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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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October 15, 2005

Gordon: Welcome back to WLTI #75. As you know, 20 Questions is one of the earliest games in the history of WLTI. So with that, we bring to you one of the newest games in our collection - Are You Buying What They're Selling! This is very simple.
Jason: I like this game.
Chico: It's quick, it's painless, it's ... quick.
Gordon: I'll give you an item. You tell me if you will buy it. Starting with...

A Guillermo Huesca t-shirt. Someone wore one and got on Trato Hecho. Are you buying?

Jason: Sure...why not?
Brian: If I can afford it, then I'm buying!
Don: Hmm... Sure.
Mike: I'm buying multiple quantities.
Chico: I'll buy it if it gets my foot in the door.
Gordon: Maddie?
Maddie: It depends on how much!
Gordon: $20.
Maddie: Sure!
Gordon: SO everyone opens up their wallets for Guillermo. Will you open them up for... 

Carrie Underwood? Her full length CD is coming out - and I know some people voted for her to win AI. So are you putting your money where your mouth is and buying?

Maddie: We didn't vote for her. I would not buy it.
Don: Nah. I'm not a fan of her type of music.
Brian: I wouldn't buy it.
Chico: No. No. Me no likey the offkilter pitch girl. And for the record, I voted for the other guy.
Mike: Only if a poster of her modeling those Hershey t-shirts is a bonus and if I found the CD in the $1.99 bin.
Jason: Nope. The only people with talent who won AI are Kelly Clarkson and Ruben Studdard.
Maddie: Kelly Clarkson's CD is good though.
Gordon: Ok - well then , what about...

The book coming out by Fantasia Barrino? Since she can't read, we don't know if she can understand the book, but she did write it for Are you buying?

Don: Um, heck no.
Maddie: I wouldn't buy it.
Brian: That's a big NO for me!
Jason: NO.
Chico: No. I'd go see her at the NC State Fair, though.
Mike: Is it a coloring book? No. Never.
Jason: She supposedly is in a war with Keyshia Cole...who she is on the bill with Kanye West.
Chico: I'm not saying he's a gold-digger... Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying. So that's a no all around then.
Gordon: I see. Well, from one winner to another...

INXS's NEW CD featuring JD Fortune. 'Pretty Baby' Hit #37 on the Billboard Chart, so someone likes them. Do you? Are you buying?

Brian: In a!
Jason: No.
Don: My parents probably would. As for me...I doubt it.
Chico: I'd just as well go to iTunes, check it out... then delete it.
Mike: No no no no no.
Jason: INXS - Michael Hutchence = Not INXS
Mike: Jason hit the nail on the head. It's not INXS, more than it is like the
New Monkees from a few years back. The name's the same, but it's a different beast.
Gordon: By the way, the Press Release says that the debut on #37 in Billboard Magazine was the highest debut by anything released from INXS ever. Of course, that's not remotely true and there is a lot of revisionist history here.
Chico: Of course.
Maddie: I like Marty Casey
Chico: I'm a Mig man myself =p
Gordon: Would anyone buy a Marty Casey or Mig CD?
Chico: Yes.
Maddie: My mom bought all of Marty's INXS songs and made a CD. I love "Wish You Were Here"
Brian: I can't buy what I can't afford.
Maddie: It's better that Marty didn't win. He can use his fame to promote his band Lovehammers.
Chico: And they say winning is the only thing.
Maddie: I would not buy JD Fortune and INXS.
Gordon: So yes for Mig, Yes for Marty, no for JD. Next one...

Regis Philbin does Christmas Classics! He's singing Christmas tunes and he has The Donald joining him. Are you buying?

Maddie: NO!
Jason: ACK! NO!
Don: Not. A. Chance.
Brian: Pass!
Jason: A thousand times NO!
Mike: Yes, I will. I'm a sucker for holiday tunes.
Brian: Really?
Mike: Yes.
Gordon: Believe it or not, I would buy this. I think it's cute and it will have some nostalgic value. Regis does have a decent set of pipes.
Mike: I agree with Gordon. Regis can sing, and it's not like Reeg will butcher the holiday standards.
Chico: I would also buy it. Why not? My sister likes standards. Maybe if I didn't tell her who sang them...
Brian: My mom would like it, but I'm not into standards.
Gordon: So an almost split here - 4 no, 3 yes. Final one...

