. And a belch, and a snort. That's just setting everyone off. Or, rather... just setting off Madison. Enough of that, because the judges have a verdict. Room 3.... is OUT.

Number 4: Stephanie Renae, Baylie Brown, Gabi Carrubba, Britnee Kellogg, and Angie Zeiderman. Also here... Heejun Han and Richie Law. The end result... IN!

And then there were 72, give or take. Next stop... Vegas.

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