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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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July 30, 2005

Gordon: Travis Schario and Joe Van Ginkel have left us, but joining us now is Jason Hernandez. We're back and it's time to do some betting. It's time to play a new game for Jason and Don (though one we've played before with Myself and Chico) called Place! Bets! Now! The rules are easy. We'll be giving you future events and you'll be betting on them. Ready?
Don:  Ready.
Jason:  Ready
Gordon: Everyone's spotted 100 Dodgeballs. You get to bet your Dodgeballs anyway you see fit.
Chico:  That's a lot of balls.
Gordon: And we'll get the results on a future show.
Jason:  Heehee....dodgeballs.
Gordon: Event #1....

The Cut has moved to Friday Nights - the death slot - on CBS. Bet on the low rated The Law Firm ...
1. Staying where it is,
2. Moving to Fridays or Saturdays,
3. Moving to a cable channel, like Court TV.

Jason:  I bet 7 dodgeballs it will move to Saturdays. and another one it dies, the end.
Chico:  Ten CPA specials on Saturday.
Gordon: Don?
Don:  I'll put 15 dodgeballs on moving to another day.
Gordon: I'll also go 15 on moving it, with a 5 Dodgeball safety bet on moving it to another channel, though I think that the David Kelley name will stop it from moving off-network. Event #2.....

NBC decided not to go ahead with the Celebrity Idol clone, but Fox has decided to go with the Ice Skating With Celebrities Clone. The Bet - will the ratings be...
1. Better than So You Think You Can Dance,
2. Worse than that, but better than dud American Juniors, or
3. Worse than American Juniors and a complete disaster.

Chico:  15 on a meltdown.
Don:  Another 15 on a complete disaster.
Gordon: I'll go 10 on the disaster
Jason:  I'll go 14 on a great big explosion of crappy ratings
Jason:  14 for the number of people who will watch - and we have at least one
of them here. ;-)
Gordon: lol
Jason:  ......and it's not me
Chico:  Heh.
GordonL Next...

Fathom/Surface/whatever is scheduled for Monday at NBC. Fear Factor is scheduled for the Winter or if anything falters. Which show will have more episodes shown this season?

Don:  10 on Fear Factor.
Gordon: I'll go 15 on Joe Rogan
Chico:  12 on Joe Rogan's baby.
Jason:  I'll only go 8 on Rogan.
Chico:  12 on Rogan's baby.
Gordon: Next one....

Survivor has Bobby Jon and Stephenie returning to the show. Returnees are usually targeted very early. What happens here?
1. Neither of them make the jury.
2. One of them makes the jury, but both are gone before the final 5...
3. One of them gets into the final 5, but is not in the run for the money,
4. One of them is your final 2,
5. One of them are your final two and/or pulls a Monroe and wins the whole thing.

Gordon: I'll put 10 on Jury Duty, but that's it. Jason?
Chico:  I'm calling a wipeout, 5 Reef Sharks on the field.
Jason:  I'll say 7 on one of them makes the jury, but gone before the final 5, and 6 that one of them gets to the final 5 as my safety bet.
Don:  I'll throw 5 dodgeballs towards the second option (one makes the jury, but no final 5).
Gordon: Next!

We have two shows from NBC in the form of The Biggest Loser 2 and Martha Stewart's Apprentice.
1. Which show gets the better ratings?
2. 2-1 Bonus if a show moves time slots.
3. 5-1 Bonus for a show moving to another station
4. 10-1 Bonus for a show killed entirely. Who's for the main and side bets?

Don:  I'll put 5 on Biggest Loser getting more ratings, but no side bets for me.
Chico:  10 on Apprentice, with a side of five on the Biggest Loser being... well, lost.
Gordon: I'm going to go a 20 Sumo Storm on the Biggest loser and a 5 bet on each category on Martha Stewart getting moved or going bye-bye. Jason?
Jason:  I'll put 7 on Biggest Loser, simply coz I think most people are tired of Martha Stewart. As for side bets....1 on that 10-1 kill bet.....three more on the 2-1 time slot change
Gordon: ok. Last one....

As you all know, GSC will be going to Trato Hecho and TPIR and certain members of the community will be auditioning as contestants. What are the odds that any of them get on stage?
2-1 that someone wins something,
5-1 that it's something worth more than $1,000, and
10-1 that they are the big winner.

Jason:  You know what? I'm gonna put 26 that one of them gets on stage....  and another 19 that one of them actually gets picked and wins something.
Gordon: ok - I'll put the rest (10) on yes. Don?
Don:  Do I have to use the rest of the dodgeballs?
Gordon: no.
Don:  Okay.  I'll put 20 on yes, with 10 saying that someone wins something, and another 10 on that something being more than $1000.
Gordon: Wow - big spender. The final one to you, Chico
Chico:  20 says that Bob Barker gets a WLTI shirt and 5 on each of the side kickers.

Gordon: So to sum this up...

Event Gordon Chico Jason Don
The Firm Fate 15 - Saturday
5 - Off Network
10 - Saturday 7 - Saturday
1 - Cancelled
15 - Saturday
Ice Skating 10 - Disaster 15 - Disaster 14 - Disaster 15 - Disaster
Fathom or Fear? 15 - Fear 12 - Fear 8 - Fear 10 - Fear
Bobby Jon/Steph 10 - Jury 5 - Early exit 7 - Jury duty
6 - Final 5
5 - Jury duty
Loser or MS 20 - Loser
5 - MS Moves
5 - MS Station
5 - MS Canned
10 - Stewart
5 - Loser Canned
7 - Loser
3 - MS Moves
1 - MS Canned
5 - Loser
GSC Winner 4 - Yes
2 - Something
2 - > $1000
2 - Big Winner
20 - Yes
5 - Something
5 - > $1000
5 - Big Winner
26 - Yes
19 - Something
20 - Yes
10 - Something
10 - > $1000
Change 0 3 1 10

Jason:  I have 1 dodgeball left. =D *evil smile*
Chico:  So while we await the results of the first Place Bets Now (to be aired later this year... seriously), we'll break. We get our Thespis on after the break on We Love to Interrupt.

(Brought to you by Mega Match Sensacional. Here's another show that we should be seeing in the states instead of The Apprentice Clone #579)

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