What about the Martha Stewart Christmas Album? The Martha also has one coming out in December. Are you buying?

Chico: No.
Maddie: No
Jason: Same Tune Same Answer...NO!
Brian: Absolutely not!
Don: *Ahem* NO NO NO!
Mike: Never.
Gordon: Maybe she can sing Jailhouse Rock
Don: lol
Chico: Bad joke!
Mike: You can use Martha's CD as a coaster for your hot beverages on a cold winter night. It's a good thing.
Chico: Good joke!
Gordon: Hamster Cage Divider, anyone?
Chico: Bad joke!
Don: lol
Chico: So no one wants the Martha holiday CD?
Jason: Nope.
Mike: For skeet shooting, yes.
Don: Heh.
Brian: If someone has the stomach, maybe.
Chico: Alright. Shopping poops me out. I say we do the Big Finish.
Brian: Let's break some balls! Oops! Wrong show!
Gordon: You can say that it's CD's burning on an open fire.

(Brought to you by WLTI: The Complete First Season. Now available on DVD anywhere you can find Gordon Pepper in a taxicab.)

Gordon: They're a much better gift than most of the stuff you'll find out there.
Don: THAT I'd buy.
Jason: So would I.
Mike: Whomever buys that is a sick individual....Don. I've seen Gordon. He's in my nightmares!
Gordon: Bwa ha ha ha ha
Jason: So besides College, Maddie...what fun thing are you going to use your winnings for?
Maddie: It's going in my college account. I have everything I need.
Chico: So you're set now..
Jason: That's awesome!
Don: Nice.
Gordon: OK - time for...The Big Finish! The Apprentice has Toral leaving - is Rebecca soon to follow?
Chico: Yes.
Don: Likely.
Chico: Very soon.
Maddie: The Apprentice is painful to watch.
Chico: Which one? :-)
Maddie: Both!
Chico: Good answer.
Brian: I'm glad I didn't watch both versions.
Jason: Very good answer. And I still say it will bomb in the ratings...Martha that is.
Chico: Right. Next out of Survivor, anyone?
Mike: Besides Probst?
Chico: Besides Probst.
Gordon: Next out of Survivor - Lydia
Maddie: Margaret
Gordon: The Amazing Race - will the Paolos ever leave?
Mike: Yes.
Don: Gah, they'd better leave soon.
Mike: Mama Paolo will cause their demise in the next elimination.
Chico: I betcha they'll be in the top 3, just because CBS likes the dramma.
Jason: Are your family vacations ever that bad?
Chico: Not really. I made $50 the last family cruise.
Gordon: Will Jason ever go through another WLTI without saying how wonderful Maddie is?
Mike: No. He speaks the truth.
Maddie: You guys are very nice. Thank you.
Gordon: We're going to be setting up a Temple of Maddie sometime in the future.
Chico: In Jason's garage. :-)
Mike: and online at
Jason: Hey watch that!
Maddie: Ok, this is getting creepy.
Brian: LOL
Chico: Quick, someone get the mail bag out. It's time for viewer mail!
Gordon: First Mail, Chico?
Chico: Okay, first up, from our good friend Ken Hidaka. Thanks for writing Ken!

From: Ken Hidaka

Do you agree that this week on "The Price is Right" was the most disappointing week since last January, climaxing in the worst playing on Cliff Hangers ever? I seem to think that "The Price is Right" is in a real slump. The contestants are having trouble winning the big prizes in the Pricing games. This has got to be THE MOST DISAPPOINTING WEEK on TPIR in years!!! Do you agree with what I'm saying?  Can we expect different results and a few more happy endings next week on TPIR? I hope this doesn't become a habit.

