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Sixteen candidates, hit hard by the recent economic crisis, are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate for the ultimate job interview.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Donald Trump
VO Joe Cipriano
Judges Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Donald J. Trump
Jay Bienstock
Page Feldman
Eden Gaha
Packager Trump Entertainment LLC & Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Trump Tower, NYC
Web nbc.com/apprentice 
Airs 10p ET Thurs, NBC

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Week Eleven
November 25

QVC, Isaac Mizrahi, Donald Trump...

Things that don't belong on television... cold (ok, maybe warm)

A combination guaranteed to produce low ratings? Warmer (and Whew!)

The next task on the Apprentice. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.

But first we had a loser. Stephanie was fired on the Last apprentice leaving us with the final 4 Liza returns to the loft joining a hyped Clint, Steuart and Brandy.

After a little bit of celebration which Brandy refers to as a "who's got the bigger, ahem..." let's just call it a pissing match and move on to the fact that

...Holy Crap! The Donald is in the loft.

They are told to pack their bags as the will be boarding helicopters to QVC in the morning. The teams are re-split into men against women and Project Managers are selected. Clint will be facing off against Liza.

(Yes, Steuart still got the chance to meet the chairwoman of Hearst magazines, but who really cares about that anyway? Sorry Steuart's Mommy)

On the helicopter, Steuart and Clint talk strategy and Steuart mentions that he look at Clint like a father figure. You really shouldn't hold someone that you need to beat in such reverence.

Liza and Brandy are wowed by the skyline, but otherwise silent. Brandy is concerned by their lack of strategy talk.Brandy, don't forget, you can talk too.

At QVC the teams go over the details of their task. Negotiate for an item and time slot. Set a price point that must be above the QVC minimum. Sell the product on air. The team with the greatest profit wins.

Strategy note,

Purse 108
Belt 26
Watch 30.56

There's also a fleece, but you have the info on the products you need to know.

The men want the purse. The women want the watch. Clint has a plan. He decides to act like he wants the watch as well, but then offer to give up the watch if the women will give him first pick of time slot. And then select the purse.

Clint meet fiddle. Clint play fiddle. Clint gets his purse and the later time slot. Brandy is pissed they were duped, but no time to worry about how painfully you were out negotiated.

The teams head to their war rooms and set price points. The women think that 69.95 will be their sweet spot and the men are aiming for 194.97 for the purse. Brandy with no knowledge of the men's price point correctly premeditated that they may have to sell 3 watches to every one purse the men sell. Good luck.

When the teams meet their QVC hosts, they have to decide who will co-host. Clint wants to keep the reins in his hands, but admits that his presence may not be the best for selling an Isaac Mizrahi purse. They decide Steuart would be the best and pitch him as the Luxury brand ambassador for Isaac Mizrahi.

On the Fortitude side, Liza feels confident in putting Brandy in the spotlight given her previous run with presentations.

So let's go to the studio. Liza is a bit of a control freak in the producer's chair. She makes Brandy move set pieces around so many times that you would have thought this was a furniture moving task. Once they finally go live. Brandy seems slightly nervous but competently presents the watches. Isaac Mizrahi who is watching it on TV with the Donald is very pleased with how his brand is being represented.

As the seconds tick down on the ladies' presentation, Liza keeps giving Brandy tips in her ear but seems to forget to manage the time. By the time Liza realizes that they need to wrap the presentation it is too late and the 5 minute window ends abruptly. A sad ending, but will it affect their sales?

The men of Octane step up and feel better rehearsed as they had the later time slot. Steuart is on top of his game and is not longer making any cruel jokes. As the sales window opens Clint the the producer's chair is whispering sweet nothings in her He keeps telling Steuart to calls the purses sassy and supple. An interesting choice of words, but it was definitely a presentation to remember. Great start to finish and Mizrahi recognized it. However, they need to know just how much money they made in order determine whether or not they won.

And in the boardroom we get that answer.

Fortitude: 77 watches 2998.38

Octane: 25 purses 2174.25

Unbelievably the win goes to Fortitude. It's about time really. When you consider how many times the women's team has been for want they were due.

But guess what? This time it doesn't matter because two people are going to be fired. First up: the losers.

This is one of the more polite boardroom fight you will ever see. It become a battle of the resumes. Clint and Steuart both bring up their education pedigrees (Point: Clint) Age (Steuart is 27, Clint is 40) and Paternity (Clint points out that Steuart sees him as a father figure). Trump is baffled as to who should stick around and asks for advice. The 2 headhunters who served as his eyes and ears are split. One believes Steuart is more metropolitan and would fit better in the Trump organization. The other sees Clint's age as experience and an ability to bring more to the table.

Of course, in the end the decision belongs to the man with the golden hair. Trump takes a pause to point out that in this case there are no losers (liar!) and then he drops the hammer.

Steuart, You're Fired!

It was a nice run for the budding fashion student, I mean entrepreneur, but alas, time has run out.

But that was only one firing and we have been promised 2! Trump beckons the survivors back into the boardroom...

And that is all we get. It's all over, until next week which will start with a firing and continue with the Final 2. Until then, just prepare yourself for the return of some former candidates. Mahsa and Stephanie will be back. And if Trump knows what's good for ratings, we'll get Omarosa too!

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/apprentice.