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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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October 15, 2005

Brian: LOL
Don: Turducken. Yeah, that is fun to say.
Chico: That is... Turducken.
Maddie: We had Turducken for Christmas last year.
Chico: Any good?
Maddie: My mom got it at the Cajun Grocer.
Brian: What's Turducken?
Chico: It's a cross breed of chicken, turkey, and duck.
Brian: Hmmm.
Maddie: It's a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.
Brian: It's three meats in one!
Chico: Very meaty.
Gordon: And you know if you serve melon with it it becomes turducantelope?
Chico: Groan...
Jason: yummy.
Chico: Okay, we're back on WLTI, and now it's time for the 20 Questions. Okay, Maddie. Here's how the 20 Questions work. We ask you 20 questions. You answer'em. We all have a good laugh. Can't be any simpler. Really easy, and you don't even have to correctly phrase your response.
Maddie: Ok
Gordon: ok - I'll start with an easy one - 1. How did you find out about the Jeopardy Back to School week and when did you audition for it?
Maddie: I auditioned July 28th and I found out about it from the Website.
Gordon: See? Easy.
Jason: Ok. 2. Did you feel that all the practice you got at GSC (including impressing a lot of people) help you in your run on J!?
Maddie: I had practiced a lot at home, but playing against other people was very helpful.
Brian: 3. Who's your favorite cartoon character? I know this isn't game show related.
Maddie: Apu Nahasapeemapetilan.
Brian: Well I now know Apu's last name.
Ryan: My go?
Jason: yes
Maddie: Mmmm Chutney squishee.
Ryan: hmm... *thinks*
Maddie: I was happy to get a Simpsons question in my game.
Ryan: 3. Could you share with us a funny backstage story from Jeopardy - something that we wouldn't know about?
Maddie: It was great after my taping Andrew kept saying to anyone who was around "I lost by only 2 dollars and to a girl."
Ryan: Ha ha!
Chico: Heh.
Don: LOL
Jason: Sweet!
Brian: LOL
Chico: Nice and classy, that Andrew.
Jason: If only he knew who he lost to :P
Chico: Wonder what he's thinking now. He did, after all, get $2000 out of the deal.
Gordon: and a new computer system.
Maddie: and a printer
Chico: Of course. The Sony Vaio.
Jason: A sweet machine.
Chico: K, Don. You're up.
Don: Let's see...5. Overall, of the categories that you got in your game, which would you say was your favorite?
Maddie: My favorite categories were Book Nook and Anagram Zoo.
Jason: You seem to be well read.
Maddie: I read a lot, and did well at any word related or literature related category.
Chico: She had the Final nailed. Anyways, 6) You come from a family that're big fans of game shows. What was the first exposure to our little geek nirvana that you can remember?
Maddie: It would probably be when I was seven months old. I watched Jeopardy probably because Alex looks like my grandpa, or the fact that it had a lot of shiny stuff on it, but I would watch it a lot and sometimes fall over due to over concentration.
Chico: Wow... I never heard of that happening...
Maddie: I just always remember watching Jeopardy. I am not that coordinated and I was only seven months old, we have it on video tape.
Chico: Ah. Well, you're smart, you don't need to be coordinated :-)
Mike: I teach math at a high school in this area. One of my students is an 11-year-old who is taking 11th grade math. 7. I was wondering if you are taking classes above your appropriate grade level and if so, how are you doing? The reason I ask this is, as seen at both GSC4 and on Jeopardy!, you are a very bright individual.
Maddie: Yes, I take Algebra 1 and I am in the GATE program, this quarter I have straight A+'s except for an A- in Algebra.
Jason: Impressive. Algebra was hard for me. SO was calculus.
Ryan: What's the GATE Maddie?
Maddie: The GATE program stands for Gifted and Talented Education.
Chico: Ah, so you're AG, then.
Mike: Calculus? Feh. Piece of cake. The difficult stuff is non-Euclidean geometry and differential equations. :-P
Jason: AG?
Chico: academically gifted.
Jason: Ah.
Gordon: #8. Your record at the GSC 4 has been very impressive - your win in Jeopardy and Match Game, your selection to the GSC All-Star Round, and the constant prasing of game show fan boys such as Jason and company. The Question. What was your favorite part of GSC 4 and compare it to your win on Jeopardy.
Maddie: Winning at Jeopardy and Press Your Luck. The win on real Jeopardy was better I got money for that one.
Jason: She got a point with that one.
Maddie: I got to play in the All-Star game too! It's all good.
Chico: Yes it is. Now let's never speak of the all-star game again :-) Or my choking at the Wonderwall.
Gordon: Wonderchoke!
Jason: 9. When I was on WWTBAM, I said that "Smart people are cool, too." Do you see yourself as a role-model of being smart and cool? Or just the fact that you are proud of yourself for achieving what you did?
Maddie: I am just happy that I did the best that I could. I think that I am smart, but I don't think that I am cool.
Jason: The reason I say that, is that most people your age are seen as not caring about academics and education.
