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America's most notorious physical trainer is back in session to challenge America to get into shape.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Alison Sweeney
Trainers Bob Harper
Jillian Michaels
Dolvett Quince
Creator Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Mark Koops
EP Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Todd Lubin
Lisa Hennessey
Eden Gaha
JD Roth
Todd A. Nelson
Packager 25/7 Productions
Shine America
Origins Malibu Creek State Park; Malibu, CA
Web www.biggestloser.com
Airs 8p ET Mon; NBC
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Waist & Money
January 28

Last week, the trainers were off campus to work with the captains for a week. The end result is that the Whites and the Reds pushed on their own, while the Blues took the week to comparatively slack off. In the end, it was still not enough for the Whites, who are now left with only Danni to represent them.

As we begin this next phase of competition...

Michael: 384
David: 263
Alex: 217
Gina: 206
Jeff: 342

Joe: 310
Francelina: 231
Lisa: 214
Jackson: 288

Danni: 222

At the Ranch, the contestants are STILL in disbelief about the last elimination. Can Danni possibly pull off the impossible and win on her own?

The next day, we see the players post-workout and hungry. Yes, people eat on this show. No, people will not eat on this particular episode, because it's time to go grocery shopping, per a note on the fridge. "Hi guys! (exclamation point) As you can see, your entire kitchen is empty. Meet me at the grocery store down the street to find out why. See you soon! -Ali."

... Thanks a lot, host.

CHALLENGE #5: Healthy On a Budget

Eating healthy doesn't have to break your bank. To prove this point, each loser is going to get $10 a day to buy a week's worth of food based on what we've learned about nutrition so far. And you'll have 15 minutes to do so. Anything over budget either time or money-wise will have to be surrendered.

REDS: $276 ($4 below budget)
BLUES: $348 ($2 below budget)
DANNI: $61 ($9 below budget)

To see the shopping list for each team, go to BiggestLoser.com.

And at mealtime, it's all about the art of the deal. But Gina and David are making their own deal, as the Blues are set up to fail. David says that he doesn't have an alliance with anyone. Wait for it...

Halfway into the journey... and it's time to go to work again. "This is where the pain meets the pain." Thanks for that, Dolvett. The Reds have won three of the last four weigh-ins. They are targets. The Blues are "absolutely" set to lose the next weigh-in. There are five of them. You need to start right now in order to keep the team whole. As for Danni, Jillian's going to get her working... and Alex of the Blues besides, because she's slow going and needs the extra boost.

FOLLOW UP! Nikki left in week one of her own volition and got a makeover for it. So far, she's lost 50, and if she plays her cards right, she's got another 50 ahead of her. TC, on the other hand, was eliminated via Red Line. He's lost 80 pounds so far.

Meanwhile, Alex is "over it". And Bob gives her a tongue lashing over it. She has no idea what's going on, and it's pissing her off. "Good!" She needs to do something different in order to change or confuse her body into winning this week.

Over at the treadmill, we're seeing Jillian as we've never seen her before... human. Like Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell before her, she puts up a tough front, but it's only because she cares about your success that much. Same can be said for each one of the trainers, really. In fact, Bob challenges his team to fuel their success with anger.

While they're working their tails off, let's look at how our kids are doing. They're going to be setting goals and game plans to achieve those goals. Lindsay has joined a gymnastics center to get her cheerleading skills back. Sunny is looking toward getting a new prom dress. Biingo has been going to the gym, but he's still struggling running with his boot. That's no excuse. He can practice safely. All three can. They've got to keep it up, keep moving. We've come a long way, we still have a long way to go.

"Challenge accepted." That's a show on another network, Biingo. But still, your drive is legen, wait for it... dary! LEGENDARY!

Back at camp, Chef Devin Alexander (C-Note: No relation) shows us that eating healthy can indeed taste good. You want the recipe, you know where to go. Fun fact: a loaded Southwest sweet potato (with Greek yogurt in place of sour cream) has HALF the calories of a regular baked potato, and to prep four servings will only run you about $16.

Blue Workout continues, and Alex is... still plodding. She needs Bob to scream. Bob screams. Like a Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrr. He also screams at Gina as she's still thinking about gamesmanship from David. She needs to learn how to handle pressure, because it's everywhere. The Reds go for a walk, and it's a good walk in that Jackson hasn't been choking on his own sick for about a week.

CHALLENGE #6: Coins in the Fountain

A month at Planet Fitness is $10*. The winners of this challenge will get ten years of memberships to give to family and friends* AND a choice: a 2-pound advantage on the scale OR a chance to call home.

*home club only. Enrollment fee and annual membership fee applies. See club for details. Planet Fitness paid a lot of cash money for their name to be on this show, the LEAST they can do is offer something for it.

Each team has a fountain in the center of a pond. You have to fill it with 10 coins for each member. First team back having put all their coins in the fountain wins.

David has not been cleared medically to participate, so the Blues will field four. The Reds will also field four. Danni is an army of one. And just so you know... the "coins" are actually five pounds a piece. Which isn't that heavy, but you know...

WINNER: DANNI (WHITES). Now will she take the 2 pounds or the phone call home? She takes.... the TWO POUNDS.

Now let's look at David's leg. "It's better." The MRI shows a fatty knee for one, then cracks in the spongy bone. He's had a meniscus injury on that same leg, something Bob wishes he had known before. But David doesn't really like to ask for help or to make excuses. He needs to come to terms with his emotional issues or all of this time at TBL will be for naught.

This week's CHALLENGE AMERICA has Chef Devin going to Bay High in Cleveland, creating a healthy breakfast on a budget. Recipes on the website.

Danni wins the challenge... and Jillian is scared. She wins a challenge, she loses a weigh-in. That's the belief. Let's see if she can break that ... by breaking Danni. (cue Ivan Drago saying "I must break you"). And thus begins the LAST CHANCE WORKOUT! The Blues are worried about hitting the high numbers, and thoughts are everywhere except where Bob wants them to be. Sweat is the name of the game today. He wants to see complete and utter misery. Jill wants to see Danni really push herself to succeed.


Tonight, the teams will determine who will be eliminated from this week. The player with the highest percentage weight loss on the losing team will be immune.

Joe: 299 (-11)
Francelina: 224 (-7)
Jackson: 280 (-8)
Lisa: 209 (-5)
LBS LOST: 31 (2.97%)

BLUE (needs to lose more than 41 lbs.)
Gina: 197 (-9)
Michael: 371 (-13)
Jeff: 329 (-13)
David: 253 (-10) - SAFE
Alex: 207 (-10) - THE BIGGEST LOSER of the Week
LBS LOST: 55 (3.90%)

WHITE (Danni needs to have lost four pounds in order to beat the Reds)
Danni: 213 (-9) - SAFE
LBS LOST: 11 (4.95%)

Congratulations, Danni, you didn't even need the two pounds! But that victory comes on the back of the Red Team, who will now, for the second time, vote to eliminate.

Joe, as the player with the highest percentage weight loss, is immune. In the event of a tie, the other teams will return to vote.

Jackson - LISA
Francelina - LISA
Joe - LISA

EPILOGUE: Lisa has lost a total of 37 lbs. since starting at the ranch. Since being voted out of the game, Lisa has gotten down to 170. She's going to take what she's learned and use it to teach her special needs students and her family to get active. She plans on becoming a trainer for the very people she's pledged to help.

To see more information regarding this episode, go to www.biggestloser.com. To apply to be a contestant on "The Biggest Loser", visit the official website at nbc.com/casting