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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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July 30, 2005

Chico:  Welcome back. Blah blah blah Game Show Congress. Blah blah blah August 19. Blah blah blah register.
Jason:  WHOOOO!!!! Mega Match!
Gordon: Are you watching it, Jason?
Jason:  No, since I'm on the other coast. :p
Chico:  Oohh...
Gordon: lol - Has everyone studied up on their acting?
Chico:  Oh well, if California's known for something... It's bad acting. And here's more with Roleplay. It's simple, really.  We give a role and a situation. you act it out. You can't get any
Don:  Alright.
Jason:  I'm gonna use my dodgeball right now *hurls dodgeball at Chico's head*. I am NOT a bad actor. :-p
Chico:  Can I hurt him real quick?
Gordon: I'll allow it.
Chico:  *hurts Jason*
Jason:  I won't hurt you any more, Chico. =)
Gordon: So going back to roleplay, Chico.
Chico:  Let's just say... Gordon, you're newly-minted FremantleMedia North America CEO/Idol EP Cecile Frot-Coutaz...
Gordon: ok
Chico:  Basically making you Goddess over the game show world at FMNA. Heh... Okay, the question to you, Gordon... with the old adage, with great power comes great responsibility... how do you use your newfound power?
Gordon: For starters, I'll start making sure that game show remakes get a better look-see. Let's start getting good stuff back on the air, like Password and let's get back to the 1 remake a year pledge.
Chico:  $ale?
Jason:  Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Gordon: I'll also try to make my crew actually come up with a NOVEL plan to create a show, instead of using the American Idol model to everything (Cupid, SYTYCD, etc). Finally, I will get into a negotiation with Reg Grundy to get the license to both Scrabble and Temptation (SOTC) so I can bring THOSE over to the States. Would that make you all happy?
Chico:  Okay, I'm happy. Let's have the next.
Gordon: ok - DON.
Don:  Ready.
Gordon: You Amazing Race Pit Stop.
Don:  Nice.
Gordon: There are rumors that The Amazing Race has gone up to Canada for it's family version. There are also rumors that Canada is getting a watered version of the show. As a Canadian Pit Stop, do you care about that?
Don:  I would be fine with that.  After all, Canada hadn't been visited much in the first 7 seasons, and my country would get some good exposure.  As for the watered down version, sure, why not? I'm sure there are plenty of Canadians who would at least like a chance to race.
Gordon: Don't you think with more families than it would muddy the rug with 4 pairs of feet instead of 2?
Don:  Yeah, that does worry me.  I just hope there's some good cleaners hired to clean me up after everyone has been through.
Gordon: Ok. What do we have for Jason?
Jason:  What DO we have for me? Is it treats?
Chico:  *pushes "snack time button, snacks fall out of the sky*
Jason:  YAY
Chico:  Okay, Jason, you are a man that needs no introduction... Brad Rutter. The question... simple... Can you take David Madden?
Jason:  No question about it.
Chico:  Straight up and down?
Jason:  Being a quizmaster, and seeing that he's not as dominating as Ken Jennings, Chuck Forrest, or myself, for that matter; I see no problem taking this guy on. Plus, he's a VERY wimpy Daily Double wagerer. FIVE DOLLARS?!?
Chico:  That's what I kept saying to myself.
Jason:  I'm afraid he might get close and bet up to.....*gasp* Two thousand dollars! He is putting up great stats, but nothing comparable to Ken, or Chuck, or Frank Spangenberg, although I do like his hopscotch approach to the game;
good to see that from time to time. But when it comes down to it, he would be the distant fourth player were myself, Ken, Jerome (or Chuck or Frank) were on Super J. He'd be the fourth podium. :)
Chico:  Cool... Okay , I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. Pepper.
Gordon: Mr. Alexander, you are...a hippie.
Chico:  Got some weed?
Gordon: No weed here, sorry.
Chico:  Bummer. Okay...
Gordon: This Summer, we've seen the 80's revisited on the Cut and the 70's revisited on MTV. How long is it until we visit the 60's and your era?
Chico:  The 60's live forever, man... You ever see What's My Line? The Live Show? That's pure 60's right there. Plus you had Bands on the Run back in the day, musicians travel by bus from corner to corner...
Gordon: You got a Pet Rock somewhere?
Chico: Hold on, I got a note from Oscar.  "Gordon, the Pet Rock was invented in the 70s."
Gordon: I was trying to trip you up. Dammit.
Jason:  LMAO
Chico:  "I'm afraid you're now going to have to compete in a Screaming Yellow Zonkers eating contest." Sorry, dude :)
Gordon: Bah.
Chico:  Next time, bring some weed. Remember, kids. Drugs are bad.
Gordon: OK - that's it for the Roleplay. We're off to break and the Big Finish.

