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September 16


Sixteen candidates, hit hard by the recent economic crisis, are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate for the ultimate job interview.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Donald Trump
VO Joe Cipriano
Judges Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Donald J. Trump
Jay Bienstock
Packager Trump Entertainment LLC & Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Trump Tower, NYC
Web nbc.com/apprentice 
Airs 10p ET Thurs, NBC

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Week Two
September 23

It's Week 2 of the toughest job interview in the world. No, this isn't Paris Hilton's New BFF. This is the Apprentice.

The record is 1-0 in favor of Octane over Fortitude and Nicole went down in infamy as the first candidate fired.

Nicole ouster seems to have rejuvenated Fortitude, so the ladies seem stronger than ever. The men of Octane have gone out on a limb already naming their new PM. They have chosen David. Maybe they have already forgotten his antics on the last task, but David should be the last person they pick as PM... unless they are setting him up to go home.

Now that the show has been unbloated down to 1 hour. we get straight to the task. It's sales baby. The teams will be selling ice cream across Manhattan with the sole goal of making the most profit.

After hearing the task, the women announce Poppy as their PM. Good luck.

Traditionally, tasks like these favor ladies as people are more "attracted" to purchase things from women.

Both teams have keyed in on the importance of location. Mahsa and James are put in charge of this for their respective teams.

Note there is no funky flavor design as in the past. Kind of disappointing to see that this task is lacking the layers of some of the tasks of Apprentice past, but there is a certain comedic humor to seeing the men of Octane bark out their hard sell (as opposed to arguing red velvet vs. chocolate pecan).

The women are having issues of their own. They can't settle on a price and they are actually telling customers that they can get ice cream for either $3 or $5... Special... In the short bus way.

Stephanie flips the bitch switch and forces Poppy to put her foot down on the price. The women then settle on $5. Then Stephanie focuses on mass sales. Yes, selling cases of ice cream will make you more money than selling individual ice cream sandwiches.

The uniforms on this task are cute. Fortitude goes with being pretty in pink while the guys go with the barbershop quartet look. My only question is that Trump said, "most profit wins." These uniform purchases had better be deducted from their gross receipts.

One note on the location argument as it may be a major factor in the winner. Both teams chose union square with the men getting there first. The men then left their original corner setup to move next to a playground with the women setting up in the men's old location. This resulted in increased sales for the women. James believes that if this costs them the task that, he and David will both take heat for this. Yes, and while we're on the topic of geniuses, let me introduces you to my dog spike. He likes to lick his butt. (Sorry, a simple duh... would have sufficed)

However, location aside, as the afternoon rolls in, business is extremely slow. Fortitude is visited by Donald, Jr. They are struggling and Donald Jr. points out that they are more than 20 feet from 2 different subway entrances and missing big volume. Stephanie notes this as well and has clearly not turned off her bitch switch. The women are starting to notice and Poppy is considering bringing her back to the boardroom for her abrasive behavior. At least one woman, Liza, is siding with Stephanie though...

The men of Octane are whooping it up at Father Demo Park. The change of location has boosted their sales. Steuart and Anand are working the charm basically begging every woman that passes for the sale and it seems to be working.

Then in reality show "twist" fashion we realize there is a day 2 to this task... What!?! Nice to see this for once as each team gets to regroup and set a new plan of attack. The men go and reclaim their original spot in Union Square and the women arrive and set up right beside them. Dogfight commence!

The men are more aggressive stealing sales from the women. They even warn New York not to buy from the "charlatans". With 1 hour to go, the women choose to leave to the other side of Union Square and their sales improved.

With the women gone though, the men are still doing fine. George Ross stops by to be the Donald's eyes and he's impressed by the aggression on the men's team. With the final minutes ticking, the women enact one final ploy. They give away their leftover stock in front of the men's cart to blunt their final sales. The men have to run away from the women to make a final buck and boom! The task is over.

In the boardroom, I'll give you one guess as to which team is slitting throats before the verdict is released. Ok, you don't even get one guess. Fortitude is imploding and while this time they think they won, PM Poppy calls out Liza as the "least strong" player based on sales. Interesting considering Poppy put Liza in charge of accounting. Liza is incensed and start defending herself as the idea person on this task who was responsible for the women's costumes and aesthetic. Trump points out the team doesn't think she was that strong and some of the other women agree. And then in a moment of Apprentice history, Liza You're fired!

Donald drops the hammer... and then states he is just kidding. I believe all of America had a collective heart attack. To route the conversation back on track, Trump asks Mahsa if she thinks the women won and she says that she knows they won. Some might consider this bravado, but Trump calls Mahsa an outright idiot because she has no way of truly knowing which team won. Mahsa redacts her statement and the focus shifts to Octane.

David is confident the men won and list Alex & James as the men's weaker players. He says Alex has a puppy dog mentality which Alex refutes. David says James over thinks things (as seen by his painting last task) and James actually admits some weakness by saying that he has never done sales before. Gene, Wade and others on the team say that if Octane loses James should be fired. James casually nods in agreement. He was responsible for the location. They are either going to win on it or lose on it.

So let's get some numbers.

Octane: $1500
Fortitude: $1800

So the tables have turned and now the men will face the firing squad. And Trump saves time in the conversation by lasering in on David's earlier choice of bringing James and Alex back to the boardroom.

Everyone else departs to the loft.

David keeps referring to James and Alex as his children and suggests that he had to babysit them the entire task. Trump wants to know who the weakest seller was as Alex is identified. Due to his prior silence, Trump asks Alex if he believe he is in the same league as the "killers" he is sitting beside. Alex says that he does think he can be in their league.

I'd make a point about that last statement, but James is about to make it for me.

Trump asks James if he thinks Alex is in the same league as he and David and James points out that Alex answered that himself. After all saying that you can be in the same league as someone else suggests that you are not there currently.


Let's see, is there anything else to be argued here... ? Nope. Alex was the worst salesperson and does not believe he is in the same league as the people he is working with. Alex, You're Fired! (For realz, this time)

Two final notes:
First, Alex now has a job as a Construction site manager. Whether this was because of the Apprentice, who knows, but that's our first uplifting story in this economy inspired season.

Second, next week the candidates will be running hotels! ...for dogs. Anyone else noticing the lack of big name sponsors behind these tasks? Will Snapple and Kodak only get behind the celebrity editions? If so, that's kinda sad.

See you next week.

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/apprentice.