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Sixteen candidates, hit hard by the recent economic crisis, are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate for the ultimate job interview.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Donald Trump
VO Joe Cipriano
Judges Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Donald J. Trump
Jay Bienstock
Packager Trump Entertainment LLC & Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Trump Tower, NYC
Web nbc.com/apprentice 
Airs 10p ET Thurs, NBC

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Week Three
September 30

Nothing is sexier than a strong businessperson. At least that is what Trump would like you to believe. In fact, that sexiness may have paid off for Poppy, last week's winning PM. She was afforded the opportunity to meet with Jack Welch and he gave her a 2 year scholarship to the Jack Welch Business school. That means Poppy will have 2 years to learn how to make the best grape juice in the business. Kidding.

This week's task: To run a hotel for dogs well enough to impress and please the one and only Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan.

The PMs this week are James and Tyana. David is giddy now. Giddy to lose. He hates James so much that he says it would put a smile on his face to lose and see James fired. Of course, James' ouster would not be guaranteed, so David would be wise to focus on doing his job rather than being a slightly chubbier version of Matt from Big Brother 12 (Seriously, it must be the same casting agency)

The men of Octane have already come up with one way to make their hotel stand out. They are going to provide webcam access to their guests so that owners can check on their pets from afar. David is put in charge of technology once again and thus the one trick pony is preparing to ride off into the sunset.

Now here's a newsflash. Tyana and Mahsa who once were a united front in eliminating Nicole are now at odds. Let's call this Fortitude Fallout chapter one. In the car, Tyana is assigning duties and decides that she should run the front desk as she believes she creates a commanding and welcoming presence. She defends this by pointing out that she is the current reigning Miss Cougar California. I thought that was Courteney Cox...? Mahsa who spent her younger years running the front desk of her mother's salon is incensed at Tyana's selfish decision and in confessional calls Tyana a selfish cow. Now I'm begging that the women lose so that we can hear what more Mahsa will say in the boardroom.

(Author's Note: James just pointed out his Duke and Georgetown pedigree. I will officially be biased against him for the rest of the season.)

Octane is meeting with Naresh who is in charge of the doggie day care they will be taking over. James is leading the way with questions, but David tries to stick a question in. James talks over him (not inappropriately) and David mutters a few cusses under his breath. James hears this and warns David that if he continues to be insolent he will be benched. What is it with men relating business to sports? Does this mean last week's loss was simply and interception at the end of the 1st quarter?

James pulls David aside and finishes delivering the reprimand and NBC mercifully relieves us from the men's bitchiness via commercial break.

When The Apprentice returns, we are with Fortitude and they have created "Tailwag Tuesdays". Tuesdays are the slowest day of the week, so by giving away doggie bags, pictures and report cards for the dogs, they hope to create value added incentive. Simpler than Octane's webcam idea, but it may be wise not to overcomplicate things.

The one thing getting more complicated is the relationship between Tyana and Mahsa. Tyana puts Mahsa in charge of the large dogs when Mahsa is not comfortable around any dogs. Now we understand even more why Mahsa is frustrated with not getting the routine job at the front desk. Mahsa says she and Tyana are done and Tyana needs to go home. So Mahsa vs. Tyana is our official second grudge of the season.

Over at Octane several team members are looking at James like he is an "educated idiot". (That should please David) Naresh, the owner of the doggie day-care comes by letting James know that they need to begin training on the basics of how to handle the dogs and James blows him off asking for 2 minutes to continue his meeting.

So let's break down this last moment:

Time Management: FAIL
Courtesy: FAIL
Pissing off one of your judges: SUCCESS!

Nuff said.

Oh, but it gets worse. While preparing the space, David tries to chip in with some MacGyver like carpentry and James pulls him off the task asking him to stay focused on the webcams. David relents, but storms off in a huff. James tries to calm him down and eventually this turns into a game of who can get in the last word. I say this because if either one of the two just shut up business would have been completed as usual. Instead, we get this:

James: "David, I need you to calm down"
David: "I need you to shut up"
James: "Does anyone else know how to run a webcam?"

That's right, James is benching David. This would have been great back in the day of Kwame and Omarosa in season 1. (Remember when The Apprentice was pure??)

This benching may be a little premature. By that I mean that it might be too early in the season to be writing off anyone. Now I'm not sure which team I want to lose more. At least it will be a great boardroom either way.

As the production deadline looms, Liza who has been put in charge of signs and banners at Fortitude, is having trouble. The design house cannot open two of the files. On top of this, her delay in creating the files prevented Liza from being trained in any of the dog care duties. Yes, the ladies are using this as an excuse to target her again. The women made the deadline and got their banners, but still it's all about getting someone fired.

Do you hear the whispers? Cesar Millan is here! We don't get lengthy reviews from the Dog Whisperer, but here's his take on each team.

Fortitude: Tyana had great energy at the door. The pictures were cute. The report card was nice as well. Just don't touch the dog after he puts his head in fresh food.

Octane: Too many leaders greeted Cesar at the door, suggesting James wasn't fully respected as the leader of the pack. The webcams were a big "wow".

In the boardroom the standard darts are thrown on both sides. James, David, Mahsa, Tyana and Liza are all thrown under the bus for the reason aforementioned in this recap, but nothing matter s unless you team loses.

So the only ones that need to be worried are the Men as Fortitude wins!

Tyana as a reward will be meeting with Russell Simmons, the man in charge at Def Jam. An interesting match for Miss Cougar...

With the women in the loft, the men learn why they lost. Ivanka reveals the 2 reasons for the Octane's loss as determined by the judges were that the Team dynamic was negative and detectable to customers and that Octane did not train on and execute the operational side of the business effectively.

More barbs are throw at James. The odd thing is that David is starting to fall under the radar. Anand steps up and says that James did nothing on this task to earn the team's respect and that's why Octane was so ineffective. A pretty brutal statement from someone who was barely even involved in this episode.

The only person less involved in this episode was Wade. And speak of the devil, when James is asked to bring 2 people back into the boardroom, he picks, David and Wade, citing that Wade is so content with staying in the background that his contributions are ineffective.

And now it is time to put the final arguments on the table.

Wade may be in the background, but that may be more the editors' fault than Wade's. Wade points out that he had little respect for James, but still completed the tasks give to him effectively and did not cause any disruptions.

David , according to Trump, is a smart-ass and very well may need an attitude adjustment. However, David could have been an easy target for derision this task yet the entire team went after James instead.

James was the PM and the two reason the team lost were under his control and truly didn't involve David whatsoever. Worse yet, Donald Jr. points out that James has an air of elitism around him that might make life in business more difficult for him down the road.

It's a sad outgoing comment, but a valid one, so James, You're Fired!

James went right back to work at the NY attorney general's office and claims that he could not do what he does now if he didn't run the Doggie day-care (I really hope that is tongue in cheek...)

Next week, the apprentices will be creating a guerilla marketing campaign for Gold's Gym. Ironically, I was a Film major in college and Gold's Gym is where I am going right now. So on that note, why the hell am I not on this show? (and see you next week!)

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