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Sixteen candidates, hit hard by the recent economic crisis, are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate for the ultimate job interview.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Donald Trump
VO Joe Cipriano
Judges Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Donald J. Trump
Jay Bienstock
Packager Trump Entertainment LLC & Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Trump Tower, NYC
Web nbc.com/apprentice 
Airs 10p ET Thurs, NBC

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Week Four
October 7

James is gone and can no longer be the scapegoat of elitism for Octane. David however should be able to serve well as a whipping boy. Steuart is still not over some of David's actions and confronts him in the loft. Wade is supposed to be stepping into the role of Project Manager, but Clint thinks Wade is weak. Am I still writing about the men's team?

I am.

Welcome back to The Apprentice. It's time to get our task! Sometime after Tyana spends time with Russell Simmons. (No, Miss Cougar didn't pounce on him. Yes, she received a $10,000 Calvin Klein gift certificate.)

This week is all about popcorn! Each team will create a guerilla marketing stunt/viral video for Popcorn Indiana.

The PMs are Clint and Mahsa. Let's get it on!

Mahsa begins leading Fortitude by telling them that she is going to be very bossy. Thank you captain obvious. They meet with Charlie Todd, a viral video expert and the only thing that we truly learn is that Tyana is against every idea. Literally. She's convinced that the women aren't funny and are missing the objective. Looks like someone is picking a side.

Fortitude finally settles on an idea of people working out in the gym and eating popcorn gluttonously. Haven't seen the execution and at first glance I might have to agree with Tyana

Speaking of gluttony, David is chowing down on a bagel in the Octane war room. Unfortunately, that bagel (note I said bagel, not brick!) apparently is chowing down on David's tooth. David loses half a tooth to a New York Bagel. So, David shuttles off to the dentist and the rest of the team relishes to moment knowing that if they lose, David's ouster is a lox.

The food puns will now cease.

The women are in Gold's Gym shooting their clip and it's not fantastic. Donald Jr. notes that Mahsa is doing a great job as director, but because she is doing almost all of the work, it will be very hard for her to pawn a loss off on other members of her team. Tyana already noticed this believes Mahsa is trying to set her up by assigning her flip cam videography. Ever think you could get fired for your flip camera work? Welcome to today's tough economy.

Octane is having a popcorn fight in front of Trump Tower. It's not quite a flash mob, but the team seems to be working together and is for the most part behind their concept. They shoot a few scenes for commercial use and then start an all out brawl of popcorn-to-the-face! I gotta admit, it would have been fun to be there, but will it translate on video and will it become a win?

The teams head to the edit bay, which means it's your last chance for scapegoating!

Tyana sits in complete facepalm. She Negative Nancys the team's idea and Mahsa shuts her down saying that there is no opportunity to change it now. Tyana cries in confessional saying that she is on Mahsa's side and can't imagine Fortitude winning the task.

No similar cries or scapegoating coming from Octane. At least not yet.

The video review is complete. Popcorn Indiana's rep and Charlie Todd have voiced their opinions. We enter the boardroom.

Fortitude back up Clint saying he was a strong PM. Trump asks why Wade backed down from being PM and Wade says that Clint's role was predetermined and that he didn't want to shake up the team prior to a task. Fair enough.

Trump questions Fortitude and let the defection begin. Mahsa is confident in their video. The team is confident. Tyana... not so much. She raises her hand when Trump asks if anyone thinks they lost. To their credit both Tyana and Mahsa are straight forward about their opinions, but they are really choosing horrible times to fight.

Tyana believes the women failed to create an event and thinks the gym concept was contrived. Mahsa asks Tyana what ideas she came up with. Sorry, I don't think you read that the way the rest of the world heard it...


Tyana was unable to answer with any ideas, so Mahsa berating was accurate, but as PM, she's still going to struggle if the women lose.

The videos are screened for Trump and the verdict is handed down.

While the men's video treated the product violently and didn't hit the tagline hard, the women failed to push their gym concept far enough to be considered mildly viral so Octane wins!

Clint will be meeting with Steve Forbes as a reward.

More importantly, Fortitude's loss means the boardroom firing will be that much more entertaining. Boxing anyone?

In this corner Mahsa, the PM, the only one who can take full responsibility for the concept and the loudest woman in Apprentice Boardroom history.

And in this corner, Tyana, the ultimate naysayers who averted responsibility so well that it will be nearly impossible to fault her for anything on this task.

Mahsa stars out with the standard flurry of punches. Tyana was ineffective. Tyana didn't work as a team player. Tyana provided no creative ideas.

Tyana counters with Mahsa did all the work. Mahsa lost. Mahsa was the PM. Mahsa didn't create an event like the men did.

And then the unthinkable begins to brew. Mahsa unleashes a wide net of attacks trying desperately to find someone for Trump to get rid of. She attacks both Poppy and Liza saying they contributed in menial ways. The saving grace being that given the time constraints, everyone but Tyana fell in line.

Then the spectators chime in. Poppy thinks Tyana should be fired. Stephanie says you should never come to someone with a problem if you don't have a solution and thus renders Tyana's complaints irrelevant. And Liza, the person who has probably been beaten upon by Mahsa more than anyone else, with a perfect opportunity to put Mahsa down for the count...

Little Liza says Tyana should be fired!

And thus, the downward spiral begins.

Mahsa brings Liza and Tyana back into the boardroom. The 3 Trumps throw all sorts of barbs trying to find a reason why the team would not take the opportunity to get rid of Mahsa, but clearly Mahsa paid off Fortitude handsomely.

Tyana, you're fired!

Ladies and gents, this is the biggest Apprentice escape we have seen in a while. I have to wonder if this could become a big zero to hero story. Time will tell...

Next week, America's Next Top Model invades the Apprentice. Ok, not really...

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