Maddie: People at my old school call me "Jeopardy Girl"...I wish that they would learn my name before they ask me for money. I just switched Middle Schools because I wanted to be in a place where people care about academics.
Mike: *applause*
Chico: That's pretty cool.
Jason: Amen.
Brian: 10. What's your favorite board game?
Maddie: The SET Card Game. I also like Settlers of Catan. It's a shopping game.
Ryan: *applauds wildly*!
Chico: Dude... I love that game. Game nights back at Carolina. We were all over that.
Ryan: It's a shame no one had it at GSC!
Maddie: My dad had it.
Chico: Next year, Maddie.
Ryan: Thinks... Okay... off the board then... 11. what's your favorite amusement park ride and why?
Maddie: There is only one "ride" at Disneyland, the rest are attractions.
Ryan: okay - your fave part of an amusement park :-)
Maddie: I like California Screaming at Disney's California Adventure. It's fast!
Ryan: As long as it's working right?
Chico: I was about to say that...
Maddie: It just opened today.
Chico: Darn...
Gordon: Awww
Don: 12. After what you said about Andrew earlier, I think I have an idea of what you may have thought of him. But what did you think of your other opponent, Pranita?
Maddie: Pranita was really nice. Even after the taping, she was in a good mood. She was happy for the opportunity to play the game.
Jason: Thats good. It must have been hard for her not to play in the final.
Gordon: It's nice for people to be playing the game in the spirit that it was meant to be played in.
Chico: Okay. 13. Take us back to game day. You started a bit slow, trying to get the lay of the land, then you ran in Double Jeopardy, letting out a little smirk or something. Thoughts? And, as an aside, "buzzer digit: thumb or index finger?"
Maddie: I used my thumb. I was lucky in Double Jeopardy, I had categories that I really liked.
Chico: Cool.
Mike: 14. Have you had prior experience in competitions like Jeopardy! and GSC4? For instance, have you participated in any sort of academic challenge, spelling bee, or any other academic competition?
Maddie: I haven't yet, but I plan to. My teacher Mr. Louie brought in a Classroom Jeopardy for my science class to play on, that was fun!
Chico: You break it open yet?
Maddie: Golden Elementary has the game system that Jeopardy donated. Mr. Louie borrowed a Jeopardy System from another school, before I auditioned for the show.
Chico: Ah. Gotcha.
Gordon: #15 - You've been around game shows for most of your life. Would you ever want to be involved in the industry or would you prefer just being a contestant?
Maddie: I would rather be a contestant. I think that you can earn more money.
Gordon: Lol - Show Me The Money!
Chico: She knows where the real money is... Have to admire that... which is a great lead into... the questions we ask everybody!
Gordon: (Applause)
Chico: 16) Favorite game show, past or present?
Maddie: Match Game '75
Jason: Old school!
Maddie: I really want to be on that show :-)
Chico: Nice.
Jason: Who was your fave celebrity on that show?
Maddie: Richard Dawson. He seemed to be the one who actually knew what he was doing.
Chico: 17) Favorite host, past or present?
Maddie: Alex Trebek, he looks like my Grandpa Steve.
Chico: With or without the 'stache?
Gordon: lol
Maddie: Alex and Grandpa Steve both look better with the mustache.
Chico: Gotcha. 18) If you could bring back one show from the past, what would it be?
Jason: LOL
Maddie: Match Game!
Chico: Yes!
Brian: Yes!
Chico: We'll just forget that 1998 ever happened.
Jason: Very cool.
Chico: It was rubbish anyway. 19) What game show would you like to challenge in the future?
Maddie: WWTBAM
Ryan: Why am I not surprised :-)
Maddie: I have a chance, I am not a MAWG!
Gordon: lol
Jason: LOL
Ryan: MAWG?
Maddie: Middle Aged White Guy.
Mike: Middle-aged white guy.
Ryan: ah bon.
Maddie: It's more difficult for them to get on the show...there are so many of them.
Chico: I can see that. I'm not a MAWG and they said no to me:-)
Gordon: well, your a YPG
Jason: YPG?
Gordon: Young Panamanian Guy. No one watches the Panamanians. Bad for ratings.
Chico: Yeah, yeah... quiet :-) And finally... 20) The Create-a-Question: Basically, if you have something to get off your chest, now would be the time to do it.
Maddie: What is the sound of one hand clapping? [claps one hand] Now you know.
Chico: The mini-golf episode!
Maddie: Exactly!
Jason: I dont know the reference.
Chico: For those who don't know or weren't there, Maddie and I exchanged Simpsons trivia when we were at Disneyland.
Gordon: Simpsons episode, Jay
Maddie: Episode Dead Putting Society, Season Two
Jason: Gotcha.
Ryan: I was in on that too... although with Maddie it's too hard to stump her! :-)
Gordon: Maddie, congratulations for surviving 20 Questions!
Maddie: Thank you.
Chico: And now the fun begins after the break. Meanwhile, Jeopardy! season 22 continues, check your local listings. This is WLTI we'll be right back.
Maddie: How much longer? I have homework.

(Brought to you by Survivor: Hollywood. 16 of the biggest Media Ho's will be competing against each other to be Jeff Probst's replacement. This is the best one yet - because the Hollywood Sharks are much more dangerous than anyone name Johnny Fairplay.)

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