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Most people live in reality... He commutes.

Today is

I'm Bored - July 3

I feel like the kid out of elementary school who always screams to his parents..."I’m Bored!...there’s nothing to do."

Why? Because it’s the end of June and for me at least....the TV has given me really nothing to talk about sans the whole Price is Right fiasco.

What hath late May and June wrought?

–"On The Lot"–a huge bomb which was basically Project Greenlight meets American Idol.
–"Pirate Master"– a huge bomb which was basically Survivor on a boat.
–"National Bingo Night"–the less said about that mess, the better.
–"America’s Got Talent 2" - more fighting, less talent.

I mean we did have "The Next Food Network Star 3". But that’s about it.

July is looking better with GSN coming out with Camouflage and Without Prejudice, CBS better come out with something real good with Big Brother 8 (which is looking interesting with the Friends/Enemies concept). I would like to think Power of 10 has a shot. I hope we have a host for TPIR soon.

And August is going to have Grand Slam. That is true Game Show Hotness.

Maybe I am just not used to this. But last summer was supposedly the summer of suck.

I think I need to read a book.

You agree or disagree? Fire me off a letter at


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