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Sixteen candidates, hit hard by the recent economic crisis, are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate for the ultimate job interview.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Donald Trump
VO Joe Cipriano
Judges Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Donald J. Trump
Jay Bienstock
Packager Trump Entertainment LLC & Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Trump Tower, NYC
Web nbc.com/apprentice 
Airs 10p ET Thurs, NBC

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Week Six
October 21

Sure Kelly and Liza are bickering over some boardroom talk, but the rafter are really ringing from the double firing of Wade and Gene.

Then Anand says that David is here by the stroke of his arse. Any civility that we could have hoped for on the Apprentice is now out the window.

Then again, the added vitriol could make things more interesting.

(Skipping over pointless CEO Meet and greet and the advanced management training offer...)

To present the task, Team Trump steps off of a double- decker bus. The teams will have to design a pedicab tour with the number one goal being to make as much money as possible.

It will be Kelly vs. Anand. And with one comment from the Donald about not wanting Clint's butt is his face... We're off.

But before they are released on the streets of New York, the teams have to take a pedicab test. Basically they have to slalom the pedicab through some little pumpkins (squashes) placed on the ground. After the test is complete, Kelly and Mahsa are sidelined for not being good enough. Octane is excited as this should even the sides when it comes to number of bikers, Stephanie is disgusted that 2 people on her team aren't even capable of riding a bike.

Remind me to put pedicab driver on the top of my resume the next time I apply for a job with the Trump Organization.

Now for strategy. The men have decided to turn the pedicabs into Roman chariots. They are going to dress as centurions and Ivanka thinks that David is being a nuisance. That's right she's focusing on David's apathetic attitude as opposed to the men's idea. Foreshadowing in effect.

The women of Fortitude are more concerned with location. The team wants to go to Wall St. and sell babes on bikes to the rich businessmen. Kelly thinks they should go someplace more touristy, but relents to the rest of the team. Will weak decisions equal a weak PM?

As the pedicab tours begin, It becomes clear how the men will execute this task. They spent the prior evening doing pre-sales and now they are cashing in. Clint & Steuart are doing a competent job of giving the tours, Anand is continuing to sell street side. David is also giving tours, but let's just says it's more like the Improv... in Flint Michigan... on a Monday night. The rest of the team is recognizing his poor performance and Clint particularly has some nice words. In explaining why David is on a bike giving tours, he says it's the best spot for him because maybe he'll get hit by a car. Special.

The ladies are striking out on Wall St. Striking out so bad that Liza is offering tours for free... without anyone's permission. Mahsa points this out to the other to make sure the target is squarely planted on Liza's back. This may be overplaying, but when it is this easy, can you really pass up the opportunity?

Things pick up for the Babes on Bikes between 11:30 and 1pm. People are leaving the office buildings for lunch and the women are taking advantage. Kelly notes that Poppy has someone on her pedicab every time she looks up. Her passengers compliment her sexy tookas. Why has this episode become completely about booty?

Then Poppy-gate breaks out. Eric Trump checks in with Kelly to see how things are going and Kelly identifies Poppy as the most valuable player. Mahsa and Stephanie are livid that credit would be given to a 23 yr old blonde with little business experience. Kelly stands by her comments and even says that everyone is doing a great job. Will this animosity bubble over into the boardroom?

Let's find out. (Interesting how we never heard anything about price points over the course of this challenge)

And again we have fireworks before we even get to naming a winner. Clint calls David classless & schizophrenic. Steuart calls him a Virus. The negativity is utterly disgusting and unprofessional. Frankly, I could almost fire all of the men for their actions.

Then comes the line of the series. Clint says that David couldn't get a job as an Oompa Loompa making Gobstoppers. As a Wonka fan, I can tell you that is a very hard and the Oompa Loompas would be insulted by Clint's comment.

Fortitude goes after each other a little bit before the announcement of the winner as well. Kelly identifies Liza as the weakest link and Mahsa agrees. Liza has become the whipping girl and the David equivalent of David.

The scoreboard please.

Fortitude: $320
Octane: $950

David lives to play another week. Anand will be meeting with the CEO and owner of Fandango and Daily Candy. Trump says Kelly should be embarrassed for losing so grossly to such a dysfunctional team. So it looks like Liza and Kelly are the targets. Will either be shot? (Both, please!)

We start out by identifying problem #1: location. Trump wants to know who picked Wall Street. Kelly say Stephanie. Stephanie says it was a group decision, but Kelly says she delegates Sales, Location and Pedicabbing to Stephanie. Stephanie says that is she were hit by a bus the entire task would have went down in flames if that were true.

Then Trump enters the more standard line of questioning asking who should be fired.
Mahsa would fire Liza.
Poppy would fire Liza.
Welcome to Everybody Hates Liza.

They base their decision on Liza's ineptitude in sales.

Kelly chooses to bring Liza and Stephanie back into the boardroom and we continue the interrogation.

1. Stephanie points out that if she were assigned the duty of setting location, that it would be stupid. Stephanie is from Chicago & Canada as opposed to Mahsa who is a New Yorker.

2. Liza is asked who she would fire and she targets Kelly.

3. Kelly says that while the location was dismal Stephanie was in charge of sales and sales were dismal as well.

4. The Trumps zero in on Kelly saying she didn't take enough responsibility and couldn't think of something as easy as polling actual pedicab drivers for a good location.

5. Kelly, You're Fired!

As the Donald says, "That was all too obvious". Fortunately with David still in the mix things should get interesting next week. That and someone lies to the Donald all in the next Apprentice.

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/apprentice.