(Brought to you by the World DDR Tour. Get your dance mat revolution on, b(^_^)es!)

GordonL We're running out of time, Let's get to the e-mails.
Chico:  I have one.
Gordon: Ok - lets hear it.
Chico:  Okay, this from Tim Lovett. Thanks for writing, Tim! He writes...

"Maybe you could steer me to a source of information. I have an idea for a new game show which I would love to pitch. Any idea how or where to start? Thanks very much."

Chico:  Gordon, why don't you field this one?
Gordon: Send it to me and I'll exploit it and make lots of money!
Chico:  Jason, can I borrow that dodgeball real quick?
Jason:  Sure thing......use it, quick!
Gordon: FINE! I'll answer the question.
Chico: Good.
Jason: Doesn't matter, because I used my extra dodgeball on the last segment. Ha!
Gordon: Grrr...Actually, the first thing to do before doing ANYTHING is to get a completed version of it and then copyright it with both the National Registry and the Writers Guild (either East or West, depending on where you live). It will cost you a total of around $60, but it will save you millions. You can copyright with the guild online, while mailing it to the national registration office in Washington DC. The next thing to do is to get an agent. That's the only way you will get in with most production companies. Most places won't accept anything unsolicited, due to legal issues and a lawsuit if they see something they want...hence...they won't see it. Finally, to get an agent, you'll have to do some research and browsing. Most agents won't look at your stuff blind. You'll have to create a short blurb of what the show is and why it will work. That's called 'The Pitch'. You'll have to pitch the show and then get an agent to want to pitch it to a larger group. It's a long painstaking process, but it's the best and safest way to do it.
Chico:  Cool.
Gordon: What NOT to do - do NOT demo it to too many people, as you don't want your idea getting to too many people. Loose lips sink ships.
Chico:  See Fox.
Jason:  Hehe
Don:  LOL
Gordon: And DEFINITELY do NOT put your ideas on-line. You never know who's watching your site, and they can take stuff and use it without your permission if you leave it all out there. And don't send us game show ideas. We can't legally use them or help you with it.
Chico:  Hope that helps you on your Tim, and all the best of luck to you.
Jason:  Good e-mail. Good luck, Tim!
Gordon: Thanks for the e-mail, Tim. Good luck.
Chico:  And if you want to send some stuff that doesn't include game show ideas, all you have to do is send them to
Jason:  LOL
Chico:  You don't have to include a hot chick, but it'd be nice =p
Jason:  Especially a hot Latin chick
Chico:  Of course. Before we leave, we have breaking news into the WLTI arena here...
Gordon: What is it?
Chico:  Pat McCormick, a veteran comedian and writer who guested on "The Gong Show" during the 70s, has died at the Motion Picture Television Hospital at 78.,0,79598.story?coll=la-home-obituaries
Gordon: That's a shame.
Jason:  !!!
Jason:  Oh, no!
Gordon: Well, this isn't that recent, but while we're on the subject, PYL winner and intro personality Rick Perrie also died this past month.
  =(. I know we had a somber note with those two deaths; Rick Perrie was a great and funny man who had such great success. I'm so glad to have talked with him online, over the phone numerous times, he was happy with everything. He got to get on game shows, he got to become a doctor, and he got to live out much of his happy life in Hawaii. Shall we have a moment of silence?
Chico:  Of course.


Chico:  Thank you.
Gordon: Well, on that note, that does it for this week.
Chico:  Big thanks to Travis Schario, Don Harpwood, Big Joey Numbers, and Jason Hernandez. I'm Chico Alexander, he's Gordon Pepper, and We Love to Interrupt. Spread the love, y'all.
Gordon: Match Game and out!
Jason:  Thanks for the love!

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