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America's most notorious physical trainer is back in session to challenge America to get into shape.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Alison Sweeney
Trainers Bob Harper
Jillian Michaels
Dolvett Quince
Creator Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Mark Koops
EP Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Todd Lubin
Lisa Hennessey
Eden Gaha
JD Roth
Todd A. Nelson
Packager 25/7 Productions
Shine America
Origins Malibu Creek State Park; Malibu, CA
Web www.biggestloser.com
Airs 8p ET Mon; NBC
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Be Yourself
February 18

Last week, the teams were dissolved, and the players were finally in it for themselves. How did they fare once they were left to their own devices? Francelina, who won an advantage going into the weigh-in, ended up south of the Yellow Line. But it was Michael, who worked the hardest, getting the vote-out.

As we begin the next phase of the competition...

Jackson: 266
Gina: 184
Joe: 279
Alex: 198
Jeff: 312

Danni: 201

Francelina: 213

The next morning at the gym, Ali is about to play a game with our players, as she offers... IMMUNITY FOR EVERYONE. How? Good question. If the entire group loses 70 pounds as a group, they're all safe for one more week. That's 10 pounds each, averaged. If you do not lose 70 pounds, there will be a RED Line. But maybe you'd like to lower that weight.

CHALLENGE #9: Brains vs. Brawn

Some of the skills our three TBL kids are going to need to succeed on their journey are being put to the test. Literally. The information you've learned so far is going to be the subject of this challenge. They'll get five questions, and for every question they get right, that's a pound that Ali will knock off. Then they'll take five exercises from the Biggest Loser Fitness Test. Every challenge they succeed knocks another pound. So if the kids do it right, there's 10 pounds to lose straight up.


1) Which has more fat: two large eggs scrambled with two slices of turkey bacon, or one bagel with two tbsp cream cheese?
- They go with the eggs & bacon... CORRECT!

2) How many chicken nuggets would you have to eat to reach 8g of fat, 6 or 20?
- They go with 6... RIGHT!

3) Which has more carbs: spaghetti & meat sauce with garlic bread or a bean burrito with chips & salsa?
- Spaghetti... wrong.

4) Which has more calories, double cheeseburger or a large fries?
- Fries? CORRECT! Hard to believe, huh?

5) Which movie theatre food has over 1000 calories: personal pizza or a large buttered popcorn?
- Popcorn... RIGHT! Lay off the popcorn.


The kids have to beat their own scores, and they have to decide who wants to do each exercise.

SITUPS: Biingo. Before: 18. After: 35 (DING!)
PULLUPS: Lindsay. Before: 37. After: 79 (DING!)
PUSHUPS: Biingo. Before: 23. After: 32 (DING!)
SHUTTLE RUN: Lindsay. Before: 35 sec. After: 32 sec. (DING!)
MILE RUN: Sunny. Before: 13'00". After: ... with Danni running with her... 9'59"! (DING!)

So now the Losers only have to lose 61 pounds as a team. Still a tough goal, but not impossible if you're putting the work in.

Francelina lost 100 pounds on her own, which is pretty impressive. She's promising to help herself to honor the memory of her father.

Week 8 is crazy, says Dolvett. It would be unwise if someone were to piss him off... Gina. And soon enough... she's done. As in DONE done.

FOLLOW-UP! Nate was eliminated week 2. He's down to 269 from 359. And yes, he put a ring on his woman, and yes, Jillian is invited to the wedding.

Back to Gina... who walked out of the gym on account of Joe heckling him. Dolvett thinks she looks for reasons to give up. If she doesn't take control of her obstacles before her obstacles take control of her, she's going to end up being abandoned. She says she's not giving up, but she's not going back into that gym with Joe. But she does respect Dolvett, so... take that for what you will.

Jillian starts to come down on Alex, who she accuses of phoning it in the entire season. Jill wants five minutes, she can't even do one. She's having a hard time trying to break Alex's shell. She works out two hour segments, three times a day. There's no way she can't give up five minutes. Meanwhile, Gina is pushing those five minutes until... "I can't." And the trainers are wondering if ANYONE can run five minutes.

