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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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November 1, 2004

Chico: Yay!
Ryan: Finally!!!! My own show!!!! Thanks guys :)
Gordon: Do you think Canadians would watch, Ryan?
Chico: It's no Vingt-et-Un, but it's goooooood television!
Ryan: We have a show up here called "the Last Cull", its sorta like a fishing game show, Ethan Zohn hosts. Still waiting to hear from Vingt-et-Un... :)
Gordon: ok - yay. So this past Tuesday was my birthday =)
Ryan: what did you do to celebrate?
Joe: Probably got drunk. ;-)
Gordon: I went out and bowled in a league with my buddies - moved into first, too.
Ryan: Congrats!
Chico: Okay, we're back from the great beyond here, and we brought back a mad doctor. It's time for Ask Dr.... Gordon.
Gordon: For my birthday present, we get people tossing questions at me as I don the papaya hat. Do we have the first question, Chico?
Chico: Yes we do. It's from a disgruntled AOL user...

"Dear Dr.... I can't keep up with my Millionairebot. I try and talk to it, but it says nothing. Please help!"

Disgruntled AOL User

Gordon: Well, disgruntled AOL user, the Millionairebot is best used when the show is actually on, but for the sweep contest, it will come on at random times. The best way to deal with this, of course, is to answer the question, but thanks to technology, the bots sometimes go too fast, too slow, or they don't give you the answer. Since AOL did this, you would expect this not to work. So what do I do? Talk nice to it, but if that doesn't work, then TOS AOL on it, and if worse come to worse, stick a hamster in the hard drive slot and offer it as a tribute.
Chico: Yay!
Gordon: Next question?
Ryan: I have one...
Gordon: Go for it Ryan.

"Dear Dr. Gordon, I was on a reality show and my performance on it lead to me being released from my job... any thoughts?"

Trump Trash Talker

Chico: Get him to get you back onto the show!
Gordon: Well, TTT, I think you need to evaluate your position in life, and you need to figure out if this is the right position for you. Maybe you need to figure out where you want to go on next. But in the meantime...sue. Sue everyone. Sue NBC for editing you that way. Sue the Donald for trashing you on national TV and for libel. Sue Stacy for libel and for talking too much. Sue the old job for false firing. SUE EVERYONE AND GET RICH DOING IT!!! THAT'S HOW THE REAL BUSINESS WORLD WORKS!!! HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!!
Chico: Lawsuits. It's why they hate us. Next question, Joe?

"Dear Dr....I desperately want to try to get my favorite game show back on the air. Any suggestions?"

Russian Renegade

Gordon: Well, RR, or can I call you Marky. I will. Well, Marky, you have to first convince a certain Game Show network that studio game shows are workable. Good luck there. Another idea is to pitch it to TBS, have people dress up as their favorite TV characters and let them drop through the holes. What fun! Wouldn't it be fun to see people who look like Arnold and WIllis from Different Strikes or Oliver from the Brady Bunch fall down a hole? The ratings people would love it! That and transvestites. The public eats that stuff up.
Chico: Ugh. I'm trying to forget that.
Gordon: Remember when Danny Bonnaduce fell through the hole?
Ryan: Yes.
Gordon: They let him out - why did they do that?
Chico: So he could help host the search for the Partridge Family with Todd Newton!
Ryan: (shrugs shoulders)
Gordon: Can we stuff the whole Partridge Show down a hole?
Ryan: Go Todd-o!
Ryan: Marc Summers doing Ed Sullivan: "Really big show..."
Gordon: While I dream of Danny falling through a question?
Chico: Okay, I've got a question...

"Dear Dr., My show just came back, and I'm afraid no one is watching it after everyone was watching the first season. What can I do to get my groove back?"

Amanda from Ireland (and Nely)

Gordon: Well, I'm afraid that you have something called the FOX Second Season Syndrome (FSSS). This happens when the first season was such a hit that they either neglect to do advertising for the second season or they don't do anything new to lure the people back to the show. Shows that have a fatal case of FSSS include Joe Millionaire and Forever Eden (the sequel to Paradise Hotel). As for the cure, you can do either one of two things - either actually opening up the pocketbook and spend more to advertise (especially on the football broadcasts), or promise nudity and special challenges - like the women, while waiting to see their new body, can trade their clothing for peanut butter and chocolate. It worked on Survivor, it could work here, too. Next letter, Ryan?

"Dear Dr. Gordon, I'm really into word games and a cable game network has been really good to me... but now all they're interested in is B-rate stars playing to 21. How can I get them to give me another season?"


Chico: Can we call him Marky, too?
Ryan: Call him naturally stoned if you want...
Gordon: I think he would prefer to be called Chucky, as it is the Halloween season.
Ryan: Didn't even think of that, Dr. Gordon :)
Gordon: Well, that's why I'm Dr. Gordon. Hello, Scrabbler.. Well, as you know, I am a thinking sort of guy as well, and I do regret that they are disrespecting the word shows. Lingo does score very well on GSN and they were going to renew it - but between that or Celebrity Blackjack, and with the budget only go after one show, they went with the celebrities. My suggestion is that they get a sponsor for the show so that they can pay for it, like Ford did with it's No Boundaries show. You had PIzza Hut sponsor Family Feud, so why not Webster's or Roget's sponsor Lingo? Then they could get the show on GSN without worrying about a budget.
Ryan: Thanks, that's great!
Gordon: You could also have an interesting spin on it - like if Playboy (who needs new ideas desperately) have their own show? Playboy's Lingo - The words come on, Stacy's clothes come off?
Ryan: well, Stacy might have fun...
Chico: And so will we. One more question, Joe.