Mike: Kenny, it gets better starting on Tuesday the 25th. Why? Most of today's WLTI participants were in the audience.
Chico: And amongst them, the Buddha of Beverly Blvd.
Gordon: This seems to be a trend on these shows right now. Dumbcontestantitis. Millionaire. TPIR. At least the Wheel of Fortune players this week were good, for the most part.
Chico: But like winter never fails to turn into spring, the jive always gets better, so don't sell your fanboy card just yet. :-) Next one from John Lee. Thanks, John!

From: John Lee

Hey guys, I've seen the GSMGB specials on VH1 (as well as on GSN), and I saw that one of the UK game shows involved in the GSN repeat had a set that resembled the set of the first 3 seasons of Karn's tenure as host of Family Feud. What show was that from?

Mike: Can I handle that one?
Chico: Please do, Mike.
Jason: Go ahead.
Mike: Thank you, Mr. Alexander. OK John, what you saw was a pilot done by Fremantle called "I'm With Stupid!" It was hosted by Graham Norton.
Gordon: One person called off an item from the left hand board, and the other person had to match it with an item off of the right hand board. Of course, since the person is stupid, comedic results ensue.
Mike: Obviously someone thought that it was stupid.
Brian: That show really lived up to its name, or should I say pilot.
Mike: <Paul Harvey> And now you know...the rest of the story.
Chico: One more, G?
Brian: Ta da!
Gordon: There you go. I have one last one. This one is from our own Alex Davis.
Mike: "Hi guys. Can I plug Buzzer here? Thanks, Alex". Just kidding, Alex.

From: Alex Davis

Since I can't be there tonight, I just wanted to make a shoutout to you guys. I just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable time with GSNN. WLTI is constantly a great joy to read and be a part of. It never fails to amuse me, shock me, or make me question humanity.

Chico: Heh. We aim to please.

From: John Lee

It's been an absolute honor to be part of the GSNN family for the past year or so that I have been here, and I just wanted to congratulate you guys on all the work you do. You guys truly deserve it.

Jason: Indeed!
Chico: Thank YOU Alex!
Gordon: Long before Alex did the Buzzerblog, he was part of GSNN, and we say thank you too, Alex.
Jason: Thank you for your kind words...and if you have any kind words, or bad ones...where do we send them to?
Chico: That would be It's the best thing you can do with a mail proggie.
Jason: I want to thank everyone here at the WLTI and GSNN family. Thanks for letting me be part of it!
Mike: Same here, considering the last time I contributed to this site was like 2002.
Brian: Same here, I first started recapping in 2004.
Chico: Well, we're just about out of time here. Once again, big thanks to our special guest, Maddie Suchard! Great to have you here, much continued success...
Mike: *standing ovation*
Jason: (applause)
Don: *Applause*
Maddie: Thank you. It's been nice to be here. Happy Anniversary.
Chico: Thank you :-)
Gordon: I first recapped in 2000, and it's been a very fun 5 years. Stay tuned for more of a fun ride - with more surprises and good stuff ahead.
Jason: 75 down...a lot more to go!
Brian: Here's to 75 episodes and the hopes that we have 75 more if we ever make it that far.
Chico: Also big thanks to Don Harpwood, Mike Klauss, Jason Block, Brian Moore, and Ryan Vickers for joining us tonight. And VERY big thanks to you at home for allowing us to HAVE 75 episodes of We Love to Interrupt.
Jason: And to James Dinan, Joe Van Ginkel, Jason Hernandez and the rest of the WLTI and GSNN crew.
Gordon: Special thanks to our guest Maddie Suchard. Hope we didn't last past your bedtime.
Maddie: I am fine. Thank you again.
Chico: Two weeks, we thought this week was so much fun that we'd do it again. e's Gordon Pepper, I'm Chico Alexander, the show is We Love to Interrupt... and you know how we do...
Brian: Drive safely everyone!
Gordon: Game Over!
Chico: And spread the love.
Mike: Show 'em my motto!
Gordon: Spread the Love -or if your Maddie, the college Scholarship fund.
Chico: Lady and gents.. a toast to 75 more episodes :-)
Gordon: Toast! (Clink)
Jason: Thanks everyone! (Clink)
Chico: Peace out :-)

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