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January 6


America's most notorious physical trainer is back in session to challenge America to get into shape.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Alison Sweeney
Trainers Bob Harper
Jillian Michaels
Dolvett Quince
Creator Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Mark Koops
EP Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Todd Lubin
Lisa Hennessey
Eden Gaha
JD Roth
Todd A. Nelson
Packager 25/7 Productions
Shine America
Origins Malibu Creek State Park; Malibu, CA
Web www.biggestloser.com
Airs 8p ET Mon; NBC
/Biggest Loser

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Get Moving
January 7

Yesterday, the trainers met the 15 contestants losing for a quarter million and their three team captains, teenage ambassadors for change in the way we view childhood obesity. So far, the White Team has a hard go at it, losing two members in one week - one to a walkout (Nikki), and one to a Red Line (TC). Sixteen are left to challenge America as we combat this horrible epidemic.

As we begin this next phase of competition...

Pam: 227 (-10)
Nathan: 339 (-20)
Danni: 239 (-19)
LBS LOST: 69 (5.61%)

Lisa: 230 (-16)
Jackson: 306 (-22)
Francelina: 248 (-19)
Cate: 225 (-12)
Joe: 338 (-26)
LBS LOST: 95 (6.59%)

Jeff: 359 (-29)
Michael: 423 (-21)
David: 287 (-20)
Alex: 231 (-9)
Gina: 230 (-15)
LBS LOST: 94 (5.79%)

The next day after weigh-in, Ali arrives with ANOTHER RED LINE week. We also have three custom outdoor workout areas designed by the three trainers. All of the players will be training in their respective areas.

Bob will have the Blues workout with specially trained workout assassins, chosen to motivate the team to push themselves beyond their limits.

Dolvett's Dungeon welcomes the Reds, forcing them to use their bodies in ways that they are not accustomed to. Jackson, on week one, found out that he is medically restricted to "a President's walk".

In Jillian's playground, there's not a whole lot in their. Because ultimately the best tool you have in the fight against fat... is your own body.

Basically put for all three teams, it's the Initial Workout... on steroids.

Mike is our first casualty of the two hours, as he struggles to breathe. Bob tells him not to forget how laborious this is, especially in the face of temptation. Meanwhile, David is struggling to work out on a hurt knee. On everyone's mind.. the Week 2 Curse. That is, you lose a mountain of water weight to start, and in week 2... you plateau or WORSE. On the Whites, Pam and Danni are falling to pieces. They look at the Reds and notice that the words "can't" or "won't" are not in their words. Unfortunately, that's all the Whites know. Luckily, Jillian's good at two things... yelling and picking you up afterwards.

The players get a medical wake-up call. As a medical professional myself, I will adhere to my ethical code, and not discuss it here. But I will say that 80 percent of Americans are over-fat. If that doesn't scare you, nothing will.

On the Whites, Jillian has what we call in the South a come-to-Jesus meeting. What you see as anger is actually fear. The people who watch this show on a regular are not inspired by her or anyone of the other trainers... they're inspired by you. You can try and fail and try again... or you can fail to try and fail again. It's time to create a new pattern and go back to basics. And most of all, remember... you would not be here if you didn't deserve to be here.

FOLLOW-UP: Patrick House (winner, season 10), now over 200 down, is going back to his old school to challenge America to get moving.

CHALLENGE #1: Getting Charged

First of all... 8-time NFL Pro Bowler Antonio Gates, representing the NFL's Play60 campaign. He's going to help us with his next challenge, as are our three captains Biingo, Lindsay, and Sunny.

This is a timed event designed to test speed, strength, agility, and all four. The fastest time wins a visit from the captain's FAVORITE NFL star AND $5000 for their school.

Q1: SPEED - compete in a series of suicide shuttle races. White leads, 48 seconds to Blue's 50 and Red's 54.

Q2: AGILITY - traverse tackling dummies, hurdles, and a cargo rope. White leads with 1:34 to Red's 1:41 and Blue's 1:41.

Q3: STRENGTH - The Gauntlet. Blue wins this heat, but White continues to lead with 2:05 to Blue's 2:09. Red is on 2:57.

Q4: Crunch time. Michael vs. Nathan vs. Joe vs. ALL THREE AREAS. 

Final scores...

COLTS: 3:01 


Sunny's getting a Play60 Super School Visit! And Antonio is adding on an additional $5000 to High Desert School for their participation in this challenge. Now let's go for a run.

To see Sunny get her reward, go to BiggestLoser.com.

Back at the troubled Whites, Jillian's starting over, while Nathan wants to be here for as long as he can. Pam... "I suck at this. I suck at this. I suck at this." No you don't. Now get back up.

With the kids, Biingo was playing basketball and broke his foot. But he was active, so there's a bright side. Good, because it's time for the Biggest Loser Fitness Test. You'll take it now and again near the end of the series. As for Biingo, cut down on food, stay active, and... stay positive. 

LAST CHANCE WORKOUT TIME! We're gonna have so much fun with Bob, Jillian, and their teams together. "We're gonna have fun today!" Yeah, fun as defined by Geneva, I bet. And people think Bob's the nice one? BOB'S AN ANIMAL.


Tonight, we have another Red Line. Find yourself at the wrong end of it, and you'll find yourself on the van home.

David: 278 (-9)
Gina: 223 (-7)
Alex: 225 (-6)
Michael: 409 (-14)
Jeff: 359 (0) - YOU'VE GOT THE CURSE!
"Mathematically, that makes no sense."
LBS LOST: 36 (2.35%)

RED (needs to lose more than 31 lbs)
Cate: 220 (-5)
Francelina: 242 (-6)
Jackson: 302 (-4)
Joe: 326 (-12)
Lisa: 225 (-5)
LBS LOST: 32 (2.38%) - SAFE

WHITE (needs to lose more than 18 lbs)
Pam: 219 (-8)
Danni: 234 (-5)
Nathan: 334 (-5) - ELIMINATED

And in two weeks, we've gone from five teammates to TWO.

Of course, we have S&P watching, so let's see the numbers.

1) PAM - 3.52%
2) DANNI - 2.09%
3) NATHAN - 1.47%

EPILOGUE: Nathan lost a total of 25 pounds on the show. Since his elimination, he's gotten out of the 300s, and is now 60 pounds down to 299. He's well on his way to achieving his goals, the least of which is putting a ring on that lovely lady of his.

And of course, she said yes. All the best to you both.

To see more information regarding this episode, go to www.biggestloser.com. To apply to be a contestant on "The Biggest Loser", visit the official website at nbc.com/casting