And Gina.... ends up walking out just as the poopie hits the fan among the trainers. Jillian needs to take a moment and calm down... and this can't be good for morale. Sure enough, she goes and looks for everyone who couldn't run a full five minutes. Alex tells Jill that she's tired of having her best not be good enough. She's here for Alex, but she needs to be giving up 100 percent instead of the 20 and 25 that she's going. She knows what she's doing is not good enough, but until she realizes that this defense mechanism is not doing it for her, she's going to be stuck at where she is.

Meanwhile, Gina is pressed into putting up good numbers every week, because that's what she does. Bob feels like Gina is being a threat in the house, and Joe is trying to throw her off her game. She can't let him do that. And ultimately, it is not about him. It's about her. It's about self-sabotage. She needs to focus on herself. She can't be afraid to win. But she's ready to go home right now. What will Gina ultimately decide?

CHALLENGE #10: Mountains for Mole Hills

How would you like to take 10 pounds off right now? There are five pairs of sand hills, each with a red X or a green arrow. The arrows lead you through the course. You have 30 minutes to find all the arrows and raise your flag at the end of the pier.

And while everyone here is working their buns off... Gina... not so much. And after mound #3, Danni digs into her own ankle. She worries about it later, though. FINAL PAIR! And they find the arrow with less than two minutes left! They look like they have it... and then Gina takes a tumble. Her hammie snaps, but ironically enough... Joe picks her up.

.... WITH FIVE SECONDS TO SPARE! That's another 10 pounds off the target weight. So we're down to 51. Let's hit the gym.

Back at the ranch... It's Jared Fogle the Subway Guy! With lunch! That's totally not paid for! It's actually his 15th anniversary of losing all his weight and keeping it off (remember, kids... he did it with sandwiches and walking. Consult with a doctor before beginning any diet/exercise program, YMMV.) And also, Jared has a prize... the winner of Biggest Loser... is going to have a chance to star in a Subway commercial with Jared (hey, better you than Brian Baumgartner). More details and a chance to vote for a Biggest Loser winner to star alongside this dude at BiggestLoser.com.

CHALLENGE AMERICA: Only 11 percent of girls call themselves beautiful. Seventeen magazine is hoping to change that with their Body Peace Treaty, pledging to love yourself inside and out. More information at BiggestLoser.com.

At the top of a mountain, we have trainers... and wooden beams. The trainers are here to try and bring the players together in a team-building exercise... a Fulcrum ropes course. You start one end narrow, but the wider it becomes, the more you're going to need to rely on your teammates. The teams...

- Jeff & Francie
- Danni & Jackson
- Alex & Jillian
- Joe & Gina. DRAMArama...

And Dolvett & Bob are first. Because it's important right now to practice what we preach.

Gina? "They didn't have to put me with Joe. THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO!" Yeah they did, Gina. It's goooooooooooooood television! It's also a good walk on the event. The house just felt a little bit closer, and it's a good thing, because....


It's time to weigh in. Remember, the contestants need to lose 51 pounds as a whole. If they do, no Red Line. If they don't, the lowest loss is going home. And before they do, Gina decides to have it out with the trainers... and the trainers just shut her up.

Danni: 194 (-7) - 3.48%
Gina: after she makes her peace with Jillian... 180 (-4) - 2.17%
Joe: 273 (-6) - 2.15%
Jackson: 261 (-5) - 1.88%
Alex: 195 (-3) - 1.52%
Jeff: 308 (-4) - 1.28

Francelina needs to have lost more than 2 pounds to stay safe...

Jeff: 308 (-4) - 1.28%
Francelina: 211 (-2) - 0.94%

The house is better for having been in Francelina's presence... But it's her time tonight. And no one is hurting more than Jeff.

EPILOGUE: She started at 267. Since being banished from the Ranch, Francelina dropped to 190. She's since destressed by dancing and running. She still has a dream of being a doctor, and she's dedicated to getting into medical school. As for Jeff... well, they're officially dating. Francie plans on moving to Chicago with Jeff to train together for the finale. But Jeff still needs to go through the motions...

(In Loving Memory of David Gibbs: 1953-2013)

To see more information regarding this episode, go to www.biggestloser.com. To apply to be a contestant on "The Biggest Loser", visit the official website at nbc.com/casting