"Dear Dr. Gordon...I can't stand the current WOF set. Is there anyway you can get them to tone it down?"

Wheel Watcher

Chico: I can't. I'm too blind? Doc?
Gordon: That's a good question, Wheel Watcher. We did some research led by Jeff Suchard to see if it can actually cause eye damage. The results were inconclusive, but our media department actually uncovered a horrible secret...
Chico: *dun dun duuuuuuuun!!!*
Gordon: They are using SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES on the wheel!
Ryan: I protest!!! As a former contestant I deny!!!!
Gordon: During Trick or Treat week, they were thinking or the most terrifying
images possible. Did you feel la little scared during the show?
Chico: A little shivery...
Gordon: That's because on alternating wedges on the wheel, they subliminally put in the wedges of...JOHN KERRY AND GEORGE BUSH - THE TWO SCARIEST FIGURES TO COME THIS HALLOWEEN!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!
Chico: And with that... we head to break!
Gordon: Run for your lives! Head for the hills!!!!!!

(Brought to you by the committee of reality contestants to get out the vote... Who'll be the ultimate Survivor? That's for you to decide.)

Chico: Methinks that the studio is haunted.
Ryan: My alter ego, Stewie, is scared... NOT!
Gordon: oooooohhhhhh - We hauntingly go to THE BIG FINISH!
Chico: Survivor merge, six women, four men. Who gets the shaft?
Gordon: I think the men know that a women has to go. Julie will hauntingly join the CBS morning crew staff on Friday. Who scares them up in the Apprentice?
Chico: Stacie, who we all know is a schizo.
Gordon: True - does she go, or does someone else?
Chico: I think someone else. Although at the moment, who is beyond me. Kevin's a hothead, and Maria's annoying.
Gordon: I think Maria could be the target of both Stacie and Jen, while the ghosts of the past could materialize into the players of the present. Will the players actually have a shot of staying in the game or is this a one time haunting?
Chico: I think it's a one-time haunting. Speaking of scary thoughts. What do you think of the new wrinkle on Balderdash? The opening stumper is now part of the game. Does it do anything?
Ryan: Please explain to the lowly Canadian who has a dish but no PAX...
Chico: The opening stumper as delivered by the three panelists is now worth 100 points to whoever can find it - looking for truth.
Ryan: Ah bon.
Chico: It's a nice little addition, but it's just that... Little. The game's good, though, but still, it's only a little addition.
Gordon: Anything that adds interactivity is good.
Ryan: agreed!
Chico: And speaking of interactivity... we have Viewer Mail!
Ryan: Go on...
Chico: This one comes from Michele Rivers-Gillard.

I've always dreamed of being a supermodel. I am a licensed cosmetologist/barber and I love what I do. I just wanted to know how can I go about trying out to be America's Next Top Model. I have one son who always have dreamed of seeing his mother on TV and I would like to fulfill his dream. So will you please e-mail me some info on how I can make this possible. Thank You!

-Michele Rivers-Gillard

Chico: First off, thanks for writing, Michele. Second, we regret to inform you that season 4 of Top Model is already in the can, BUT season 5 should be in its planning stages if returns for season 3 are any indication. Your best bet is to check for details.
Ryan: Very well said.
Gordon: And to all companies looking for contestants, we'd be more than happy to run your announcements for people needed to be contestants. Just send it all to...
Joe: Is that REAL viewer mail?!?!
Chico: That's REAL.
Gordon: We have another e-mail.
Joe: Wow.
Chico: We do? Let's hear it.
Ryan: Go on!
Gordon: From James Dinan, head of the TRASH Regional Competition. TRASH stands for Total Recall About Strange Happenings Trivia Tournament.
Joe: HEY!
Chico: Yay!
Joe: James was at the GSC with us.
Gordon: He wants us to tell everyone about the Regionals this weekend, happening at the following places...

NEW ENGLAND -- Brandeis University (Dan Passner --
MID-ATLANTIC -- Rutgers University (New Brunswick) (Jason Keller --
GREAT LAKES -- Case Western Reserve University (Jeffrey Hanson --
UPPER MIDWEST -- University of Iowa (Andrew Juhl --
MIDWEST -- Washington University-St. Louis (Sean Philipps --
SOUTH -- University of Georgia (Robin Richards --
SOUTHWEST -- University of Texas-Austin (Eric Kwartler --
ROCKY MOUNTAIN -- University of Colorado (Paul Bailey --
WEST -- California Institute of Technology (
PACIFIC NORTHWEST -- Simon Fraser University (Brock Stephenson --

-James Dinan

Gordon: The event is this weekend - Sunday, November 7 - at all of these places. If you want to participate or help out, please e-mail the people with the e-mail addresses next to them. By the way, myself and Millionaire/Jeopardy guru Jason Block will be at Rutgers for their regional, So if you want to meet us, feel free to come and say hi.
Chico: And with that, I think it's time to head. Gordon, take us out...
Joe: Happy Halloween, all you bunts!
Ryan: Yes, agreed!
Chico: Give me the candy and no one gets hurt.
Joe: And Ryan, go get me that I'm Telling game!
Chico: Don't forget to vote! Or P. Diddy will kill you!
Joe: Vote Republican!
Gordon: Vote Democrat!
Chico: Vote your conscience!
Gordon: Just don't forget to vote - unless you're Canadian and you can't legally vote here.
Ryan: Like me - I can't vote :(
Gordon: Don't forget to Trick Or Treat Safely - and watch out for those goblins. For Joe Van Ginkel, Ryan Vickers, Chico Alexander, and everyone here at Game Show Newsnet, this is Gordon Pepper, wishing you all a pleasant Game Over.

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