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America's most notorious physical trainer is back in session to challenge America to get into shape.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Alison Sweeney
Trainers Bob Harper
Jillian Michaels
Dolvett Quince
Creator Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Mark Koops
EP Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Todd Lubin
Lisa Hennessey
Eden Gaha
JD Roth
Todd A. Nelson
Packager 25/7 Productions
Shine America
Origins Malibu Creek State Park; Malibu, CA
Web www.biggestloser.com
Airs 8p ET Mon; NBC
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Down to the Wire
March 11

It's a challenge each one of us has to face sometime. You lose a load of weight, then you're tempted to fall back into old habits. Luckily for the Losers, newer habits die harder deaths, and as a result of their hard work (each one had to lose 5 percent of their weight), no one gets sent home. But as they are going to learn tonight, victory has a price and it is steep. Because this week, you're gonna have to fight to stay in the competition, and one pound could be the difference between competing for $250,000 and going home.

As we begin the final phase of the competition...

Danni Allen: 174
Joe Ostrazewski: 244
Jeff Nichols: 276
Jackson Carter: 235
Gina McDonald: 163

As a reminder, tonight there will be a red line for the lowest percentage lost and a yellow line for the two before, and that line will go to America for a vote.

After the non-elimination, Gina admits that Danni is her biggest competition going into the final week on campus. Jackson is SO CLOSE to the goal he can see it. And Jeff? He's finally going to complete a goal.

Next day at the gym, the trainers have brought in some friends... Sunny, Lindsay, and Biingo, looking awesome, a far cry from day 1 on the ranch, as we see in a run-up reel to the present day.

Back to work with you. The trainers promise to push. The Losers promise to push back. Jackson's gut... pushes WAY back. After 11 weeks, his acidotic body is still not retaining anything after a workout. But unlike the Jackson Carter we met two months ago, he's getting right back on his horse and riding it to the end. Gina's foot snaps as she is finishing up on the treadmill. Will she play through the pain? CAN SHE? She can. She will.

Dr. Joanna is back in the house to give us an update on the kids. First, Lindsay, who was pre-diabetic. No longer. But it's on her to continue to take care of her. Biingo had a BMI in the "risky" purple zone. Today, he's in the yellow zone, having lost 25% of his body weight. His mom... went down five dress sizes. That's called challenge. Sunny had high triglycerides and high LDL and VLDL cholesterol (the bad ones). Today... normal lipid panel. This will more than likely only make sense to me, because I'm a medical scientist. But the long and short of it... small changes in your lifestyle produce BIG results.

Cue the run-up reels of each of the five losers.

CHALLENGE AMERICA: Breanna, a 10-year-old from Clovis, CA, was heavier than she was this time last year. That was 186 pounds. At 9 years old. She's been motivated by this season and 72 pounds lighter, she's getting active with the help of friends.

Fun fact: Danni has set a Biggest Loser record, putting on 19 pounds of muscle in 3 months.

CHALLENGE #13: Put Your Weight Back On

It's cold up on Mountain High Ski Resort, as our Losers are about to find out. They have one last mountain to climb... and they're going to do it while putting on every pound that they've lost on a sled: Joe, 120, Danni, 84, Jeff, 112, Jackson, 93, and Gina, 82. They will have to stop at weigh stations in order to pick up weights that correspond to how much they've lost over the last few weeks. The person who summits the mount first will win a 1-pound advantage at the weigh-in.

At the end of the run, it's a neck-and-neck race... and it goes to... a commercial!

WINNER: JOE! Followed by Danni, Jackson, Jeff, and Gina... who, in a defining moment of awesome, is helped by the entire team. Not just five competitors at this moment... but a family.

And if you ever wanted to bean Sweeney with a snowball, get your fill...

Soup time. Right now, diet is going to be hard to keep up with at home. We know that, and we're going to work at it. This was just an easy product placement... because the economics of TV have changed.

Now it's time to say goodbye to the kids one last time. The next time that they'll see the trainers will be at the finale. And now... it's time for one more... Dolvett?

"LAST.... Last Chance Workout!" Danni is starting to fall apart, and it's not exactly giving Jillian the good feeling, so she goes outside to probe her protege, who's seeing people who haven't worked as hard as she has. It'll be okay, and it'll work out as it's meant to. We can't think about $250,000. You think about how you respond to the challenge you've been given.

Gina's foot is holding up. Jeff has brought Bob to tears in this LCW, saying how he has inspired him especially with the loss of his father and everything he's gone through.


As a reminder, there is a red line and a yellow line. The person who falls under the Red Line is eliminated. The people who fall under the Yellow Line will be at America's mercy.

Joe (-1): 239 (-5) - 2.46%
Jackson: 230 (-5) - 2.13%
Gina: 161 (-2) - 1.23%

Jeff (needs to have lost more than 6)
: 265 (-11) - 3.99% - FINALIST!
Danni (-2 stays, -4 guarantees a final slot)
: 163 (-11) - 6.32% - FINALIST!

That means Gina is going home, BUT she's still in the running for the $100,000 at-home prize. We'll she how she gets on next week.

Meanwhile, America, it's on you to decide WHO to send up to weigh-in against Jeff and Danni. In the meantime, enjoy a week at one of the Biggest Loser Resort locations. Go to NBC.com/biggestloser to cast your vote. We'll see you next week to see who will become the 14th BIGGEST LOSER!

... Oh, wait, one more thing...

EPILOGUE: Since starting her journey, Gina has lost 100 pounds. She's gained self-security, speed, and a new lease on her love life. And her family life. She hopes to lose another 25 pounds to become the winner of the at-home prize.

To see more information regarding this episode, go to www.biggestloser.com. To apply to be a contestant on "The Biggest Loser", visit the official website at nbc.com/casting