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Sixteen candidates, hit hard by the recent economic crisis, are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate for the ultimate job interview.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Donald Trump
VO Joe Cipriano
Judges Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Donald J. Trump
Jay Bienstock
Page Feldman
Eden Gaha
Packager Trump Entertainment LLC & Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Trump Tower, NYC
Web nbc.com/apprentice 
Airs 10p ET Thurs, NBC

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Week Ten
November 18

This episode stars as a face off. You might expect it to be Liza and Stephanie vs. Brandy, Steuart and Clint, but you would be mistaken. This week is going to be all about Liza vs. Stephanie. They may be on the same team, but after that last boardroom, the claws are out. Stephanie is pissed that Liza called her a liar in front of Mr. Trump, but Liza believe that Stephanie had it coming.

After Clint receives a $5,000 Pier 1 imports gift card (and meets with the top exec of Starwood Hotels, but who cares) we are given this week's task.

The candidates will need to create a 30 second ad and presentation for AT&T mobile TV. Now that you can watch TV anywhere, AT&T wants to make sure you know it (and spend money on it).

Steuart and Stephanie assume the Project Manager roles for this task and we are off and running.

Let the Fortitude wars begin. Stephanie has assessed the situation and already thinks that Liza is going to be a complete waste on this task. She has relegated Liza to menial secretarial duties and knows that winning or losing this task is going to be entirely her responsibility. Liza offers a few ideas, but Stephanie shoots them down and runs with her own. Stephanie would like to shoot a 30 second ad that is about emotion. She wants to use and office setting (or stadium). She really isn't sure what she wants. Liza runs off to get props. The director of photography arrives. This is going nowhere fast.

Over at the Octane brainstorming session, Steuart and Brandy are hard up for ideas. Then Clint emerges from the bathroom with an epiphany. Why don't they do an Odd Man Out situation where everyone in the world has FLOTV (the name for AT&T mobile TV) except for one guy who feels completely left out. Eventually this odd man out heads to the AT&T store and gets FLOTV, so all is well in the universe. Brandy jumps on board with the idea, but Steuart is not in love. Steuart does recognize however that they do not have much time and chooses to run with Clint's suggestion.

Interesting, before we started this task, Steuart was confident that he would bring a lot of creativity to this task, yet he has nothing individual to offer.

As Octane begins shooting, we realize that Clint's project is rather ambitious. In fact, Clint is taking on the roles of actor, director and some might argue project manager. Brandy and Steuart stand off to the side while the Clint show is in progress and when Ivanka comes to visit, it's Clint that is doing all the talking as opposed to Steuart. Ivanka recognizes this and thinks that Steuart has a tendency to rely on other people who are stronger than him and might not actually be that strong himself. This is why we love Ivanka.

Back at Fortitude... (do we have to?!?) Stephanie is still babbling. In fact she is babbling so much and in so many different directions that we are treated to an interview with her director of photography who says that he is about to lose it. You know it's bad when the camera guy gets screen time. Liza has not returned with any set pieces nor was she able to lockdown a stadium. Stephanie is forced into using fake looking backdrops and revamping her entire concept. I fear for the finished product.

So let's get to those finished products, shall we? Both teams head into the edit suites (yes, we are skipping over a decent portion of the shooting, but there unfortunately wasn't much entertainment there) and neither team feels like they hit a home run.

Octane is looking at the multiple locations they shot and Clint's grinning mug, but they are having a problem getting the brand message across. They have their glory shot of the AT&T store at the end, but beyond that it's all elevators, offices, kitchens and Clint not getting to watch TV. They eventually settle on a final edit, but Steuart isn't 100% happy with the final product.

Stephanie and Liza are in the edit suite and can't decide between their office scene (boss annoyed by lack of energy in the office and employee interrupts meeting cheering for his favorite team) and the sports scene (people in the stands cheering for the team, while a housewife who was dragged to the game keeps up on her soaps). They eventually throw away the sports scene and stick with the office. Liza raises a qualm with how long it is taking Stephanie to add in the ad message, but Stephanie has already tuned Liza out.

With the edits done, both teams present to the executives and Stephanie shines. Really. It was very well spoken and nicely presented. Brandy on the other hand is reading off of notes and fails to match her prior best. The execs are stone faced as to who won.

In the boardroom, Trump asks how Stephanie and Liza got along. Stephanie and Liza both agree that they got along great. Stephanie also states that she put in extra effort this task to ensure that Trump knew that she was talented, a good speaker, and not a liar. Trump gives her credit on presentation saying that she was the best speaker. I'm taking credit away on the liar part. I'm sick of everyone being lovey-dovey before each task result. Just tear people a new one from the beginning.

Much to my chagrin, the love fest is echoed on Octane and we are left with a screening of the ads and the final verdict.

Octane's ad was good and got the product across, but confused the brand messaging and sometimes came across as campy.

Fortitude's ad was slow on selling the product, but had great production value. The executives were confused though by the flawed premise of a boss wanting someone to be watching FLOTV in the meeting room.

And with those notes, the win goes to... Octane!

Octane heads upstairs and the war begins, or should I say resumes, between Liza and Stephanie.

Stephanie admits that she was responsible for coming up with the flawed concept, but she states that there were two concepts one of which she could not executes because of Liza inability to follow simple instructions and get the necessary props and locations.

Liza retorts that she was minimized on this task, that none of her ideas were listened to and that Stephanie was so sure that she had a winner that any help she tried to provide was wasted.

Trump attacks Stephanie for using a bad concept even if it was the only concept she had left. If she really was so pressed, why didn't she come up with a 3rd, family friendly, concept that might relate better to the target audience.

Ivanka attacks Liza pointing out that she is the only player remaining who has not won a task and that no PM to date has found value in her idea, so maybe Liza is just that weak of a player who is ineffective in selling her ideas.

Both candidates make futile attempt to defend themselves, but the one thing that we learn is that all of the Trump are unhappy with both Liza and Stephanie. In all honesty, whoever survives probably has not shot at winning.

Trump begins to lean on the fact that Liza has been a near waste this entire competition who only speaks up in the boardroom when her arse is on the line as opposed to during the task when the result can still be changed. Stephanie smiles at these comments.

Then Trump turns and points out that for this task though it was a flawed concept with weak execution and that Stephanie was the PM so she must take responsibility. We know where this is going.

Stephanie, You're Fired!

Trump admonishes Liza on her way out and then there were four.

Next week we return to guys vs. girls. It's a QVC selling task and in the end, 2 people will be fired. The finale is coming up fast so keep watching and keep reading.

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/apprentice.