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Sixteen candidates, hit hard by the recent economic crisis, are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate for the ultimate job interview.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Donald Trump
VO Joe Cipriano
Judges Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Donald J. Trump
Jay Bienstock
Page Feldman
Eden Gaha
Packager Trump Entertainment LLC & Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Trump Tower, NYC
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Week Seven
October 28

The Apprentice continues and it's time to turn on the lights, set the stage and sell that jazz. That’s right, it’s Broadway week on the Apprentice. The teams learn that they will need to create marketing materials and presentations for Broadway play backing pitches.

Basically, they need to create the best package to get people to want to invest in the run of a Broadway show.

For PMs it is going to be Liza vs. Steuart.

Fortitude is working on a show called Darling which is basically a darker version of Peter Pan. Stephanie immediately offers her services on this task as she says that she has over 30 years of background training in a musical conservatory. Poppy is kind of sick of this. She feels that Stephanie brags about being the best at every task. Gotta admit Poppy’s right here, but if Stephanie is so musically inclined, let her hang herself here.

Over at Octane, the men are struggling with having fewer hands on the task. They’ll be pitching a show call Little Miss Fix It. Steuart feels that his biggest challenge on this task is going to be finding a way to handle David.

Thus, the first task Steuart gives David is to order food. Once David comes back with the food he is lucky enough to catch the tail end of the musical presentation. Each team has access to the actors and musical numbers to incorporate into their presentation. Steuart has the idea of Octane introducing each number and then having the actor perform, but David is rolling his eyes.

Once Octane steps away from the actors, David speaks up and tells the team that they should let the actors run the presentation as you don’t want to break the journey that the audience is being taken on. With fear, Clint agrees and eventually they hand the reins of the presentation over to David while Clint and Anand handle the promotional materials.

Liza is struggling at Fortitude. At least that is what Donald Jr. thinks when he visits and Liza is unable to present their plan to him. Yup, Liza you’ve been exposed. More importantly, Stephanie is fuming. She’s in the van with Liza leaving to create the promotion materials, but is still incensed that her musical abilities are not being utilized. Mahsa fully agrees with Stephanie and beings to posture for the boardroom telling Stephanie that they are united against Liza. A high five solidifies the deal.

So the time for presentations is upon us. Octane goes first. Here’s the dirty details.

The acting and singing is great and the story of Little Miss Fix It is conveyed very well.

Octane’s marketing materials, modeled after a playbill and a chalkboard are appealing and the judges including Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth

That same Broadway star attacked Steuart for stumbling during the presentation and being unable to read his note cards.


Liza was warm and endearing in her presentation, but Mahsa was the one who wrote it.

The songs were great, but the judges felt that the story got lost a bit in the middle of the musical numbers.

The presentation materials were very basic. …And they committed the cardinal sin. There was no contact information on them.

So in the boardroom, credit is given where it is due. Octane lauds David for his performance on this task and even Fortitude doesn’t rail into Liza, that is, until she blames the missing contact info on Mahsa and Stephanie. Liza promises Mr. Trump that should the women lose, Mahsa and Stephanie will be coming back to the boardroom.

So let’s cut to the chase. The men win the task by a split vote (boo, Kristin Chenoweth for not making it a sweep)

Now the ladies must duke it out. Oh, and Steuart will be meeting with the CEO of Snapple. (I’d rather meet the Snapple lady).

Now, we could waste time and bicker about how lady X did this wrong on the task and how lady Y did that wrong, but this is The Apprentice, where anything can and does happen.

So let’s turn this into a retrospective and talk about last week. Remember the pedicabs? Well apparently, Mahsa told Clint how much money the women had made prior to going into the boardroom. She says it was a friendly conversation, if anything more than a lapse of judgment, but she claims Clint told her how much the men made.

Brandy is furious over this and says that Mahsa’s disloyalty is only the latest in a series of reasons to fire her. She even admits to Trump that she told Mahsa to “STFU”. (Look it up kiddies).

Mahsa claims that while her move might have been stupid that it has nothing to do with this task, but there is one person who is steaming over these revelations more than anyone. Clint, who has been watching the proceedings in the loft is pissed that Mahsa in his opinion is lying about what transpired and he along with the men storm back into the boardroom.

Trump takes a moment to clear the air and Clint says that he never gave Mahsa an actual figure of what the men earned. He even admits that when Mahsa gave a piddling number in the three hundreds that he thought he was being set up for a much bigger number in the boardroom.

Mahsa now lights up saying that Clint is full of BS and that he told her the men made over a thousand dollars. All of the men back Clint up and even Brandy backs up Clint’s version of the story. Trump asks Mahsa one last time if she thinks that she made a mistake by telling the number and she says yes. That pulled the trigger.

Mahsa, You’re Fired!

I’d make the argument that giving the number was not a mistake. Knowing where you stand heading into the boardroom is a big advantage and if Mahsa was able to figure out that her team lost by divulging a sales number that lets her know that she will need to defend herself heavily in the boardroom. Trump may call it disloyal, but in the end there is only going to be one Apprentice.

So, Mahsa is gone but she has hopes of pursuing a career as an on air personality. Good luck, genuinely.

And good luck to the remaining candidates. Now that you can get fired for things that happened on prior tasks, you’re gonna need it.

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/apprentice.